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ColorStay Makeup for Normal/Dry Skin by Revlon

ColorStay Makeup for Normal/Dry Skin

staying power(344)
finish: demi-matte coverage: high coverage
Variation: 300 Golden Beige

Top Reviews

staying power


i struggle to stay matte during the day, and this foundation is the best i've tried

- Ulta User

i bought the combo/oily version of this and i love it: it provides perfect coverage for me and definitely lasts all day long

- Ulta User


good quality

i love all revlon products, very high quality, and this one is just excellent

- Ebay User

i use this brand makeup every single day and this product has kept it's high quality over all the years that i have been using it

- Ulta User



it has great buildable coverage

- Ulta User

honestly i'd compare this to naked skin where the ud naked skin is so lightweight and build able coverage and i only ever need 1 pump for each foundation

- Ulta User


blends well

i love the coverage and how it blends

- Ulta User

it also blends in very well with your skin

- Ebay User


not creasing

it stays all day without creasing, it's buildable and never looks cakey

- Ulta User

doesn't look cakey and doesn't settle into fine lines

- Ulta User



i have tried many a foundation doubling and tripling the price of revlon but this one is lightweight, easy to apply and lasts and lasts even through gym class

- Ebay User

this is by far one of the best foundations i've used in a long time, not only does it come in enough shades that anyone can match their skin, but it's lightweight, breathable, and long lasting

- Ulta User

color accuracy

doesn't oxidize

i have very, very tricky-to-match fair, combination skin so it's virtually impossible for me to find foundation that will not dry my dry spots, melt off in my oily ones, can match my skin & not oxidize, and last all day through the southern humidity and long work days

- Ulta User

this minimizes the oil production and my makeup oxidizes less

- Ulta User



it dries fast and is a full coverage foundation so you have to apply it quickly and blend or it can make you look like you're wearing a mask

- Ulta User

i use normal/dry and it works well with my skin

- Ulta User



it went on so smooth and my skin looks absolutely flawless

- Ulta User

i've also notice that my face feels smoother and softer since i started using this product

- Ulta User

water resistance

water resistant

this is truly water proof and very matte

- Ulta User

perfect color match (very fair, usually lightest shade in any range) water resistant (tears and sweat) and very affordable

- Ulta User



but in bright indoor lighting it matches my skin well

- Ulta User

i'd definitely stay this is up there with my giorgio armani luminous silk foundation

- Ulta User



it made my skin get so dry it started peeling & i have oily skin

- Drugstore User

after buying my sigma kabuki brush it blended more easily but it dried way too fast

- Ulta User

pore minimizing

not pore minimizing

it breaks down on my face within 5 hours of wear (begins to sink into pores noticeably) and turns an orange color at about the 2nd hour of wear mark

- Ulta User

it made my pores huge

- Walgreens User



it looks like skin, the finish is semi-matte and natural, and it doesn't budge through eight hours of hard work and even some sweat

- Ulta User

i find mixing in some moisturizer with it makes it more blendable and gives it a demi-matte finish

- Drugstore User


high coverage

great foundation medium to full coverage

- Ulta User

it's definitely full coverage

- Ulta User
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ulta.com userDecember 22, 2013

Not Impressed

After my skin began to act up my junior year in high school, I thought it would be wise to switch to something that all the youtube gurus rave about for its coverage: Revlon Colorstay. I was satisfied with this for about a year, before I realized that it was creating all the acne it was covering up. This stuff is really thick and difficult to apply and it also has a rancid, chemical-like scent which becomes more bearable once it dries. Despite the fact that this is made for "combination/oily skin" it made my skin incredibly oily. I never really considered my skin to be oily until using this product. It caked up around my nose and highlighted the clogged pores on top of my nose. One positive thing I have to say is that it is full coverage, which I preferred at the time, and it also very long lasting. It is so long lasting and powerful that it is practically impossible to take off. When I would wear this, I would basically have to scrub my skin off with a cleanser, exfoliant, AND a toner. This totally stripped my skin. Not to mention the long list of ingredients, some of which are phthalates....which is basically a type of plastic....I don't want to put that on my face.... My skin has improved greatly since I've stopped using this product. Though I may have given this a bad review, this is just my personal experience using it. I know some people really love this product. I, however, do not. Now that I'm in college, I don't have time to apply a full face of makeup, so I stick to cruelty-free BB and CC creams. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-3596800148791373164-full" data-show="-3596800148791373164-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>

- ulta.com
ulta userOctober 08, 2018


I recently switched from a tinted Moisturizer from a different brand because the lightest shade was still too dark for my fair skin, to this. I read a bunch of really positive reviews on this and was so excited to try it. First, I'd like to say I have pretty sensitive skin and I've been using this for about 2 weeks and haven't broken out. I have pretty nice skin. I don't usually get acne, but sometimes I have a few zits here and there. My cheeks are a bit red. I apply this with a damp sponge, and it covers flawlessly. It does dry very fast, but its okay. And it doesn't look cakey or fake. It looks like skin, which is the best part. It leaves a beautiful matte finish, and looks very natural, while still managing to have full coverage. I got it in the shade ivory, and I have very pale skin. I think the ivory shade might be a bit too light for my skin, so I just mix in half a pump of a darker shade foundation. A lot of people complain of a smell, but it doesn't bother me. When I first put it on, I can tell I'm wearing foundation, but after about 10 minutes it feels like I'm not wearing anything. It stays on all day, and still looks great when I get home. On the down side, its very hard to get off. I have to wash my face two times, and exfoliate to get it off. It also doesn't come with a pump, so its quite messy. But it's probably the best drugstore foundation I've used, and looks so good, its worth it. My friends have told me that my skin looks great! Definitely going to buy again.

