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Morgan Ella
oilyOily Skin

Okay, so I need help with eyebrows, I really don’t like making them bold bold, or even bold, I kinda like to fill them in and shape it how my eyebrow is, but I need help with some good eyebrow products please 😩

Fernanda Vvv.
combinationCombination Skin
Use this it’s the best 😩. they also have it in pen @Dipbrow Pomade

Dipbrow Pomade

Anastasia Beverly Hills
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combinationCombination Skin

okay so I need help finding concealer that is lightweight and doesn’t enhance like the skin flakes around my nose. cause like I am fed up with concealers that make the dry spots around my nose look worse

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Lily Wheeler
combinationCombination Skin

Can someone please please please recommend a clear gloss? I'm okay with any texture but I just want a really high shine😅(preferably on the cheaper end)

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