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Rose Gold Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette by Revolution Beauty
Revolution Beauty

Rose Gold Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette

staying power(18)

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blends well

insane quality for£10 mirror is amazing and the balance of pigmentation and blend ability is truly incredible

- Tambeauty User

this palette is 1) incredibly gorgeous to look at and swatch as the colours go brilliantly together and 2) the colours blend out to perfection and are so creamy and glide effortlessly

- Tambeauty User


does not have fallout

it has some fallout like most palettes but it blends like a dream and you can build the colors, a good choice for the value a great inexpensive gift for a friend

- Tambeauty User

and for the price the pigmentation is amazing and minimal fallout and yeah

- Tambeauty User

staying power


i'm so happy with this palette, the colors are so cute and stay on all day

- Tambeauty User

also, it blends easily and stays on your eyes for hours

- Tambeauty User


not creasing

this is a very well thought out palette because it has the trending warm shades, along with some neutrals, a matte white, brown, black, several crease and highlight options, and some beautiful pops of colour for the lids

- Tambeauty User

this eyeshadow is great for everyday wear, however you will definitely want some eyeshadow primer for this palette, it creases very quickly on oily eyelids

- Ulta User
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tambeauty.com userSeptember 29, 2017

Best MUR palette

I fell in love with this palette for its colorful appearance. I have about 20 MUR palettes so I know what they are like. I was kinda wondering when Soph was imo putting herself (and the palette) down on her YT. Damn girl, don't sell yourself short. This is by far the best quality MUR palette (my previous favs were Iconic Pros and NvsN). The mattes are pigmented and blend easily. The shimmers/glitters are also great and I didn't experience any fallout (I use them with a wet brush). Pure love!

- tambeauty.com
tambeauty.com userMarch 14, 2018

Must Have!

This palette is my new ride or die.It has a very good balance between mattes and shimmers, and a lot of wearable shades for both everyday use and nights out or special events, when you want to put that extra effort in.The pigmentation is simply perfect, and the formulation is even better - I haven't seen any traces of fallout on my face, and the cakeback of some of the shades (for me, the one that produces the most is "Pancake") is kept to a minimum. The blendability really makes up for it, though: my second favorite after Juvia's Place (and if you've ever tried Juvia's you know how good Soph's palette must be!).What I love most about the palette is its wearability: you have your pops of color, your browns and vampy colors, a very good variety of shimmers and the essential neutral colors. You can take your look wherever you want to, from barely-there shadows to sultry smokey eyes all with one palette.Well worth the money, great product! « less

- tambeauty.com
tambeauty.com userDecember 17, 2017

So versatile

Such a great product. Amazing pigment ans easily blendable and no fall out. I have used every colour for different looks from everyday to halloween! Love it. AMAZING product!.

- tambeauty.com
tambeauty.com userAugust 14, 2018


The biggest plus for this palette is that it can be used for a variety of complete eye looks, covering every occasion, season & major celebration; I see shades that scream Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day, Easter, down to a summer BBQ. There's shade combos for work, dates, weekend shopping trips with mates and parties/special occasions. I see it all here. I have liked the majority of looks I've done to date. The blendability is mostly good - though like with some other mass-market eyeshadows, I've noticed that layering a matte shadow over a shimmer one when shadowing the edges of the eye can be iffy to blend out. There isn't much fallout. To get a good idea about the wearability of the shadows, I haven't been using eyeshadow primer with this palette and found that for the most part the pigmentation is nice for the price-point and there is minimal colour fading.Quite a few of the light and mid-tone neutrals end up looking pretty much the same after they've been applied and blended. Therefore I'd have much preferred it if all of the top row [they're the most poorly pigmented shades in the palette & all need layering] and some of the other close-matching neutral shades hadn't been included and either have the remaining pans bigger, or have included some more pops of colour to replace them - expanding on the purple, pink and green shades a bit. Strawberry Sweets is the biggest let-down for me; it was the shade that first drew me towards this palette, but it is dry and I need to layer it over another matte to make it pop. Petrol was the other let-down; foiling it is a must, as it won't apply to my lids when dry - either with brushes or finger. Also; the shade names of the products are printed on a clear plastic shadow shield that slips and slides everywhere so I'll inevitably lose it, rather than on the actual palette. This niggle doesn't effect the actual products in any way so I don't mean to make a big deal about it, but it's something that winds me up because - as I know I've repeated a few times now - I like to know exactly what I'm wearing, and if I find a tutorial somewhere and want to copy it, then it'd be easier if the shades were on the palette - I'm rather surprised that a beauty-based YouTuber didn't consider this when she collaborated on a eyeshadow palette.I don't regret buying this palette, as it is a good quality for the price and the shade range is impressive. I'll continue to use the palette for now, but I have realized that I've hardly reached for it lately; I tend to reach for the new Soph x palette over this, as I prefer the shades in it and the product quality is better. To be honest, I reach for one of my other palettes over this when I know what kind of shades/finishes I'm looking for, even when I know that this palette contains them = this is just sitting around unloved most of the time now. I don't know why, maybe because I zoom in on the bits I'm not keen on? I do think that this would make a nice starter palette for those new to using colourful shades of eyeshadow, as you still have plenty of neutrals and can just incorporate the odd 'pop' when you want; you can dip your toes in to the world of colourful eyeshadows, without spending much money. « less

- tambeauty.com
tambeauty.com userOctober 14, 2017

Love it !

I love this product so much the eyeshadow quality is amazing for the price. The shadow are pigmented and blend beautifully, I always get compliments when I wear this palette. The matte formula is my favourite because they are super blendable and really long lasting. I would highly recommend this palette.

- tambeauty.com

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