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Veronica Baker
dryDry Skin

i just saw that twitter thread of cheap makeup going around and i saw the searches of profusion cosmetics eyeshadow and i was just wondering if anyone else has tried them? are they actually that pigmented for 5 dollars?

Jessica Helms
dryDry Skin
I recently bought one of their smaller palettes ($5 for 9 shades and ridiculously big pan sizes) and yes, they’re quite pigmented. They’re also very easy to blend. I’m by no means great at applying eyeshadow and even I made a decent look and that’s saying something lol.
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Sophia Fox
combinationCombination Skin

I just got the Profusion eyes makeup collection from Marshall’s and it’s supposed to have a tiny eyeshadow primer with it, but when I opened mine, the applicator brush was completely dry.. I’ve never used profusion before and is that what their formula is?? It might just be empty??? What happened here?

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Sammy Bernhardt
oilyOily Skin

ioletVoss Crème Brûlée Pallet Profusion Siennas pallet

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