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Resist Super Light Daily Wrinkle Defense SPF 30 by Paula's Choice
Paula's Choice

Resist Super Light Daily Wrinkle Defense SPF 30

blends well(143)
finish: demi-matte
nordstromBuy ($33)

Top Reviews

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

this moisturizer has a nice tint that blends in well and helps blur the redness along my cheeks, while also minimizing my large pores, which i've never had happen

- Paula's Choice User

plus, it blurs pores and evens out my skin tone excellently

- Paula's Choice User



i am always looking for the perfect sunscreen, many sunscreens either irritate my face, cause me to break out, or they just don't play nice under my favorite bb cream

- Paula's Choice User

nongreasy, fast-absorbing, non-irritating sunscreen with a matte finish that makes your skin look better than naked without appearsing made-up

- Paula's Choice User


blends well

i really like this sunscreen, it does give you a very nice finish and i have no problem with the tint, it blends into my (fair) skin and then seems to almost disappear

- Paula's Choice User

it blends easily, leaving a matte finish for hours

- Paula's Choice User



what i love about this product is its mattifying properties

- Paula's Choice User

it is mattifying and calms my rosacea the most, feels the best, controls oil in my t zone and feel like it creates a good base if i want to put makeup over it

- Paula's Choice User

staying power


it stays on a very long time

- Paula's Choice User

it has an amazing ability to make my concealer /blush etc last all day - it is worth buying just as a primer

- Paula's Choice User

color accuracy

doesn't oxidize

this tinted cream goes on sheer, with a matte finish and can be worn without makeup on top (and doesnt change colors through the day)

- Paula's Choice User

i don't wear makeup at all, so i really really appreciate how this evens out my skin tone and just makes me look really good :) this did not oxidize at all for me throughout the day - by 6pm my face still looked as good as it did at 9am

- Paula's Choice User



i also adore the silky smooth texture that dries to a soft matte finish - perfect alone for casual wear or as a foundation primer

- Paula's Choice User

the real test is how i look at the end of the day, and with this product my skin still looks smooth and even

- Paula's Choice User


redness relief

the tint works so well with my cool skin tone and adds a pinkish hint to it, making my face look like i've applied blush while at the same covers up all the redness on my cheeks

- Paula's Choice User

i use it daily, and the light and silky formula blends easily on my skin, and is the only spf containing product i have ever used that does not cause me to break out with a rash

- Paula's Choice User



in the summer, this light-weight moisturizer was great to keep my oily skin balanced and matte

- Beauty User

this lightweight, matte finish formula is the best spf product i have ever used for my oily, acne-prone skin

- Paula's Choice User



reasons: provides exceptional uva/b mineral/physical sun protection; does not break me out; hydrates my skin without leaving it greasy or necessitating a separate moisturiser; unlike every other mineral sunscreen i have ever used it creates and maintains a soft matte finish; appropriate packaging

- Paula's Choice User

it's moisturizes just enough and seriously keeps me from getting oily all day

- Paula's Choice User

water resistance

water resistant

i love that it's slightly water-resistant, so it stays put throughout the day, yet it's also easy to wash off (unlike some other products i've tried, which coat my skin like a plastic film)

- Paula's Choice User

it says it is not waterproof -although in my experience it is very water resistant (more so than my labeled water resistant ones ) so in addition to daily use this is my go to beach/sports sunscreen

- Paula's Choice User


non brightening

the tint was horribly ineffective, making my dark skin look ashy

- Paula's Choice User

it didn't break me out or anything, but it left my skin looking very ashy due to the tint

- Paula's Choice User



resist super-light absorbs right into the skin and leaves a semi-matte (satin) finish

- Paula's Choice User

this product leaves me with a demi-matte face, and i think it is heaven

- Paula's Choice User
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Paula's Choice userOctober 6, 2016

Wanted to love, but product fell way short

I have very normal skin that can move into combination skin sometimes due to hormones and/or weather. This is by far, my least favorite PC product I have purchased and my least favorite mineral based sunscreen I have purchased.The mattifying agents are very strong which is good for very oily skin as my skin will stay matte looking for 12+ hours a day under makeup. That being said, the same mattifying agents make this product very hard to blend into the skin as it dries very quickly. I have extremely fair skin and this product dries blotchy and very orange tinted on my skin. I have used my fingers, beauty blender, brushes to apply and all produce the same effect. In order to use this under foundation, I have to wear a full coverage foundation to counteract the orange tint. This product also has caused me to breakout and makes my skin dry. This product also isn't could if you use any primer/foundation that has oil in it as the silicones seem to react against each other causing the resist sunscreen to peel up and create and unsightly mess. I keep trying to find ways to use it that will work for me, but it's more of a hassle than it's worth. I will not buy again and stick to other mineral sunscreen formulations. « less

