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Butter Highlighter by Physicians Formula
Physicians Formula

Butter Highlighter

staying power(107)
pigmentation: sheer
Variation: Champagne
ChampagneIridescencePearlPinkRose Gold

Top Reviews


blends well

i love how this product gives me a gorgeous glow but it does not leave a streak under it to show that your wearing highlighter

- Walgreens User

the product is so easy to blend as it has a smooth formula and is perfect for people who love a glow

- Walgreens User

staying power


i bought this highlighter in iridesence and omg it's beautiful, pigmented, long lasting, easy to apply and it smells nice

- Ulta User

these highlights you can see from miles away the are so buttery and creamy soft they just melt into your skin the pigment in them is insane and last all day also has the signature butter product smell i would recommend these to everyone

- Walgreens User



after using the butter highlighter, you will notice blendable coverage, soft pigments, smoothed and silky skin texture & brightened skin that will make you glow

- Walgreens User

i love the consistency and formula and how buttery and creamy it feels

- Walgreens User



i love how buttery this highlighter feels it also applies smooth like butter on you skin

- Walgreens User

the highlight applies smooth to the face and will stay put all day without emphasizing texture

- Walgreens User


does not have fallout

there's a little fall out

- Walgreens User

easy to apply, no fallout

- Walgreens User



this highlighter glides onto the skin and melts in with your base makeup

- Walgreens User

this is my absolute favorite highlighter glides on your skin and melts into the skin very beautifully and is very pigmented and blinding i would definitely do recommend this product and i will be purchasing it again

- Walgreens User



it also has the creamiest and most buttery formula on the market (hence the name ‘butter’ lol) i’m highly impressed with how opaque and how sheer it can get depending on how much you build the bronzer/highlighter up

- Walgreens User

you can dab it lightly for a sheer look or build it to a blinding highlight depending on the mood

- Walgreens User
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ulta userOctober 09, 2018

sad face

This goes on more like a cream powder than a powder. I wanted it to go on flawless like the bronzer but it goes on streaky and looks chunky. So disappointed.

- ulta
walgreens userJanuary 02, 2019

My favorite highlighter of ALL TIME! Its just the right color for my pale skin and absorbs nicely into the skin as well. Its a cream to powder texture that is easily buildable so it is great for blinding full glam looks or natural glowy looks. And it stays on my fave all day and doesnt move around. Its also great for my dry skin and doesnt show my texture or drypatches. Not to mention, it smells AMAZING just like the butter bronzer

- walgreens
walgreens userMay 27, 2018

Hands down one of the best drugstore highlighters! Physicians Formula’s Butter Highlighter is CREAMY to the touch, but blends out to a powder on the skin. It is intensely reflective, smooth, & blends out to perfection! An added bonus to this product is that is smells like coconuts & will remind you of summertime on a tropical beach! This highlighter is infused with nutrients, vitamins,!& oils, such as Murumuru Butter, that works” together to nourish & moisturize the skin! The wear time of this highlighter is several hours, but it’s so amazing you’ll want to just keep using it & seeing its effect over over and over again! After using the butter highlighter, you will notice blendable coverage, soft pigments, smoothed and silky skin texture & brightened skin that will make you GLOW! I can’t speak highly enough of this product and recommend it the most! So, it’s time to GLOW UP and head to your nearest drug store to purchase this TRUE GEM!

- walgreens
walgreens userJanuary 02, 2020

Yes yes yes! This is heavenly! This is a must have in your makeup collection. It has this creamy "buttery" texture (hence the name). It applies so beautifully and even. It buildable but you dont really have to. The shimmer from one pass is stunning. It feels very lightweight on skin and lasts all day. Added bonus is it smells like a coconut dream. Reminds me of the scent of Hawaiian Tropic products. Highly recommend!

- walgreens
walgreens userSeptember 26, 2018

Physicians formula is probably my favorite drug store brands or is at least definitely one of them. They make such good quality products that are unique and also reasonably priced. I'm a highlighter junkie and when I saw these I had to grab. I love love love my gold champagne colored one. I bought the pearl one too cuz it was so pretty but it just doesn't go with my warm underdtone but I'm sure would be beautiful with any cool toned person. The champagne though! Simply stunning. It's been my go to highlighter for months. I love the consistency and formula and how buttery and creamy it feels. AND THE PIGMENT! Its packing that's for sure. You get a lot of product for what your paying for and the color choices have something for everyone. It's easy to apply and blend with a brush or wet beauty blender and it also stays put on my face all day. I would tell any highlighter junkie that they need this in their collection without a doubt.

- walgreens


Overall safe Ingredients

Sorbic Acidhazard

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