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Samantha Reed
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I have always struggled with my face being SO red. I don’t really have the bad acne anymore just a couple pimples here and there but it’s my skin that makes me feel so self conscious. Is there anything that helps take the redness away?? #skincare #blemish #sensitiveskin #help

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Kaila Turner
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Also this, the lotion, and their blue face wash is amazing cleared my skin plus made it smooth. I had the same issue..

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Ale Nohemy
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Help! I need a cleanser that will take this acne away I don't pop my pimples but they leave my cheeks with red marks and I also want a treatment for my under eye bags and large pores... Thank you 🥺

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Kayla Sue
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I wash my face with the glam glow and then finish off with the knours skin mediation gel. Neither are “acne” products but they both have been working really well with just cleaning up my pores and giving my skin the love it deserves. I’ve found acne treatments don’t work well on my face. My acne just fights back. So I found that simply cleaning my skin and using the mediation gel just makes my pores happier. Less dirt the better. Also neither product is oily. Which is a plus. The knours really helps calm down the redness in my face as well.

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Sandra Rivera
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my skin has been oily for years, i would get a pimple here and there when i usually ate one chocolate, skin has always been on the bumpy side though, and i have alot of uneven skin tone. now to try to get rid of the oils and bumpiness my sister recommend using the body shop tea tree soap, then the body shot vitamin c scrub and them the tea tree face mask and to sleep in it. i tried it and got chemical burn, completely broke me out and make my skin more sensitive to everything, i used to be able to use estee lauder double wear and now even that breaks me out. ive tried all the vitamins everyone has recommended, i tried clinique, stirvectin, hydrolic acid, now im on cerave the light blue bottle face wash, i tone put the hydrolic serum and face moisturizer im so close to giving up, my face just looks horrible now i have alot of scarring, still bumpy and red. its embarrassing, any recommendations welcomed!!

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Lexus Lawlor
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for the bumpiness I had the same thing for years and then I started using Thayer’s witch hazel and it’s great

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Sandra Rivera
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@Lexus Lawlor yes i love it! i have the rose petal one, but it doesnt really do much about the bumpiness for me.