- Paula's Choice
Paula's Choice userAugust 27, 2016


I'm fairly new to Paula's Choice; it has been a struggle to find the right products. Luckily, the customer service department has been awesome in helping me find the right products. So for all those newbies, take full advantage of customer service and don't be afraid to try samples!How I use: (PRN/Bi-weekly)- I use this on the days after using a RX vitamin A cream.- When I am struggling with specific issues like stubborn blackheads or on the never-ending journey of fading post blemish red marks.- Very hot and humid days.Things that are great: (Very matte texture/non-irritating)- It's very gentle and very soothing for "retinoid burn".- It definitely feels like it floats on top of skin and doesn't clog my pores.- This is exceptional at fading my post blemish red marks. In fact, I get "nighttime" repair results from it.- It "stays put". Living in Louisiana, I use this on very hot and humid days. I don't feel like it melts or sweats off.- No smell whatsoever.Things that aren't great: (very little)- The texture might feel thick to some. I don't use this daily but rather PRN (as needed basis). It is very light compared to conventional sunscreens. However, compared to some of PC's other sunscreens, it feels heavier/thicker.- It isn't moisturizing. If you have combination skin with dry areas or like a moisturizing texture, I would recommend trying a sample first. I use the sunscreen from the clear line when I need a hint of moisture. It also has good oil control but feels less drying.Hope this helps y'all! Also, my compliments to the PC customer service team for all the help. You have EARNED a loyal customer! « less

- Paula's Choice
Paula's Choice userSeptember 19, 2015

My Holy Grail Everything!

I could cry because this product has changed how I feel about my skin and this review is long overdue as I've been using this on and off for 2 years. Let me start by saying, I have reddish/pinkish undertones and combo skin with large pores on my cheeks with very old stubborn blackheads extending out onto them from my nose (which my Resist BHA 2% is helping to diminish, a bit... still a major battle though). I don't get as oily as I used to and occasionally have some minor dry areas.Now down to this amazing formula. This is my 5-in-1, my everything from daytime Moisturizer, SPF, Primer, Foundation and Concealer (I don't have any major blemishes/pimples, just blackheads). I have an long/oval shaped face (so not small). I shake the bottle well each time before use and dispense about a dime size amount on my finger tips. I use my other fingers to dab and swipe a bit across my forehead, down my nose, dash across each cheek and finally my chin. From there, using my hands, I gently blend all over until the liquid formula is evenly covering my entire face. I do notice some very slight streaks during this time (usually on my nose/tip of nose/upper lip and chin area) so to fix I always smooth them by swiping straight down, which is usually best anywhere on the face if you have peach fuzz ;). Once applied and blended, since it is an SPF and it is tinted, it will leave a pink/whitish/bright cast to your skin, THIS IS TEMPORARY! And by temporary I mean like 3-5 minutes depending on how long it takes to fully absorb into the skin. Once that takes place, I am left with beautiful even toned skin, my large blackhead filled pores are completely blurred and I will then use my NYX translucent powder lightly to set (to diminish any slight tacky feeling) and to prep for applying any bronzer/blush/highlight from my Blush It On Contour Palette (♥♥♥ btw!). If for some reason I need a bit more "coverage" in terms of foundation or to lighten certain areas, I'll use a sponge (prior to my NYX powder) to dab on the Sheer Matte Tint in a lighter shade than my skin, blend and then do setting powder etc.Ultimately, the actual product itself has no flaws in my opinion. The only issue that may arise is for those with solid yellow undertones, perhaps? But if you have red, pink or even neutral undertones there should be no problem... again, just my opinion. Please understand though, once this absorbs, it does NOT look or leave a pink/peach color to your skin, your skin just looks, natural!Bottom line, this product is something I will NEVER be without. It is so versatile, literally covers so many issues for me, makes me feel flawless, protects my skin and allows me to be free from wearing any heavy cake-y foundations that I absolutely do not like. Many many MANY thanks go out to you Paula & your team for creating my ultimate Holy Grail product!!! « less

