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Jake Van-Ryan
combinationCombination Skin

Any ideas to cover up acne under your makeup?

Sam C
combinationCombination Skin
Depends on your skin type and undertone. If you’re more of a yellow undertone like myself I’d use a yellow color corrector. If you’re more of a red undertone I’d use green. For my skin type which is combination/ oily I’d recommend LA girl color correctors theyre creamy and affordable with ALOT of pigment. Don’t do light yellow unless you’re extremely pale I recommend the regular yellow.

HD Pro Conceal

LA Girl
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Katie Johnson
combinationCombination Skin

best make up remover? I have combo skin but more oily and I feel like everything just breaks me out so I’ve been looking for a holy grail make up remover.

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Samaher Ahmed
dryDry Skin

How do y’all even get good at eye make up? I’ve gotten pretty good with face make up but the one thing i can’t seem to get is eyeshadow... I’m tryna be the baddest bitch outcheaaaar

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