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Anyone know a dupe for Rainforest of the sea deep sea collagen super serum by tarte

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I am 32, with combo skin (leaning to dry). I don’t have flakiness, but I notice my skin needs help exfoliating. I’ve tried many chemical peels (pads, serums, you name it!). I’ve tried many physical peels like “at home” microdermabrasion kits. They all softened my skin, but none like this one by REN. This Flash Rinse 1-Minute Peel is my favorite. It didn’t just make my skin appear brighter, but actually lifted the dead skin off leaving fresh, baby-smooth skin! No irritation, no tingles, or heat. My skin was not red afterwards. But wait, it gets better... When I applied my the rest of my skincare regimen, I felt them all absorb FASTER. They didn’t just sit on the surface of my skin. I am amazed. It takes a lot to make say WOW about skincare. I’m very skeptical and discerning, and I’m not shy about returning something that doesn’t work. 🙅🏽‍♀️ For those of you who feel like you’ve done everything you can to brighten and exfoliate, #TryThis ! It’s a #musthave . This is now part of my #HolyGrail list. This product is best for #dryskin , #comboskin , #acne , #antiaging , #preventative , #quickfacials . If you’ve tried it, let me know. I’d love to hear others feedback!

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