RS2 Gentle Cleanser by pevonia botanica
pevonia botanica

RS2 Gentle Cleanser

Soothing Propolis Concentrate

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Skin Type

if you have very sensitive skin, this is a fabulous product

- Dermstore User

i have sensitive skin and it cleans yet is gentle and keeps my skin from flushing red

- Dermstore User


redness relief

does not sting/itch or make your face red

- Dermstore User

since i've started using it, my skin tone has improved and the redness i used to experience has diminished tremendously

- Dermstore User



this is the best cleanser i have discovered -- it leaves my skin very clean and not at all irritated

- Lovelyskin User

this is a great cleanser, light, smells nice and never irritates

- Dermstore User


good for acne

i've tried a number of facial washes for my sensitive, mild rosacea prone skin, and this is the best one i've tried

- Skinstore User

no irritation, shrinks pores and no more breakouts

- Dermstore User



the next morning my face feels soft, hydrated and smooth

- Dermstore User

this product was recommended to me by my esthetician for moisturizing and to reduce slight redness

- Dermstore User



i love this care cream because it reduces the amount of redness in my face and my skin feels smooth and supple

- Dermstore User

pevonia botanica rs2 care cream leaves my skin cool and hydrated

- Dermstore User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

it is smooth, with no irritation or pimples, and my pores are almost invisible

- Dermstore User

non irritating, reduces pore size

- Dermstore User

uneven skintone

evens out skin

it is gentle - even on super-sensitive skin like i have - and it easily cleanses away the oil and dirt, without drying out your face

- Dermstore User

does a great job of evening skin tone and calm breakouts

- Dermstore User
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dermstore userSeptember 14, 2020

Non drying gentle cleanser

This product is awesome. I have roseaca and use it daily. It DOES NOT dry out my skin like all the other proucts I have tried. My skin is nice and smooth and does not get irritated. It is not a 'foamy' type of cleanser, but with roseaca or dry skin I don't really think us folks can get away with using a product that is anyway. LOVE THIS ITEM.

dermstore userSeptember 14, 2020

The best way to balance rosacea.

Having rosacia, my skin looks and feels soft and vibrant. Pevonia RS2, is gentle on my skin, non-irritating and even smells wonderful. Over time, I now have even skin tone, and as a side note fewer wrinkles. I recommend anyone with rosacea give it a try to see the results for yourself. Hummm...I have no complaints. I love it!!!!!!

dermstore userSeptember 14, 2020

Best cleanser for calming my rosacea

I've tried many cleansers for my ultra-sensitive skin to deal with the redness and breakouts of rosacea. Most were too drying or simply didn't make a difference. Pevonia RS2 products, and especially this cleanser, have made a lasting, noticeable difference in my skin. It leaves my skin feeling clean but not dry, and definitely has helped calm the redness. I have far fewer rosacea 'flares' since using this product. I'm hooked..!

dermstore userSeptember 14, 2020

Smooth, supple, clear skin

RS2 Care Cream is a fantastic face cream for sensitive skin. It gently moisturizes, so that even super-sensitive skin like I have feels smooth and supple. It's not oily at all, so it doesn't leave me with blemishes (which so many other skin creams do!). It also has the added bonus of having an SPF of 15, so I am protected all the time from the sun. This has come in handy many, many times when I found myself unexpectedly spending a long time out in the sun. No sun burn!

dermstore userAugust 27, 2020

Not what I was hoping for

The product was supposed to be a light oil but I found it very heavy on my normal to dry skin. Not only did it feel greasy, I started breaking out after using it for a few nights. After I stopped using it, my face stopped breaking out. Sigh. I really wanted it to work but it just was not suitable for my skin.


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