Quinoa Sensitive Super Gentle Face Wash by pacifica

Quinoa Sensitive Super Gentle Face Wash

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i have combination skin and is great for my skin type

- Ulta User

i have combination skin and this has really helped balance out the different areas of my face

- Pacificabeauty User


good for acne

i've been using this face wash for several months and i haven't had any acne

- Ulta User

smells great and doesn't make me break out

- Pacificabeauty User



this brand is fantastic, natural, vegan, the best cruelty free product i have ever used and i have super sensitive skin and nothing in this brand irritates it

- Ulta User

smells great, gentle, does not dry out skin

- Ulta User


redness relief

great face wash, actually helps with my redness

- Pacificabeauty User

i love that it is vegan, and has actually reduced the redness/rosacea on my face

- Ulta User



it didn't really burn my skin or anything, but after using it my skin was so dry

- Ulta User

i quit using the product but 3 days later i'm stilling having swollen eyes and raw dry skin

- Ulta User
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ulta.com userApril 20, 2016

I will buy this product over & over again

I adore this face wash. My whole life has been a listless juggle of different face washes ranging from infomercial to high end products, funny how I've finally found the perfect one at the affordable price of $10 at my local Ulta. First of all, this smells like Fruity Pebbles, which is amazing. I have tried the Kale Detox which works just as well, but this one is more suited to my needs, it reduces the redness in my face, smooths texture, softens, takes off ALL my makeup and improves the quality of my skin overall. The great thing is that the ingredients are quite simple and this isn't made with anything you can't pronounce. I ALSO, used to struggle with cystic acne, and as surprisingly gentle as this is, it is SO effective at keeping my breakouts and pimples at bay. It's my little tube of cereal smelling skin warrior face wash. Less

ulta.com userJanuary 18, 2017

Even my 11 year old noticed a difference!

The best part of this purchase was the sensitive portion of it. I bought it for my 11 year old who is transforming with the magic of puberty and not acknowledging her swelling blackheads or zit leading the way of her face. Even before puberty, her skin has always been very sensitive and would mark up easy or break out in dry skin patches or hives. NOW LET ME TELL YOU, this product, completely scrubbed away those blackheads and transformed her skin afterwards. 

ulta.com userNovember 17, 2016

dried of my skin

I have dry skin and as far as I know, not sensitive skin. However, I like to use sensitive products because I feel like they are better on the skin. At first I love this wash. It foams up a lot (which I was always told was bad for the skin) which made my skin feel very clean. I had been using a Burt's bees face wash that didn't foam at all and I felt like it wasn't cleaning my skin enough. Now that I've been using this and the coconut water micellar water for a week, my fave is so fired up and irritated. I'm so upset cause my skin hasn't been this dry in a long time. It irritates my eyes and has dried up all around my mouth. I also find if you get it on your lips while washing, your lips will not be happy. I wish this would have worked. Might be great for oily skin since it does seem to remove a lot from the skin, just too much for me. « less

ulta.com userAugust 8, 2016

Great face wash.

My skin is so fickle. Most days I have combination skin, but sometimes I have dry patches and other times my skin looks like it's slicked in oil. On top of that, it's incredibly sensitive and I do get blackheads and mild acne. This face wash is very gentle and cleans my face well. It doesn't remove mascara well, but I use micellar water, so it's not a big deal. So far, my skin has improved and I'll continue to use it.

ulta.com userApril 17, 2017

Perfect Facewash! Clear Skin Finally!

I have sensitive skin that is also acne prone, and after years of trying various acne cleansers with little results and constant redness/sensitivity, I decided to go for something gentle and natural like this instead. Even though it's not an acne fighting face wash, my skin is clear for the first time ever! Not only is my acne gone but all my redness and uneven skin tone is better. I used this once a day at night for about a month, along with their Probiotic Rehab cream and I couldn't be happier with how my skin looks now. I can leave the house and even be photographed without foundation on and feel/look great. 10/10 recommend! I have very sensitive skin prone to dryness and I highly disagree with the reviews that say this wash dries out your face. I recommend using less than you think you need when washing your face because a little bit goes a long way with the foaming formula! « less


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