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Renewed Hope In A Jar Skin Tint by philosophy

Renewed Hope In A Jar Skin Tint

staying power(108)
coverage: medium coverage
Variation: Shade 2.5
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redness relief

i have redness and it does a great job of covering

- Nordstrom User

i am red headed and i got the lightest color which is perfect and so pretty

- Qvc User

staying power


it’s easy to throw on with your fingers and stays all day

- Sephora User

easy to apply lasts all day and super easy to remove

- Ulta User



one huge difference is this product while being very lightweight, has tons of coverage

- Qvc User

this is a great product it's buildable without being heavy feels like nothing on the skin but it does cover imperfections it's the perfect no makeup look

- Qvc User



i did the whole regimen and boy was my skin soft and smooth

- Qvc User

i hate lights in the beauty salon, never make you look good, but my most recent appointment, i was surprised how nice my skin looked, color and smoothness

- Qvc User



it doesnt cling to dry spots, settle in fine lines, cause any irritation, covers much better than i expected, and lasts 6-8 hours without any touch ups

- Ulta User

it's gentle yet removes everything

- Qvc User



i have really dry skin so it's awesome how moisturizing it is, and it gives my skin an even tone which i need

- Ulta User

i have always used the hydrating foundation but this is now my every day go-to

- Philosophy User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

gives me moisture, but doesn't cake in the pores

- Ulta User

gives me moisture, but doesn't cake in the pores

- Ulta User


blends well

i love the tan color and blends in so nicely

- Sephora User

it is wonderful and blends right into my skin, evens out skin tone, doesn’t sit in my lines and my skin still looked great after working at the hot espresso bar at work

- Qvc User

color accuracy


it looked like a decent enough match when i put it on, but it oxidized horribly and ended up being too dark

- Ulta User

it's gross to put your fingers in it continuously and if it was in a tube or pump it also wouldn't oxidize so quickly

- Sephora User


non brightening

the philosophy tint leaves an ashy grayness on my skin

- Qvc User

wrong oh my gosh it made my skin look ashy

- Qvc User


medium coverage

it's light and airy yet gives you medium coverage

- Qvc User

it gives a light to medium coverage, covers my redness and the ivory color is perfect for my skin tone

- Qvc User
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QVC userNovember 7, 2017

Whatever It Is, It's Great!

I'm not sure what to call this. Is it foundation? A moderate SPF? A light moisturizer. Is it a tinted treatment? When I first saw the jar, I thought "Well this won't last long." But the truth is I only needed the smallest amount. The texture is lovely, a whisper of color that fogs my imperfections--a little redness here and there, tiny broken capillaries, some veining. I don't require full coverage, or want it. My skin is good and it want it to look like skin. The skin tint had a super fast dry down and feels just like my skin within seconds. I look just like myself but better. I haven't tried the brush yet except to use the scooper end to dip into the jar for a little product. I've used my fingers and the look is wonderful. I'm baffled at the reviews that reported the product was greasy or that they had a problem with accentuated pores, fine lines, etc. I experienced exactly the opposite. On my skin the finish is a natural matte and I literally cannot feel it on my skin--no transfer at all. I love that it is water-based. I have sensitive skin, applied it directly to my bare skin and had zero reaction after several hours. I'm so happy to have found a product with a completely natural look which gives me a reasonable amount of SPF but doesn't weigh me down. I ordered a couple more jars for back up--definitely do NOT want to run out of this. Less