- ulta
ulta userOctober 08, 2018


I bought this in natural beige (I'm Greek venezuelan, so I'm a light olive, but with dark hair and eyes). The ONLY reason I bought this was because I was VERY desperate. I had NO money for makeup and my smash box BB cream (which I wear in light/neutral or light/medium) was basically dead. I have very dry, red, acne prone skin. My acne is getting better, it's mostly red and sorta pimply cheeks now. The smash box did a good job of mostly covering the acne, but I had to use a little bit of concealer for redness. So I had very low expectations for this. I am a totally name brand makeup snob. I can't remember the last time I bought drug store makeup. Probably in middle school. I had actually bought this foundation a long time ago, but it stank and felt tacky. I however ended up trying it again since it was so highly rated. Let me tell you, it will take a miracle foundation for me to start buy that expensive stuff again. It is the perfect amount of coverage for me, it's perfect for my dry skin, and it blends flawlessly (I use the benefit foundation brush). It looked too pink when I put it on my hand at first (I have a somewhat yellow undertone, so I use yellowish makeup), but it covered my redness really well and it looks so natural and feels weightless. I never write reviews but the moment I finished putting this on I was so impressed I sat down and immediately wrote this. This is an amazing foundation. My only con would be that this might be a little to hard for beginners to use. It's a thick liquid consistency, and it might dry too fast if you aren't good at blending. I really recommend using a foundation brush.

- ulta
ulta.com userFebruary 8, 2014

Revlon Colorstay

This is the first and only liquid foundation I have tried. I did a lot of research based on product reviews for various products accessible in drugstores since I can't afford anything expensive. As I sifted through reviews via product website and blogs, I realized that Revlon has modified the ingredients of this particular foundation to this current 24 hrs one. The mixture is quite thick, but a little goes a long way. I applied it with a brush at first, but it left streak marks and I found that just using my fingers to blend gave me better coverage. It covers my blemishes and neutralizes uneven skin tone and I always feel confident using it when my skin isn't being cooperative. After my first bottle I bought another one but the weight was so much lighter, and the color tint was darker and it dried my skin out. It appeared to be the exact same shade, and I kept comparing the two bottles...but then I realized, there's an *SPF one and one without for combination/oily skin. The SPF one was the one that went on smoothly, and maintained the oiliness of my skin. It gives a great matte finish that appears as natural as liquid foundation can give. The other one without SPF seems fit for those that have oily skin because it applies very very thinly compared to the SPF one and it dries my skin out a little too much since I deal with combination skin. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="6291051395151868706-full" data-show="6291051395151868706-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>

- ulta.com
ulta.com userAugust 12, 2015

Finally find the perfect foundation

This foundation is amazing. I don't hesitate to invest in high end make up, and I spent lots of time researching what would be the perfect foundation for me. I tend to continue buying make up on a never ending search for perfection. I have fair skin with redness and freckles, and it can get quite oily and shiney. I was searching for a heavy for coverage foundation with matte finish that would last for my whole day- I leave the house at 8 and don't get home until 9 or so. I have tried high end (Estée lauder, tarte, bare minerals, urban decay etc) to drug store- and this foundation is it. I kept checking it throughout the day and was just blown away. It it good coverage and buildable but feels lightweight and silky. I loved my Estée lauder for its coverage and staying power but it felt like a mask. This feels natural and applies like a dream with my beauty blender. Just a midday blot and I was perfectly refreshed. I especially liked how it seemed to help my other make up stay- my blush was perfect for my entire work day. With other foundations it tended to fade. I even went for a run after work and after heavy sweating it still looked surprisingly decent. I am returning my high end foundation purchases and won't be without this again. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="4335390429005611336-full" data-show="4335390429005611336-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>

- ulta.com


Overall safe Ingredients

Cetyl PEG/PPG-10/1 dimethiconehazard
Zinc Oxide (2.0%) Aqua (Wateracne
Tocopherol Acetatehazard
Polysorbate 80hazard
Butylene Glycolacne

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The Revlon ColorStay for Combo/Oily skin is my HOLY GRAIL! It doesn’t break up on me and is easy to blend with a sponge or brush. I actually prefer it over my Fenty foundation. Best of luck! 💕
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I only use Snapchat filters because my camera is garbage. I got a new palette, the Juvias Place Masquerade Mini. And I love it. The pink shimmer is a little staining but it's the only complaint I have. The formulas are pigmented and blendable and GORGEOUS.
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They makes this for Combination/Oily skin. This was my holy grail for years! It was the only affordable foundation I could find that worked for my skin.
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Looking for a buildable medium to full coverage drugstore foundation any suggestions? #foundation #drugstore
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They have an oily/combination formula that works amazing.
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Best long wearing foundation for me is my holy grail, Revlon 24hr color stay. No one talks about it but I work in food and it’s HOT. I’ll have this foundation on at 8 am , work all night and I’ll still look good and not even too oily. Freaking fantastic.
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What is a good foundation for oily skin & minimizes pores?
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Girlll if you want the best drugstore long lasting shine controlling foundation it’s the Revlon 24h Color Stay. NOONE talks about it but it’s freaking fantastic with good Coverage too.