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Purity Made Simple Cleanser by philosophy

Purity Made Simple Cleanser

uneven skintone(73)
Variation: 16.0 oz
16.0 oz8.0 oz
sephoraBuy ($24)

Top Reviews

uneven skintone

evens out skin

this was the only product that i tried that cleared my acne, evened out my skin tone and oil level, and kept my skin clear

- Walmart User

it effectively cleanses, removes makeup, and tones the face in one step, leaving the skin soft and supple

- Viewpoints User



i have been using the purity facial cleanser for several years now and what i like best is that it cleans my skin gently and has a mild fragrance that is not overpowering

- Walmart User

less acne and no irritations

- Sephora User



i use this every day and night and it's so smooth and refreshing on my skin, it leaves my face feeling super clean and smooth, i'm in love with this

- Boots User

this cleans wonderful and doesn't interfere with my face cream

- Walmart User



i use this morning and night and love the creamy texture and then how soft my skin is after

- Walmart User

i love this cleanser, makes my skin really soft , smooth, evens texture and brightens

- Ulta User


good quality

my skin has such a great luminous quality after i use it

- Sephora User

i am just so impressed with the quality of this product

- Viewpoints User



purity was ridding my skin of all the gunk that was well hidden and now, i am amazed at how clear and radiant my skin is

- Walmart User

my friend recommended this to me and my face is so radiant and smooth

- Walmart User



and the anti-wrinkle miracle worker day and night cream

- Walmart User

and the anti-wrinkle miracle worker day and night cream

- Ulta User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

no breakouts or clogged pores

- Ulta User

no more pimples or blackheads for her

- Walmart User



i use it every night (i use microdelivery scrub in the morning) and it just melts all my makeup away and my skin feels so clean and soft, never dried out

- Walmart User

this is an great facial cleanser, it cleans my skin really good without drying it out and i also use it with my microderm abrasion cleansing clothes; just put a small amount of purity cleanser on the microderm abrasion clothes & it gently cleanses/exfoliates my skin & helps my skin always look its best [i use the "microderm abrasion clothes" about twice a week & what a difference it makes in the texture/appearance of my skin & it all starts with the purity cleanser

- Ulta User


good for acne

love this cleanser so great for cure acne i use it everyday it actually takes off waterproof makeup also that's what i love about it and it does everything for me and its amazing makes your skin so smooth even thoo i got combination skin

- Sephora User

ever since, i've been acne free

- Ulta User


redness relief

i find the best way to heal my redness is to use post-cleansing treatments (moisturizers/night creams), so i'm really happy that this is so effective and non-irritating for a first step

- Walmart User

this is the only cleanser that has kept my skin under control, and reduced the redness in my face

- Sephora User
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mira userNovember 15, 2019

This is by far my favorite facial cleanser on the market. I have acne prone/ combination skin and this is very gentle but so effective at removing all of the makeup/ dirt off of my face. I’ve used this product for years and it never disappoints! I highly recommend!

- mira
mira userJanuary 11, 2020

This is truly the only face wash that really works for me! My skin is very sensitive so I have to be careful what I put on my skin but this has never failed me! It really gets rid of ALL my makeup and even makes it easy to wash away waterproof mascara. I struggled with acne when I was younger and the thing I love about this face wash is anyone can use it! It really helps keep my skin fresh and CLEAR! It’s a little more expensive than drugstore cleansers but it’s soooo worth every penny.

- mira
QVC userMay 23, 2017

Made me break out:(

I wanted to love this so badly!! My mom has used it for years and has beautiful skin so I try to emulate her skin care routine whenever possible. My very loved MAC green gell cleanser ran out and when I saw this size was on easy pay I decided to give it a try. I use a Clarisonic with the deep pore brush head, and at first I thought this product gave me such a beautiful cleanse with the Clarisonic. However the morning after I first used it I woke up with a few pimples that were not there the night before. I thought maybe it was the Clarisonic so I didn't use it with the cleanser for the next few days but my breakout was getting worse and worse. Nothing else in my skincare routine had changed except for starting the Purity. I am in my early 30s with dry skin that is also slightly combination but has always been sensitive. But I use the Pauls's Choice !% Retinol with no problems and other anti aging products that do not cuase any problem areas but the Purity definitely made me breakout and unfortunately had to return it. Went back to my Mac Green Gel Cleanser and my skin cleared up within 2 days. « less

Sephora userJuly 12, 2009

Amazing face wash!