ulta.com userJune 22, 2017

Holy Grail Product

As someone who is SUPER picky about tinted moisturizers/BB creams/etc., this product was an absolute godsend. I was moments away from leaving without buying anything when I dipped my finger in the tester pot on a whim. It took all of two seconds for me to grab this and toss it in my bag. I have oily, dehydrated, sensitive skin that breaks out pretty much immediately if I use any product (makeup or skincare) that it doesn't like. Because of my history with acne, large pores, and hyper-pigmentation I need some measure of coverage. But I don't like to look like I'm wearing foundation and I absolutely hate that almost every product made for oily skin is drying or mattifying. Enter Hope In A Jar Gel Tint. It's indescribably lightweight, not remotely oily (in fact it feels rather like water) and has decent coverage (though I still find I need concealer for any active skin irritations). Aside from that, it really does appear to be improving my skin. 10/10 would buy again or recommend to a friend. I will be devastated if it ever gets discontinued. This is seriously a "Holy Grail" product for me.The only downside I noticed was that the color range is super limited. I'm fair skinned so it wasn't a problem for me, but it did kind of bug me that the "darkest" shade was pretty much a light tan. It's 2017. There really isn't an excuse not to offer a full range of shades that would be inclusive for people of color anymore. Less

- ulta.com
philosophy.com userApril 2, 2017

Best tinted moisturizer out there - it's all you need!

If anyone remembers Hope in a Tinted Moisturizer, I loved the glow it gave me but I hated the scent. That lavender oil that Philosophy puts in Original HIAJ makes me so allergic and nauseated. I was afraid this would be the same. Because of my skepticism, I almost didn't order it. However, I checked the ingredients list and it did not say "lavendula", so I was hopeful this new product lacked the offending culprit I was so skeptical of and I went ahead and placed my order. But rest assured... I can tell you with absolute certainty this product is Allergy approved! This newer version of Renewed HIAJ Skin Tint is practically fragrance free. And the formula is even better than before! I was so pleasantly surprised and in denial that it is as good as it is! Where do I begin? 1) There is no irritating scent to aggravate my eye allergies. 2) The texture is like whipped jello. It's smooth, light, airy, and creamy all at the same time. 3) It applies so easily and blends with no effort at all. Your skin just drinks it in. It actually goes into the skin and doesn't just sit on top and smear over the surface like some other products do. 4) The color I ordered was 5.5 beige. I am a pretty fair skinned person, with blue/green eyes, and med brown hair. I stay away from the sun because I tend to burn. I could have gotten the sand because I am so fair. But the Beige does blend right in and gives me a subtle hint of color which I then set with a little powder. And I look like I've spent a couple of hours outside. 5) As a foundation? What foundation? Who needs that? This jar is all you need baby! You can build it up and it doesn't get cakey at all. If you want a little extra coverage, use just a little concealer. 6) Hydration, Hydration, Hydration! This stuff just sinks right in like a cool glass of water! My skin felt so supple and soft. 7) Lasted all day... I have combination skin that's been so dehydrated this past winter. But I also tend to get oily especially after 8 hours at work in the hospital. This skin tint will replace my current foundation because this gives me everything I need and want in a foundation, without actually having to wear foundation! It didn't get slick or oily, and it didn't cake up. It just blended away all my imperfections and gave me a nice little glow! Less

- philosophy.com
QVC userJanuary 5, 2018

Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar Skin Tint (honey)

