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Midnight Masquerade Face Palette by pür

Midnight Masquerade Face Palette


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blends well

the weight is nice, i love the large mirror & the actual product is so pigmented and creamy, plus they blend so easily

- Purcosmetics User

love how creamy and blendable the bronzer is, perfect tone for that contouring bronze effect and the highlight forget about it

- Ulta User
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purcosmetics.com userAugust 9, 2018

First Pur purchase and blown away!

This was my first ever purchase from Pur. I have to confess that I actually had never heard of them before. I was walking around Ulta and a sales rep was talking it up to me. We swatched it in the store and I had to agree that every shadow was indeed very pigmented and blendable. More shimmers in the palette than matte finishes but I actually find the shimmers to work well for daytime looks. The colors are indeed very blendable. I agree with some of the online reviewers for this palette that the highlighter is nothing special, but it works great in the inner tear duct area to create a pop of brightness there. The shimmers are applied better with your fingertip than with a brush tip.

- purcosmetics.com
purcosmetics.com userJuly 13, 2018

Couldn’t be happier!!!

I saw this palette swatched on a worker at Ulta and it sparked my interest as the colors were amazing and very pigmented. I was there for another pallet but was quickly detoured. I LOVE this palette. I’ve used it daily since I’ve bought it. Colors are highly pigmented and easily blended. New brand for me, I look forward to trying more that Pur has to offer.

- purcosmetics.com
ulta.com userMarch 15, 2018

Not a necessity

The eyeshadows are very pretty colors and blend well. The bronzer is way too cool toned and patchy. The whole palette has way to much fall out. The highlighter swatches beautifully, but is not as pigmented on the skin. The colors are beautiful but there is no dark neutral mattes to finish off the look. If you are a makeup lover, the shadows would be a great addition. If you're looking for an everyday palette, I'd pass.

- ulta.com
ulta.com userMarch 6, 2018

Eeeekkkkk color

Omg these colors are incredibly smooth and creamy so blendable and having finding and agave infused is awesome on the eyes! The highlight is the most smooth pigmented brightness yet! You can also interchange the magnetic pans with the blush book and creat the perf ct travel creator pallet ever

- ulta.com
ulta.com userAugust 10, 2018

Beautiful colors

The pictures does not do this palette justice. As of last week, I had never heard of this brand. Now I own two of their palettes. The colors are buttery, pigmented and absolutely gorgeous. I'm Black (NC 47), and the colors actually show up. The colors blend well. I like using my fingers to apply. I can see this as an everyday palette. I do wish it had more transition shades. I love that the pans are removable. I'm looking forward to buying more from this brand.

- ulta.com

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