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Vivian Wang
DryDry Skin
it's quick, easy, clean & professional!
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En Wang
CombinationCombination Skin
Your hair looks gorgeous!!! You grew it out!!
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Ashley Drew
OilyOily Skin
What is a good foundation for very oily skin? I currently use Estée Lauder double wear but my face is still oily within 2 hours :/ and use pore professional primer and urban decay setting spray!!! Help idk what to use!! Even suggestions on products to help control the oil!!! #oilyskin #acneprone #foundation
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Dr. Fafane Metayer Md
OilyOily Skin
Very Good !!
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Ashley Anderson
OilyOily Skin
I’ve always had really good skin but the last year I’ve been getting tiny tiny tiny little bumps on my cheek/chin area. They aren’t pimples OR blackheads. They make my foundation/make up look so patchy. I’ve been to a skin care professional and she put me on GLOW calming. A face wash only licensed professionals can get but I still get them on and off.... any suggestions 😭
Profile picture of Sonia Morales
Sonia Morales
OilyOily Skin
it must be allergic reaction to a makeup product you are using, i get some on my forhead
Profile picture of Ana Sayan
Ana Sayan
CombinationCombination Skin
Hello 👋🏼 So this is more of a public announcement for anyone who suffers from acne and none of the products that are marketed towards us “problematic skin people” seem to work for you! I’m 25 and I’ve suffered from acne since high school. I tried proactive, bioclear, Mario badescue, curology, over the counter, my grandmas home remedies... y’all know you get desperate to find something that works. And although some products like curology assisted me in some areas, it never really worked completely. Which is all added frustration and stress leading to more acne! About 8 months ago I started going to this esthetician, I really wanted microneedling because my OCD gets the best of me and I do pick at my face... which is bad I know, I get it... I’ve heard it, read it, understand the science behind it but I still sometimes have no self control. I started doing microneedling and saw a HUGE improvement to my skins texture. She also helped me find products that would work for me. After years of searching for the perfect routine I think I might have stumbled across what works for me and I’m hoping by sharing, this might work for others! Face wash: I found the trick is to switch up products. I use 4-5 different face washes so my skin doesn’t... I guess grow immune to just one. I use CeraVe sensitive skin, philosophy everyday micro scrub, Tula cleanser, acne free cleanser, and baking soda. I also use those rubber facial scrubs and I can’t dry my face with a towel (harbors too much bacteria). I either have to use paper towels or a small face towel only once a day. I don’t use all cleansers at once that would probably burn my skin off hahaha but on days I don’t have issues I’ll use Tula or CeraVe and sometimes I’ll mix a little baking soda in them. The acne free I’ll use when I see some pimples (usually around my menstrual cycle or stressful weeks). And then the ordinary whenever I want some tiny bead action 2-3 times a week. Of course you gatta follow with a spray/ toner. I use 3 different ones also interchanging to fit my skin. I use Mario badescue green tea spray, witch hazel, and a toner my esthetician gave me. I wash my face twice a day morning and when I come home from work and take my makeup off. Mornings: I follow my toner with mad hippie antioxidant oil and my eltaMD acne prone skin spf. Nights: I also use mad hippie antioxidant and also switch it up between a few things like the ordinary niacinamide (also sometimes use in the am), and Acure brilliantly brightening night cream. Spot treatment: Zincofax, it sounds weird but baby diaper rash cream with zinc is amazing... it helps with inflammation and discoloration. So yeah I’ve been putting butt cream on my face. Masks: China white clay, Aztec clay, and baking soda masks! And of course maybe make an appointment with an esthetician who can do microneedling and high frequency facials and pick at your face in a professional matter hahaha and then give you an oxygen treatment which helps kill bacteria and helps your skin heal faster! I’ve also been taking magnesium powder lemon and raspberry flavored, to purge toxins from the inside out. The first 3 months were worse... my skin purged and I also found out magnesium will make you poop but I had a tablespoon every morning for months and it not only helps with purging your skin but it also helps with anxiety. If you’re still reading, I know this was a lot to read but I hope something in this long message helps you out! Best of luck 💜
Profile picture of Desarea Kidd
Desarea Kidd
CombinationCombination Skin
Thank you from an Esthetician. It sucks for us sometimes seeing all these people struggling with acne and spending loads of money on different products, but not considering seeing an Esthetician. So glad you had a great experience 🙌🏻
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CombinationCombination Skin
Mira unlocked $10,000 to help out the makeup, skincare and grooming professional community in the wake of the #coronavirusoutbreak . Brands and creators, pls join us. Small contributions can have a big impact in people's lives.
Profile picture of Melissa Lennox
Melissa Lennox
OilyOily Skin
Just a fresh day time look that i did for my state board practical exam today! We were told to look professional and presentable so this is the look I came up with! I used mostly warm tones to compliment my skin tone and eye color. I used the shade “universal nude” in the Covergirl Outlast liquid lipstick formula. And for my brows I used the shade “faint” from the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette. I hope you guys enjoy this look! I sure did!
Profile picture of Nicole Poligala
Nicole Poligala
DryDry Skin
This is my dry skin makeup routine! It works beautifully and lasts all day: 1. “Prime” with Tarte Mermaid Skin Serum and Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream 2. Dampen sponge and apply Rainforest of the Sea foundation 4. Apply concealer (still trying to find the perfect product for dry skin... currently using Age Rewind) with same sponge under eyes, on chin, and nose. 5. Dampen a second sponge and use powder to set entire face. I am currently using CoverGirl Clean Professional. 6. I apply all my face powders (contour, bronzer, blush) and then SET my face with Morphe Continuous Setting Spray. 7. Let it sit on my face for a couple seconds and tap the spray into my skin with the dampened sponge used for foundation. I set my face 2-3 times during my makeup routine to make sure it stays in place! Tip: Find products with key words such as “hydrating” “luminous” “dry-skin” and “glow.” These products work best for us dry skin queens! All products I use are made for dry skin.