Let me start by saying that I have VERY sensitive skin, even though I'm young. I have never had acne problems (knock on wood) and I only break out a little during that time of month, so I react badly to a lot of stronger products.I used to use the DDF sensitive skin cleansing gel, which is also a great product, but on my last trip to Sephora I wanted to find something less pricey (DDF is more than $30 for 8 oz!!). So, I did a little research, and of course this came up because it was chosen as the Best of Sephora. Well, the price and raving reviews alone sold me.So I picked this up and have been using it for three days now. And, okay, that's not really a very long time, but hear me out: It really does what it says it will, and then some. I can already tell: this stuff is miraculous!! And here's why:1. It deep cleans without being harsh. Take it from someone who could get rashes from nearly every face-cleaner on the market: Purity will NOT irritate your skin one bit. I am always super-weary about trying out new face cleansers because the transition may not be pretty. But this transition was so smooth-- and I hate to say it, because DDF costs more, but really, my skin looks a lot better now that I've made the switch to Purity. Just follow the directions (DO NOT WET YOUR FACE BEFORE USING THIS! just add the water to the soap in your hand.) and your skin will feel fresh and new even after a whole day of sweat and grime and product.2. It moisturizes amazingly too! It's so milky and creamy(Okay, I wouldn't say it's foamy. That would be a stretch. But that's OKAY because who cares if it's foamy or not when it makes your skin look like this?!), you can feel your face getting softer as you rub it in. This is surprising, I admit it, because what kind of product can really moisturize your face while deep cleaning AND removing makeup, and still be totally natural?? Well, now you know why I call this "miraculous".3. It totally improves the quality of your skin. I admit that my skin, having no acne issues, is no extreme case. But I think my case just proves that Purity is amazing: It's that time of month, and before I started using Purity I could see my breakout surfacing. But two days after using this, my skin is COMPLETELY clear! No breakout in sight--Purity stopped it in its tracks! This is such a great thing for me, since most products that would help get rid of breakouts are way too strong for me, and sensitive skin products really don't do the trick too much. I use this only at night, and not only do I feel the effects immediately, in the morning my face feels so soft and looks radiant. Seriously. Even putting on moisturizer and a little concealer (though I need a lot less of that lately!) is somehow easier because the texture of my skin has improved literally overnight!! AMAZING. I would think more extreme cases of skin woes would benefit even MORE from using this. Just trust me here, it works wonders!!4. I am convinced this can save you loads of money. Really. Although I have freckles and therefore don't use foundation or anything, if you do use foundation you might as well just toss that out as soon as you start using Purity, because you will want to show off your naturally amazing looking skin!! And say goodbye to your makeup cleaner too, (although I'd keep some eye-makeup remover on hand for waterproof mascara-- Purity's one downfall is that it's not THAT strong) and any nighttime moisturizers or toners you might have. Purity shines when used alone, so take advantage! $20 may seem kind of steep for a face wash, but trust me when I say that is a steal considering what Purity does.I am just so excited I found this product. Trust me when I say that Purity Made Simple is NOT over-hyped. In fact, it is UNDER-hyped for what it does.I would HIGHLY recommend this for anyone looking for a product that really lives up to, and even goes beyond, its product description. Purity Made Simple is, simply, a miracle-worker. « less

- Sephora
Sephora userDecember 17, 2013

Holy grail face wash!

Before I share my personal experience with this face wash, just wanted to share my skin history... First off, I have combination / oily skin that's pretty sensitive. Ironically, before I started using Philosophy's Purity, I actually had no idea that my skin was even sensitive! I had always assumed that because my skin was on the oilier side, it could "handle" the really harsh, oil-stripping face washes and exfoliating scrubs. I equated oily skin = tough skin. And in spite of my combination / oily skin, my skin was absolutely pristine and clear all throughout high school and college. I used cheap, over-the-counter drugstore products (Clean & Clear, Neutrogena, etc.), and my skin never showed any signs of distress or breakouts....Then came post-undergrad life. Right after college, I started grad school, and I guess I was a lot more stressed than I had realized, because my skin started to freak out! I had breakouts mostly concentrated on my cheeks, and some along my jaw. It wasn't cystic/nodular acne, but my pores were definitely super clogged/congested/inflamed. I panicked! So I went to CVS and Target and pretty much bought anything and everything that had some derivative of the terms 'acne-fighting' or 'blemish-fighting'. Face washes, scrubs, creams, gels, and more. Even though I knew that all of these face products were laden with harsh ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, I assumed that since these drugstore products had been enough to keep my skin clear in high school and college, they'd be more than enough for my young adult skin. Right? So, so wrong... My skin freaked out even more, and it started getting unimaginably more red/inflamed, in addition to being really dry (as in, amphibian-dry) in some areas while still being really oily/congested in others. In the midst of feeling completely helpless and hopeless, I called my mom, a family physician, who freaked out when I told her that I had been piling on salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide on my skin, in addition to using harsh facial scrubs. She promptly advised me to throw out all of the harsh drugstore products and recommended this face wash. And to keep my skin care routine simple!So I did just that, and at first, I felt like this face wash wasn't 'doing much' because it didn't lather up as well as the drugstore face washes had done, and because I didn't get that fresh, tingly, squeaky-clean feeling that I thought you were supposed to get after washing your face. But regardless, I stuck with this face wash, and about 2-3 weeks after consistent use, my skin improved dramatically! Using just this face wash, along with some organic jojoba oil that I purchased from Whole Foods - has been a lifesaver. I think it's easy to fall into the trap of wanting to use really harsh/scrubbing/exfoliating face washes when you have oily/acne-prone skin, but please don't fall into that way of thinking! I know I did, and that made my skin SO much worse. I also love the fact that this face wash doesn't have any added fragrances to it! I was amazed that the smell from the face wash literally just comes from the natural flower/carrot/sage added in. Apologies for the novel-length review, but I just really wanted to share my experience with this face wash! Especially for those who have been trying to treat their skin with harsh face washes - this is the perfect face wash for thoroughly cleansing your skin without stripping it of its natural oils. That squeaky clean/scrubbed raw feeling is not good for your skin! « less

- Sephora


Overall safe Ingredients

Alcohol Denatirritanthazard
Propylene Glycolhazard
Salicylic Acidhazard
Bulnesia Sarmientoi Wood Oilirritant

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So good, rarely have any breakouts or dry skin. Bottle lasts forever too. A little goes a long way.
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i’ve been using this for years and i absolutely love it!! i recommend it to everyone ♥️♥️
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Works super good! removes makeup & dirt great. Hydrates your face too!
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Favorite face wash & moisturizer for combination/oily/acne prone skin?
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Profile picture of Jacqueline Fernandez
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Profile picture of Katelynn•Anderson
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