Rose O12 Moisture Defence Serum by ren

Rose O12 Moisture Defence Serum

Rose Synergy O12 Moisture Defense Serum

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i am 41 and this is the perfect product for sensitive skin

- Nk User

i am now going to try the sensitive cleansing gel

- Renskincare User



i have been using this product for about 2 years and my skin has been the most hydrated it has ever been

- Cosmetics Now User

working in an office all day really dries out my skin and using this has really helped to hydrate and nourish my skin

- Nordstrom User


redness relief

it absorbs fast, is very light-weight and has kept most of my redness in check

- Renskincare User

i have very sencitive skin with redness and this product helps me to controle my redness

- Renskincare User


good for acne

my skin is smooth and soft and my acne is almost completely healed, which is a feat because i’ve had terrible acne for the last 10 years

- Renskincare User

its not made me break out, it sinks in well and lasts all day

- Lookfantastic User



this plumps and smoothes my skin, it's amazing

- Renskincare User

i didn’t expect to notice a difference right away but my skin looks smooth and more firm

- Renskincare User



this serum is that it is super gentle for sensitive skin and makes your skin feel soft, plump, and extremely radiant

- Nordstrom User

i can even use this lovely, light, clean-smelling, beautifully packaged stuff around my eyes without any irritation

- Renskincare User



it hydrates without being too heavy and the scent is very pleasant

- Bloomingdale's User

i do prefer my omorovicza one, i must admit but this is nevertheless a lovely product and it does make skin feel super hydrated without being heavy

- Nordstrom User



it is a unique product that works on protecting my skin from aging, environmental hazards and at the same time keeps it moisturized, radiant and glowing

- Beautybridge User

i am so skeptical about products actually working, but this made my skin glow and took away all the tired, dull feelings i was experiencing

- Renskincare User
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nordstrom userMay 22, 2019


Have been in love with their products for years. What I love about the line is that it is Bioactive so your skin soaks it up and accepts the product in and helps to change your skin from the inside out vs. Fighting to change your skin from the outside in.   The smell is nice and the bottle is attractive with a decent cap to stop accidental spillages. The product inside is very luxurious and a little goes a long way..   I have to say this serum has become my absolute favorite. It leaves my skin nice and silky. I had super dry skin prior to using this product. At first it may seem like it's greasy, but it isn't! I would wash my face, dry it and then apply this oil onto my skin. I would let it sit for a few minutes to settle then put on my moisturizer. After the moisturizer, any shininess went away.   This serum is that it is super gentle for sensitive skin and makes your skin feel soft, plump, and extremely radiant. Highly recommended! ❤ userJuly 19, 2018

Saved my skin!

During my last three months of my senior year of university, I developed a terrible rash/irritation on my face. I legit had a goatee of red, scaly, itchy skin that I couldn’t cover with anything and kept getting worse. I was recommended this by a Sephora rep, and within a week my skin started to improve. The first night I used it was the first time in weeks I woke up to better skin instead of worse. I then got a sample kit of the EverCalm line and my skin has been better now than it has in years! My skin is smooth and soft and my acne is almost completely healed, which is a feat because I’ve had terrible acne for the last 10 years. I will never stop using Ren! Their products are the only thing that’s actually worked for me.

nordstrom userOctober 08, 2013

Hydrates but not great under make-up

I bought it as i've had great experience with Ren products but I have to say that i wasn't pleased with it. Yes it works in the sense that it hydrates and leaves the skin supple and glowing but it's quite heavy and doesn't work under make-up. I bought it to use it as a serum or on it's own as a day cream but it dissolved my mascara and left me with "panda eyes". Not pretty. In the beginning, the oil smelled amazing of roses but after having used approximately half, the smell soured for some reason and smelled a bit like not-so-fresh fish. Won't be buying again. userDecember 5, 2014

Best Serum EVER!!

I have tried so many serums, moisturizers, primers--everything-and nothing has made my skin glow like this. It is incredibly hydrating but does not cause any excess oil. This is a miracle serum. I have very crazy skin--its dry, but also super sensitive and prone to acne and redness. This serum makes me have perfect skin. I dont have to wear any makeup and any scarring I have had from previous breakouts is all gone from using this. I love everything REN, but this is my most favorite product. I am shocked that there are not more rave reviews for this because this is truly a miracle product. And I have spent thousands of dollars on different brands trying to find the ONE that actually helps me long term and not cause further breakouts and this delivers with flying colors!! userMay 2, 2017

Gentle and hydrating

This oil is nicely hydrating on my dehydrated, dry-combination skin. I should also point out that my skin is quite sensitive and this doesn't irritate it whatsoever. I would think that this would be better suited for combination to dry skin, as it is a slightly thicker oil. For me, it perfectly soothes, hydrates and adds a nice glow to my skin. A lovely bonus is the nice smell of this product- definitely a much more pleasant scent than that of the REN Omega 3 Optimum skin oil. A definite repurchase for me.


Overall safe Ingredients

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Benzyl Benzoatehazard
Glycine Soja Oilacne
Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oilacneirritant

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