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Good for combination skin

"...overall, this is the best cleanser i've found for my sensitive, combination skin..."

- Drugstore User

"...i have combination skin and this product is an effective gentle cleanser..."

- Drugstore User
"i have tried so many facial cleansers over the years; department-store brands (high-end), and drugstore brands, and i have to say that purpose gentle cleansing wash is by far, the best facial cleanser out there"
- Drugstore User
"ever since i have used, i have received compliments on my skin, and i tell everyone this gentle and inexpensive cleanser is all i use"
- Drugstore User

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Katia Ortiz
combinationCombination Skin

What is the purpose of toners, I think they’re supposed to remove excessive impurities on your face, but isn’t that what a cleanser is for ? I have combination skin would this worsen the dry areas of my face?

Tia Bowman
oilyOily Skin
I have very oily skin and dry cheeks. I use a hydrating toner and it’s changed my skin for the better. I thought the toner was supposed to strip everything off my skin (thanks Clinique...) but that’s not the case at all! I know I should avoid fragrance but meh. Lol.

British Rose Petal-Soft Gel Toner

The Body Shop
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Destiny Figueroa
combinationCombination Skin

What is the purpose of the toner?

9 replies
Natalia Hernandez
dryDry Skin

What is the purpose of micellar water? What brand would you recommend for sensitive/dry skin?

8 replies