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Makenzie Shellenbaum
Dry Skin

I have super dry skin and can’t seem to find the perfect combination of products. I also only wear concealer no foundation. What do y’all use for skincare, primer, and concealer?

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Olivia Kimberling
Dry Skin

You might need a hydrator and a moisturizer... use the hydrator wherever you get really dry and a moisturizer everywhere. A hydrator is going to go deeper into the skin (into the dermis) while a moisturizer only adds moisture to the outer layer (the epidermis). My personal favorite hydrator is the Clinique moisture surge because I have extremely send skin. A lot of Clinique products irritate my skin but not this one.

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vaanishka kapoor
Dry Skin

i don’t use foundation since luckily my skin isn’t that bad ( i do use concealer because it ain’t perfect ) but i feel like i need a base ,so can anyone please recommend a medium coverage foundation ?

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Oily Skin

if you feel like you don’t need anything heavy, maybe try a BB cream? i like this one because i do struggle with acne but i’ve heard that the regular one is just as great if you don’t need that salicylic acid!

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Lil Nena
Combination Skin

@jen im literally wearing it right now, its the best 💯

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Desjia Dansro
Oily Skin

since i have oily skin should i be using a matte formula instead of dewy formulas?

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Iliana Angelina Payne
Oily Skin

Try using a matte formula for foundation and setting it with a dewy setting spray. It should help your skin still look healthy and natural and make your makeup last longer.