Future Youth Crystal Ball Serum by pacifica

Future Youth Crystal Ball Serum

Future Youth Crystal Ball Serum
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ulta userApril 04, 2019

Hard to Get Product Out

I really love the Pacifica crystal line, so when I saw this I thought it would be great to add to my daily skin care routine for under eyes and other areas that are prone to wrinkles. While it's definitely cute and a nice travel-friendly size, it's pretty hard to tell if product is actually coming out. Also, sometimes the amethyst ball doesn't glide super smoothly. I like it enough to keep using it, but I probably wouldn't buy it again.

ulta userMarch 12, 2019

Different than expected, but decent.

I love all mystical themed things, so I admit that I solely purchased this product because it was called "Crystal Ball Serum". I didn't realize that it was a roll-on application when I bought it, so I was a little disappointed when I opened it and saw that. (It does show on the packaging that it's a roller, but I bought this online and it wasn't shown). While I think it's a nice touch having the roller be an amethyst crystal, I'm a little uneasy about the sanitation. I would rather apply a product to my face with my hands (which are always cleaned beforehand) or a cotton pad. Although I always use this serum after cleansing my face, I'm still worried that bacteria/dirt is going to get on the roller. The scent of this serum also took me by surprise. It wasn't what I expected at all. The smell doesn't fit with the name at all. It smells strongly like watermelon and reminds me of summer. It smells good, but it just doesn't fit with the name/packaging. One good thing about this serum is that it absorbs into the skin very quickly and doesn't leave any film or residue leftover. It seems to help hydrate and soften my skin. I use this after toner and before face oil/moisturizer.

ulta userApril 22, 2019

great serum!

I've been a Pacifica girl for years. i love natural products. my skin does not react well to most preservatives or irritating ingredients found in most affordable skincare. I had been using retinol to treat some fine lines and sun damage but it was really harsh. so I heard about bakuchiol as an alternative but was disappointed to find most of the available products were out of my price range. then this came along and I can say it has worked beautifully for me. I'm also seeing results more quickly than I ever did with retinol. another great product Pacifica! thanks!

ulta userMay 02, 2019

Just what I needed!

I am not able to use moisturizer or creams on my combo skin. Always looking for serums and when I stumbled on this one I fell in love with the amethyst roller ball idea. I've used it for a week now and it's perfect. Stocking up at Ulta so I don't have to find another any time soon. It absorbs quickly and the rollerball feels great on the skin. My face feels so soft and energized. I'm not really concerned about dirt getting in as I use it directly after washing my face with crystal beam face scrub.

ulta userApril 04, 2019

Leaves my skin glowing

I love how it goes into the skin quickly and doesn't leave my skin feeling oily


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