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Combination Skin

Has anyone tried glossiers cloud paint? Is it worth the money?

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Haley Castro
Dry Skin

Ooh the cloud paints are super nice. They’re the only cream blushes I’ve tried but I really like them

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Anna Smith
Sensitive Skin

I really want a skin product that’ll tighten my skin and make it glow! I have sensitive skin so I’m looking for a product that isn’t too harsh! Any recommendations? #glow #sensitiveskin

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Sasha Berman
Sensitive Skin

The radial soft focus glow drops make your skin look dewy, soft, and of course, GLOW! This smells so amazing and is great for my sensitive skin! Say goodbye to highlighter and reduce the sparkles.

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Combination Skin

Does anyone know of any cruelty free dupes for the Mac paint pots? Preferably drugstore

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Jessica Helms
Dry Skin

I’ve never tried either but I’ve seen a ton of people comparing this to the Mac Paint Pots.