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Casie Mechelle Vaneman
Combination Skin

Any advice for a dry-er girl who loves Matte-r foundations? My L’Oreal Infallible is one of my faves but dries me out cause of the more matte finish.

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Gisselle Martinez
Dry Skin

You can try and use a very moisturizing lotion like the Clinique and make sure it’s the lotion and not the gel. On top of that also use a moisturizing primer, I personally use too face hangover primer.

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Lauren Rivera
Combination Skin

Hello beautiful loves I'm new to this makeup world! Recommendations for translucent powders and lip masks?

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Kiera D
Combination Skin

This works wonders! Also for lip products I recommend A LUSH or winky lux lip scrub, after one of those I like to follow it up with a perfect pout lip treatment by ULTA beauty

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Lauren Rivera
Combination Skin

@Kiera D thank u

Jordan Stone
Combination Skin

Pores? So basically my pores are gaping abysses where dreams go to die. Any skincare products or powders or primers you suggest?? thanks loves♥️

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Katlyn Dalton
Combination Skin

So, there’s this brand called “the ordinary”. Their products are super cheap but totally amazing. I 300% recommend getting the niacinimide + 10% zinc and the 2% salycyclic acid. These are serums that I have been using before putting on my makeup and after I e taken my makeup off. My skin has dramatically cleared up. Even the stubborn little white heads. I ordered mine off the “Decim” website and had no issues. I hope this helps. I get how frustrating it can be.

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Mina Silvernaile
Combination Skin

i second this! i have sensitive, acne-prone skin with big pores on my nose. the ordinary works really well for me and it is inexpensive compared to other brands. i use the buffet serum and the high-adherence primer. the former shrinks my pores and the latter fills in whatever is left. 👌🏽

Jordan Stone
Combination Skin

I love the Ordinary, but I’ve never tried those serums. Thanks for the advice, broski🤙🏻