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Clean Energy Gentle Cleansing Oil by origins

Clean Energy Gentle Cleansing Oil

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i love the soft, smooth look of my skin

- Origins User

this product keeps my skin young and smooth i am considered a "senior" but you would not believe it by my smooth skin

- Origins User


good quality

this oil cleanser removes eye makeup effortless, like a dream,i dont need to use much to clean my face just a couple of drops,the container is a little messy when trying to get some product, i had to put some product in a pump bottle and now works better; the smell is subtle and delicate, it leaves my skin soft, it is nice to wash my face in the morning but when i use it to remve my makeup i still apply a toner after thi to clean any traces of makeup left, i feel my skin more soft and hydrated, the product has a nice quality but i wish they wouldnt increased the price

- Origins User

i absolutely love this cleansing oil, it's perfect and a high quality, it even removes waterproof mascara with ease :)

- Feelunique User



this is the first cleanser that completely cleans my skin, removing all traces of makeup, and leaves my skin soft, hydrated and not oily

- Origins User

origin is gentle,rinses clean and doesn't leave a film or dries my skin

- Origins User



i wash my face with water and basically throw this on, rub it gently in and wash it off and my face is clean

- Origins User

it's absolutely the best, gentle cleanser i've ever used

- Nordstrom User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

highly recommend from a long-term sufferer of blackheads and imperfections

- Feelunique User

it is gentle, effective and won't clog pores

- Beauty User


good for acne

now, everytime i use all three products together, my face is clean yet very very soft and smooth and moisturized and i don't know what breakouts are anymore

- Origins User

my break-outs have never been more under control and the fact that it removes all my make-up, cleanses and balances my skin is perfect for my busy lifestyle

- Origins User


redness relief

origins gave me a sample of this and their have a nice day moisturizer and after just two uses, i can tell it has calmed down the redness of scars as well as controlled the peeling of my skin

- Origins User

does not leave my skin overly red or taut

- Origins User



my skin is plump and bright from the natural ingredients and one of my grateful things is that's it natural and cruelty free

- John Lewis User

i was expecting something to go wrong, instead my skin was plumped, bright and very smooth

- Origins User

uneven skintone

evens out skin

this with conbination of glycolic pads and weekly mask has improved dark spots and faded away

- Origins User

without sorry i can tell to the world now this product is so wonderful it works on even oily skin

- Origins User



i believe that a good massage to the facial muscles is an essential key to release the tension that causes fine lines to appear as well as getting a better and deeper sleep through the night

- Origins User

i even feel like some of the wrinkles around my eyes have diminished

- Origins User
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nordstrom userJanuary 04, 2011

Best cleanser and makeup remover in one!

I've used this product for 6months and I am extremely pleased! My skin is oily and acne prone in the summer and becomes dry and flaky in the winter. I've heard that beauty experts recommend oil-based cleansers for paradoxically, people with oily/combo. This product takes off all of my makeup (even eye makeup) and thoroughly cleanses without irritating my eyes and unlike other cream-based cleanser, it gently rinses off and does not leave a greasy film! The ingredients are many plant based oils. The directions are to massage and then to wipe the product off; I prefer to massage with a muslin cloth and then rinse it off with water. The product leaves a nice protective moisture, but since I overproduce oil in hot weather, I use a mild cleanser in the summer to remove all residue. My pores have never looked better and my face hardly breaks out. You'll love it too!

- nordstrom
nordstrom userApril 30, 2015

Simply the best.

I have combination skin, and am especially prone to blackheads in the t-zone, as well as random breakouts. I have been a loyal customer of Origins for over 10 years and have used just about every face wash they have come up with (Checks & Balances, A Perfect World, Ginzing, Make A Difference...). While I have loved various aspects of those cleansers, I have never seen results as positive as from the Clean Energy cleansing oil. Seriously, this cleanser doesn't feel harsh and doesn't leave me feeling the uncomfortable tightening/drying sensation that washes like Checks & Balances can produce. This cleanser is really amazing - it feels gentle yet powerful on the skin, and I have NEVER experienced results that leave my face feeling more lusciously soft and beautifully even, while nearly eradicating black heads on my nose. Additionally, I have not experienced one breakout since starting to use this product (three weeks ago), and it has even started to fade old scars from previous acne. This is AMAZING stuff and I totally recommend it to anyone and everyone!!!

- nordstrom
Origins userApril 23, 2011

What a wonderful face cleanser and it is OIL

What attracted me first is it's cristal clear lemonish appearence, brought me to a scene of light sour, clam, fresh and natural world. But it is a jar of oil ! with oily skin like me, I doubt if I should buy for myself. Luckily I could not resist its charm and tried it. Without sorry I can tell to the world now this product is so wonderful it works on even oily skin. I usually wear no make up so it is not a make up remover for me. I use it in the morning and its scent wakes me up, it smells refleshing and I love. My face feels bright, smooth and less break out after useing it. To be honour, I do not use it for the end of the day for I leave myself with rooms to try some other Origins cleanser. Origins has a lot of good cleanser and don't let just one monopolize you.

- Origins
nordstrom userMarch 04, 2018

Disappointed - major breakout

I wanted to love this so badly because of my dry skin, but even after using makeup wipes to clean off my makeup first, this product just didn't feel like it was cleansing my face and gave me a major breakout. Most things don't irritate my skin like this did, not even the Spot acne treatment helped :( deep pimples all over my face, after a week of use I gained 6 new pimples. I'm taking this back to my Origins store and buying more Checks and Balances!

- nordstrom
Origins userJanuary 26, 2012

Perfect for Acne-Prone skin

I've always had acne and right before my 40th birthday (yes 40) my face started breaking out worse than it had in years. I finally broke down and went to a dermatologist who prescribed a number of medications that left my face dry, irritated, and not much better. I read about oil cleansers and loved the ingredients in Origins.I tried it (and bought the pump as recommended) and saw immediate results! My skin cleared up (with only a few short-lived blemishes now and again....MUCH better than before) and I rarely use moisturizer any more. I feel like my skin looks fresh and younger. I even feel like some of the wrinkles around my eyes have diminished.It took me a while to get used to my skin NOT being squeaky clean from over-drying cleansers. I have definitely learned that oil is not bad!!!! This cleanser has really seemed to bring back the natural oil level in my skin. « less

- Origins


Overall safe Ingredients

Tocopheryl Acetatehazard

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