- Paula's Choice
Paula's Choice userJune 21, 2016

New favorite daytime moisturizer

I've probably tried every daytime moisturizer by PC that's formulated for Normal-Oily-Combination skin, and I have a new favorite (especially for summer).Over the past year I've been more aware of my skin's sensitivity to certain combinations of chemical sunscreens, so I've been looking for a mineral-based sunscreen closer in texture to my existing PC warm-weather favorite, Daytime Protect SPF 30. This definitely does the trick.- The tint scared me off of trying it at first, but it's now obvious that it doesn't really do anything more cosmetically than to offset the huge white cast that the formula would otherwise have. I can see it being problematic for either extreme of the skin tone spectrum, though.- As others have commented, this product is highly mattifying. People with dry areas would probably do well to layer in additional moisture as needed, but it's fantastic for oil control.- Unlike with many tinted moisturizers, BB creams, CC creams, etc., blending this product isn't a chore even for people like me who don't use makeup. I don't need to worry about making a line around my chin or at my scalp, and I don't end up with brown kleenex if I need to blot my face or, god forbid, blow my nose at some point during the day.- I use my Calm SPF 30 moisturizer if I'm staying in or if I'm going somewhere dry and/or cold, but this is my new go-to for the work day. « less

- Paula's Choice
Paula's Choice userSeptember 29, 2015


All of my adult life I have looked for an SPF product that I could use around my eyes. I found one thru a classic brochure-type cosmetic company. At 25 dollars and up, it was an expensive solution for very little product. Even then, I would experience occasional product migration and red, tearing eyes.After getting tired of this products unreliability, I began an online search. I ended up at department store skin care counters, still finding it so hard to justify the expense. More research indicated that I needed a non-chemical sunscreen, which I couldn't find in a cosmetically elegant, non-migrating formulation.Then I found Paula's Choice.I ordered this product, so very doubtful that I could use it around my eyes. After 20 years, and recent internet scouring, I had lost hope of finding SPF for my eyes.Honestly, I don't understand why this product is not gracing EVERY beauty editors list, every magazines BEST OF, every dermatologists recommendation. Not only can I use it around my eyes... it *primes* my eyes for concealer! I can immediately apply my cream or serum foundation after this product, then lightly "set" with a fine silicone based powder...and the settling in fine lines is minimal and the concealer lasts longer than I do! No migration of mascara or eyeliner even when using this *just* this moisturizer alone!The best part is that I can use this all over my face, as well. A bit goes a long way, I reorder 2-3 times a year. Granted, I used a less expensive SPF moisturizer from PC on my neck and face.This acts fabulously as a make up primer...when I do not use this...my skin is oily (make up or not!) by lunch. However, as a combo-skin type I never look dry. One caveat, if you normally have some flaky combo skin issues, this product may not be emollient enough. I counter this by proper exfoliation and nighttime moisturizer.This is "tinted" but just enough to conceal the inevitable white-ish cast left by mineral sunscreen. I have darker-medium "olive" skin, while my daughters have a range of light/neutral/medium/neutral skin and we all use this with no skin color alteration. It does "tamp down" my sensitive, reddened cheeks, however.The only possible cons for this product is that even with the almost powder like finish, the consistency is very fluidic and light. This is good for my skin; but it is almost as if product texture wasn't taken into consideration with the packaging. Every bottle I have owned dispenses too much if not carefully dispensed and every cap has gotten "gunky" with product. Small complaint, however.Personally, this is HG for me because on top of everything listed above... I cannot describe how freeing it felt to go outside into the humid mountain heat and garden without becoming painfully unable to see due to sunscreen. Sweat does not seem to be an issue with this product but one must be realistic and realize that it isn't a sport formula. I use PC waterproof sunscreen at the pool and beach...but I sincerely don't bother if I am just going out to garden.Finally, I recently "cheaped out" and purchased a drug store beautypoedia recommended SPF moisturizer....and am paying the price right now. Inflamed cheeks, cystic chin, gaping pores...when a PC product claims "fragrance free" and "sensitive skin safe"... it means it. If only other companies were so honest!Paula- you are a genius! An absolute genius! « less

- Paula's Choice


Overall safe Ingredients

Tween 80 聚山梨醇酯 80, 聚山梨醇酯-80hazard
Tocopheryl Acetate 醋酸鹽維他命E, 醋酸生育酚酯, 生育酚醋酸酯, ...hazard
Zinc Oxide 氧化鋅acne
Phenoxyethanol 苯氧乙醇, 苯氧基乙醇, 二苯氧基乙醇hazard
Hexylene Glycol 己二醇acneirritant
Cyclopentasiloxane 環戊矽氧烷, 聚矽氧化合物, 十甲基環五矽氧烷, ...hazard

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