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Exaggerate Eye Definer by Rimmel

Exaggerate Eye Definer

staying power(278)
Variation: Black
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first of all, it is waterproof and i am a huge fan of waterproof makeup products and it comes with a nice simple packaging

- Walgreens User

it's waterproof & lasts until i use makeup remover

- Ulta User


not smudging

i love love love this liner - it is the perfect black shade that stays on your eyes for hours - it lasted all night with out smudging and most importantly, it didnt fade throughout the night

- Walgreens User

scandal eyes liquid liner was the very first rimmel product i tried; it is so easy to apply, doesn't smudge and stays on all day

- Walmart User

staying power


long lasting and non smearing-great look

- Walmart User

i like how smooth it goes on and how it stays on all day

- Walgreens User


precise application

i love the smooth looks this eye pencil gives ,surely will get it again and the lines are precise for a perfect cat eye look

- Walgreens User

it's great for a thick, bold look on the upper lids but maybe not an ideal precision tool for more subtle makeup

- Boots User
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viewpoints.com userMay 21, 2010

Lots of color, but it smears within 5 minutes.

I recently bought two colors of eyeliner after finding a favorable review about them: emerald sparkle and deep ocean. I was wanting something that really popped and had high pigment.I really liked the packaging of these. They come in a small tube and they twist out. They are semi-hard so they apply kind of like tiny crayons. On the other end there is an eraser-like smudger if you want a smokey eye. They are nice and thin and fit well in my purse.Upon first applying, I was extremely pleased with these colors. They really did pop and looked very pretty. When I put on the emerald as very emeraldy green, and when I put on the deep ocean was very blue.I went and finished getting ready and came back to look at my makeup and found that the eyeliner had smeared all over my eye....it was now more of an eyeshadow than an eye "definer". I can't tell you how disappointed I was. I couldn't get either of these colors to stay where I put them.I had high hopes for these eyeliners and unfortunately they didn't meet my expectations. I wouldn't recommend these to anyone because they just don't stay in place. « less

- viewpoints.com
rimmellondon.com userApril 12, 2017

Rimmel exaggerate eye liner. AMAZING

I have always wanted a perfect eye liner to be able to keep up with the latest makeup trends. I have never been able to do a precise cat eye until I had this beauty on my hands. Its amazing its creamy it's fine and it's waterproof. the applicator glides on the skin perfectly and allows you to make sure you you get what you want to achieve with the look. The colour is so bold intense and pigmented. I'm not the best at makeup but this is a complete and utter god send. I would advise anyone who's wanting to try out new things to get this product!! It lasts all day. Doesn't smudge and out off most eye liners I've triedThis is by far the best. I did find the product a little hard to get off but simple make up removers works perfect! I personally would never use a different product other than this one!! 10/10 Less

- rimmellondon.com
boots.com userJune 27, 2013

Great eyeliner for bold looks

I love this eyeliner. I've been using it for about a year now. Having not previously got on too well with liquid eyeliners, I thought I'd try this one because the applicator is quite firm, so you don't get brush bristles splaying out everywhere and making a mess. This is so easy to apply and is thick enough that it doesn't run into your eyes and make them sting. The black eyeliner is very black and lasts all day. There is a slight fading toward the end of the work day, but it takes a few seconds to touch up if you're heading out again straight from work.The staying power is great as it doesn't smudge - and is in fact reasonably hard to smudge even if you rub it with your finger. I often end up with it on the ends of my fingers and it's hard to wash off with just water once it's dried (which doesn't take very long at all). The eyeliner is easy to remove with eye makeup remover and I just use Boots Essentials on a cotton wool pad. The only downside is that the tip of the applicator has a tendency to come apart a little bit, so I've had to trim off tiny flappy bits of sponge with nail scissors.It's great for a thick, bold look on the upper lids but maybe not an ideal precision tool for more subtle makeup. I only tend to use it on my upper lids so not sure about its waterline staying power. I do pretty much half colour in my eyelid and I use it every day, but a bottle of this lasts me a good few months. The high pigmentation means that you don't have to add two coats so there's plenty in there to last ages. Less

- boots.com
boots.com userFebruary 4, 2014

The ONLY liquid eyeliner I ever use

As an everyday user of liquid eyeliner, I have tried many products of this kind - gel eyeliners and brushes, felt-tip pens - and this one is the only one I buy over and over again.Not only is this item hugely affordable, it is also hugely effective. It delivers a statement look - a big, bold line - which can be achieved quickly and easily thanks to the brush, which is sturdy, almost like a felt tip pen. Also, application is easy to control and a variety of looks can be created, whether it's a chunky flick or a thin, precise line.The eyeliner's staying power is fantastic; it doesn't budge throughout the day, and keeps looking fresh until it is taken off! It doesn't flake or crumble like other eyeliners I have used, and is actually quite waterproof. I have tried using the waterproof version of this product, but think the regular version is better.I really recommend trying this eyeliner because you will not be disappointed. It's incredibly good value for money and is extremely versatile! Less

- boots.com
boots.com userJuly 1, 2016

My No1 Liquid Eyeliner.

I've been using liquid eyeliner for a number of years now and based on several varieties which I have tried out, Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Liner has to be my number 1.When choosing make-up we all gravitate towards the more expensive brands due to their 'quality', but I have to say, this eyeliner did the job much better than certain other well known expensive brands which charge 5 times the price.I'm not too keen on the waterproof version as it started cracking after a couple of hours of eyelid movement, but this one stays in place all day with no smudging or fading.The brush is thin too which ensures neat and precise application. Although the bottle looks tiny, you'd be surprised at how long it lasts. I apply winged eyeliner every single day and my bottles can last well into the second month.I would 100% recommend this to everyone!! Less

- boots.com


Overall safe Ingredients

Ascorbyl Palmitateacne
Isobutylphenoxy Epoxy Resinhazard
CI 19140hazard
CI 42090hazard
CI 19140hazard

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