MIRA BEAUTY™ Unveils New Brand Identity With Redesigned Logo and Website

Contemporary, transgressive visual identity was brought to life by MIRA BEAUTY™ and The Pioneers.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, August 31, 2020 — Last week, MIRA BEAUTY™ unveiled a new brand logo and visual identity, symbolic of a strategic realignment with its rapidly growing audience. The brand's bold, remarkably more modern direction is featured on MIRA BEAUTY's redesigned website and various communications channels.

As part of the creative overhaul, MIRA BEAUTY introduced a new monogram as an essential quotient within the brand's high-impact aesthetic. Designed to act as an emblem for the brand, the monogram's emotional territory is rich.

MIRA Monogram
  • The mirroring effect of the monogram represents the act of seeing oneself through someone else's experience. The name 'MIRA BEAUTY' comes from mirror and the Spanish imperative for "look" (¡Mira!)
  • The M represents the initial of the brand. Additionally, the juxtaposition of M's and reversed M's, read as W's, is designed to break gender stereotypes.
  • The symmetrical aspect of the monogram represents inclusivity — four separate sets coming together in a cohesive manner, to form a supportive community.
  • The boldness of the fonts represent self-confidence.

The monogram will also appear on merchandise, gifts, and in the emblematic form of a tattoo.



The brand's photography encapsulates the visual, sensorial and experiential dimension of beauty products. Shades, textures, and finishes come alive in movement. Models were carefully selected to represent a diverse range of skin tones, skin types, ethnic backgrounds and stages of life.



Punctuated by the brand's new motto, "Your beauty. Less of the rest," MIRA BEAUTY will continue to bring more simplicity and personalization to help guests cut through the noise and discover products that are right for their unique selves.

As a collaborative effort months in the making, the new branding was created by MIRA BEAUTY's creative and marketing team, in collaboration with Creative Director Saul Appelbaum from The Pioneers. Inspired by iconic high-fashion and beauty labels, MIRA BEAUTY's new identity uniquely blends boldness with elegance and an edgy sensibility, positioning the company as a genuine player in skincare and cosmetics.

"We knew the old branding wasn't doing justice to our technology's level of sophistication, but the element déclencheur for a more thorough rebrand was data," said Benjamin Lord, who took the creative helm as CMO of MIRA BEAUTY nine months ago. "The beauty community is our true north, and our goal was to meet their standards of taste, quality, and inclusivity. Together with The Pioneers, we elevated the digital experience through a logo-leaning, streetwise, and emblematic aesthetic that also lends itself to a monogram print and future 3D applications."

“Much like the new brand identity, MIRA BEAUTY's future is epic. The new brand identity represents a 180-degree shift that will help the company realize their vision for building the beauty shop of the future," said Saul Appelbaum, Creative Director at The Pioneers.

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