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Expert Face Brush by Real Techniques
Real Techniques

Expert Face Brush

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not shedding

i love these brushes so much, i have them all and this is my 2nd expert face brush, i'm working on getting a 2nd set of everything, the expert face brush is great for applying foundation, it really buffs the foundation in, i think it's a better than the buffing brush in the core collection, it has more of a kabuki brush feel and none of these brushes by real techniques shed, i've washed them all many times and have never shed

- Ulta User

i absolutely love this brush for applying foundation- it really buffs the product into the skin and gives a very flawless, airbrushed effect

- Walgreens User



i have very sensitive (rosacea) skin and this is the only brush that leaves me with an airbrushed finish (no streaking) and is so soft it doesn't irritate my face and turn it red

- Walgreens User

this brush is soft and just glides over your face

- Ulta User


good quality

this product is affordable, high quality, and an overall amazing value

- Ulta User

the price for these brushes is so generous because they are such high quality

- Ulta User

bristles distribution

densely packed

the bristles are so soft but quite dense which makes it perfect for contouring and precise makeup application

- Hqhair User

the bristles are so soft and dense which is great for liquid foundation

- Ulta User
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ulta.com userNovember 25, 2016


I first purchased this and the sculpting brush in June 2016. The bristles were dense and applies my makeup beautifully. I decided to purchase more November 206. When I received the brushes, they looked and felt very cheap like knockoff. If I didn't buy them from ULTA online I would be convinced these were fake. In comparison to my first brushes, these are HORRIBLE! There is no weight at all to the handle and the bristles are very sparse. Waste of money, I will not be buying from RT again; poor quality control. They must think they can cheapen the quality now that they have a good reputation

- ulta.com
ulta.com userMay 24, 2016

Easy application, flawless results

I recently started using liquid foundation again and prefer to use a brush over sponge, as I'm used to applying mineral makeup. It delivers more coverage than sponge application and blends seamlessly with a little buffing, very quickly. The bristles are short and soft; the brush cleans well and dries quickly. Mine hasn't shed any bristles and doesn't seem like it will. It's a very good quality brush at an affordable price.I think I read or heard instructions online recommending to clean after every use and replace after a certain amount of time, so it wouldn't be unreasonable to keep a few in rotation if you like to have a clean brush every time and prolong brush life. I'm thinking about doing that but I want to test out mine first.

- ulta.com
ulta.com userDecember 21, 2017

Great for applying thick full coverage foundation!

I got this in a set last year at a seasonal job from a secret santa. I formerly was using the miracle sponge to apply my tarte amazonian clay foundation until I realized it made it look cakey and it felt like the sponge was sticking to my face every time i dabbed it on, looking patchy. When I found this brush and used it to touch up my foundation, I noticed it left a really smooth finish even better than with the sponge, so I decided to use this to apply my makeup. Tarte does sell a brush that goes with the clay foundation, but im cheap and I use what I already have, but this is a great high quality one. Hasn't shed yet after washing (hopefully it wont ever) the only con I have is that it is a bit rough on my sensitive skin and irritates it a bit, but the irritation goes away a bit after and there's no redness. I first wet it, squeeze out extra water, spray on some urban decay all nighter spray, dip it in the foundation on the back of my hand, then buff it around in circles on my face then dab after. I clean it by rubbing it on a bar of soap then hold it to the side and down to rinse it out. I think it sheds from being washed bristle side up which the water gets into the brush ferrule glue and melts it. Don't wash your brushes like this! I've had cheapo brushes that havent shed with over a year of usage because I wash them like this. « less

- ulta.com
ulta userMarch 23, 2020

Amazing brush, incredible quality.

This brush is incredible! Such good quality and for such a small cost. I love the soft, dense bristles. It applies like a dream, not at all streaky and doesn't suck up your foundation so you hardly waste any. Blends and builds coverage like a dream. I literally returned all of my MAC foundation brushes and stopped using my Sigma foundation brushes after I discovered this one; it's that good. This brush is super easy to clean and has never shed a single hair on me, and I am hard on it... I've had this brush for about three months and I use this every day to apply liquid foundation and I clean it once weekly with MAC's brush cleanser. If you're even considering trying this, do it! Awesome brush, high-end quality for a drugstore price. Can't beat it!

- ulta
ulta userMarch 23, 2020

Love this brush!

I was sent this brush from a company that sends out products to me every once in a while, and I do own a couple of the other sets of brushes from real techniques, so when I got this brush in I was very excited to try this out! First off this brush is amazingly soft. Which stands to say you don't need to pay an arm and a leg to get good quality. I use this brush to apply my foundation, because I figured that's probably what this brush does best, and right after I apply my foundation, my face always looks flawless. Regardless of what kind of foundation I use. And the best part of all of these brushes? If you end up cleaning your brushes, you can bet that the drying time is going to be fast. I've owned Sigma, and MAC brushes, and those always take forever to dry. With these, you only need to wait a couple of hours, and they are good to go! The bristles are so soft, and these brushes don't bled, or shed! It's a win win for everyone!

- ulta

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