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Quarantine Beauty Techniques to Master Now

MIRA BEAUTY • updated Dec 10, 2020
Quarantine Beauty Techniques to Master Now

Experiment during Quarantine with these beauty techniques.

There are two types of beauty lovers during quarantine - those who haven’t touched a makeup brush or worn anything other than sweatpants in weeks, and those who spend the extra time practicing the perfect winged liner look they’ve been chasing since 2014. There is no in between. And even if you’re the former, we’re here to turn you into the latter with these quarantine beauty techniques you need to try.

While staying inside definitely isn’t always fun, it is an opportunity to practice experimental makeup and beauty techniques. You know that graphic liner you’ve always wanted to wear, but thought didn’t have a place at work? Wear it at your next virtual happy hour. Or improve your mental and physical state with a confidence boost from your bold new lip color. Beauty is a great way to pass the time as we practice social distancing, and you may even discover a new quarantine routine you never even knew you needed.

Monochromatic pink makeup

Source: Kylie Jenner

It doesn’t have to be Wednesday to wear pink. Monochromatic makeup is an incredibly simple beauty technique that involves wearing just one hue on the lips, eyes, and cheeks, and soft pink is a classic hue that looks beautiful on everybody. Honestly, it won’t look nearly as extra as you think. In fact, this is one of Kylie Jenner’s favorite looks to wear on Instagram as she continues to quarantine in her LA mansion. Use similar shades of pink eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick to perfect the monochromatic pink beauty technique, or use The Multiple from Nars for a multipurpose product that you’ll never want to put away, even after quarantine ends.

Graphic liner

Source: Pinterest

Or floating liner. Or dotted liner. Or tightling. Sure, everybody loves the timeless winged liner beauty technique… but quarantine is the time to really spread your wings (pun intended) and get creative with your liner looks. Graphic liner is worn on all the runways and red carpets for a reason, and it’s actually a pretty simple routine. Just grab your favorite liquid or gel eyeliner, like Matte Liquid Liner by NYX Professional Makeup, and dot your design across and above the lid for ultimate precision, use lots of Q-tips and seriously… don’t forget the primer. You’ve got this.

Gua sha

Source: Unsplash

If you’re really just not feeling the makeup during quarantine, no worries. Chill out and enter self-care mode with one of the most popular skincare tools around, the gua sha. Originally used hundreds of years ago as a form of Chinese medicine, these small tools are typically made out of precious stones like rose quartz or jade, and are used to scrape the skin in an upward, outward direction during your beauty routine. This releases muscle tension and promotes the drainage of tissues while sculpting and contouring the face - and you only need to use it for a few minutes each day!

“No makeup” makeup look

Source: Unsplash

While this beauty technique is a classic, it’s much harder than it looks. You want to look put together, but still natural… and you only need about 10 beauty products to do it. Just kidding, kind of. The “no makeup” makeup look shouldn’t take you more than 15-20 minutes, and all you need is BB cream, like the Clean Matte BB Cream by Covergirl, your favorite mascara, and a bit of cream blush and/or lip color to look naturally gorgeous. Practice doing this look for Zoom calls, and set a timer on your phone while applying products if needed… as it’s easy to get carried away and turn your 3-step routine into 20 steps.

Sunset cut crease

Source: Pinterest

While this summer may not be the one you had in mind, you can still feel the heat on your face - even while staying inside - with a sunset cut crease. Using warm brown as a transition shade, dip into burnt orange, shimmery gold, and rich red from the Soft Glam palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills to create a sultry masterpiece. Even if you won’t be wearing the sunset cut crease to a pool party anytime soon, it’s still the ideal look for a golden hour selfie or to put you in the mood for summer - quarantine style.

Have a look in mind you want to perfect before heading back outside? Find some community favorites to help create whatever it might be by searching on Mira.