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"my lashes are long and full"
- Ebay User
"i have used lash boost for about a year now, and my lashes are twice as long as they were when i started"
- Ebay User
"product makes lashes thicker"
- Ebay User
"i have been using lash boost since march, my lashes are so long and thick i dont have to wear mascara"
- Ebay User

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Alyssa Christensen
combinationCombination Skin

Acne treatments to recommend? I’ve tried pretty much everything (proactiv, rodan+fields spotless, differin, even antibiotics)

combinationCombination Skin
CUROLOGY!!!! it cleared my really bad acne and i got my cousin on it and her acne was really bad too and now we both have clear skin(in my before pictures my acne was already improved)
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Sarah Fisher
oilyOily Skin

what have you used to clear up your acne? i’ve had acne since seventh grade and i’m now a freshman in college, and i feel like i’ve tried every possible product and/or prescription! i’m currently using rodan & fields spotless treatment but i’m not sure how well it’s working- any recommendations?

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Olivia Mack
sensitiveSensitive Skin

Does anyone know of a good SPF i can use on my face daily? i have sensitive skin. i’m using the rodan and fields spotless regimen and it recommends to use an spf.

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