About me and my skin: I am black with oily, acne prone skin (severe acne, the cystic kind), a few acne scars and pigmentation. I ordered the philosophy renewed hope in a jar skin tint in 7.5, honey.The last past year was difficult with my acne, it actually took a whole year to get rid of the bumps and some of the scars, but there were some stubborn dark areas on my cheeks under my eye area where I just could not get rid of the blocked pores. I didn’t want to use any foundation or powder to jeopardize the progress I had made with my skin. But something about a water-based tinted moisturizer that was good for the skin enticed me. I thought it to be too expensive but tried it anyway.The Product: I LOVED IT! I wish I knew sooner!!!!! within 2-3 days of using this for about 4-6 hours a day the clogged pores were gone, active acne was reduced in size and no longer inflamed and my pores overall were reduced. My face was also less oily. The moisturizing effect seemed to last beyond my nightly cleaning routine. My skin appears to be so healthy, glowing, soft to touch, smooth and toned in 2-3 days!!! I was so impressed I decided to purchase the Philosophy renewed hope in a jar night because if the tint was able to accomplish such results for a few hours a day, I believed the night cream would blow me over and it did. That will be a separate review.I do believe you can build coverage to give you a more polished look, but not to cover dark marks. I just use a dot on my forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin, so I see the 1 oz jar lasting over six months which makes it worth the price. I am happy QVC offers a payment plan to give us a chance to buy a product like this at that price. I don’t particularly mind the size. I hope more colors will be developed, for everyone overall, but as a woman of color, I would love to purchase one for my mom who is darker than I am and I don’t think the cocoa will be a match. Get to work Philosophy!!! This is a great product.Non-factor setback: I will say that on me, the tint needs about 20 mins to settle or perhaps warm up to my face. At first, it goes on smoothly, I use the brush it came with (I do think the Philosophy brush is absolutely wonderful by the way) or my Clarisonic foundation brush, but it is grey or ashy on my face especially on the darker areas. This surprised and disappointed me at first because I thought it was not a match. But determined to follow through, I kept it and realized that as the time passed it seemed to match my skin color perfectly. I live in Florida and it is unusually cold right now, so I’m wondering if it would need less time to match up during the summer. But this is so beneficial to my skin I don’t mind. « less

philosophy.com userMarch 28, 2017

Great product HORRIBLE packaging

I'm a huge fan of skin tints for everyday wear. I don't like anything too thick but something to even out my skin tone and give a natural looking glow. I recieved a sample of this with an ulta order and fell in love immediately after one use I had already made the purchase of the full size. The good it that this skin tint is so light weight that you really do not feel it at all. Even after a long day of wear this never becomes greasy it really just looks like your natural skin but better. I've worn this alone as well as with blush and highlight and both ways work great. I also found a perfect match in the beige shade. Unfortunately this is where the love has to end because even though this is a great product Philosophy completely ruined it with its jar packaging! Its a mess! You open it once and product goes everywhere. And closing it creates an even bigger mess. This product is on the pricey side for the ratio to product you get in the jar but I knew that when I purchased it however I didn't expect to lose significant amount of product just opening and closing the jar! Also this product is suppose to be a moisturizer but I actually found it to be on the dry side nothing flaky but if you have very dry skin you will probably need another moisturizer underneath. While I do really like the product I dont see myself rebuying it. Not at least till they come of with more hygienic and cleaner packaging. Less

- philosophy.com


Overall safe Ingredients

Dimethicone/PEG-10/15 Crosspolymerhazard
Butylene Glycolacne
Octinoxate (2.0%)hazard
PEG-9 Polydimethylsiloxyethyl Dimethiconehazard

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Belle Smith
CombinationCombination Skin
best low- medium coverage more natural foundation for combination skin? preferably lower price points but open to all suggestions?
Profile picture of Kaitlin Simon
Kaitlin Simon
OilyOily Skin
The best! I have oily skin, and this keeps me matte all day, while still keeping me moisturized! ❤️
Profile picture of lei🌻
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in need of a suuuper quick makeup routine for when i don’t have a lot of time but i still want to cover my bags, scars, and uneven skin tone. any suggestions? *drugstore/lower end please*
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Gen Denoym
CombinationCombination Skin
The only expensive thing I use in my everyday makeup is philosophy’s renewed hope in a jar skin tint. It’s very light coverage but covers everything you mentioned. Then I use the age rewind concealer for touch up spots. That takes me only about 2 minutes. Then I go in with any old brown eyeshadow and I frequently switch up mascara.
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Miška Cachovanová
CombinationCombination Skin
Does anyone know some good makeup, and skincare for a really dry skin ??
Profile picture of Gen Denoym
Gen Denoym
CombinationCombination Skin
This is the most moisturizing and light foundation there is. I love this stuff. If you’re looking for more full coverage ester lauder double wear and Lancôme are worth the splurge for me. Additionally, for skincare, I adore philosophy’s straight up purity moisturizer and Clinique has some great heavy moisturizers as well(Clinique also has great face wash).