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#THISISEVERYTHING Lip Oil by NYX Professional Makeup
NYX Professional Makeup


hydrates lips(223)
not sticky(165)
pigmentation: sheer
Variation: Sheer
SheerSheer BerrySheer BlushSheer LavenderSheer Sky Blue

Top Reviews

chapped lips

hydrates lips

no more chapped and bleeding lips

- Ulta User

i have extremely dry cracked lips no matter what season and this oil/gloss has helped my lips feel amazing and hydrated, i don’t know how i waited so long to try this

- Nyxcosmetics User


not sticky

it smells soooooo good, not overpowering, but like fresh and yummy

- Ulta User

it's not sticky and gives your most natural fullest lips

- Ulta User



it applies like a silky, lightweight gloss and fades to a comfortable oil like texture

- Ulta User

very moisturizing and not sticky or heavy

- Nyxcosmetics User

staying power


the nyx lip oil isn’t at all oily and is actually light and moisturizing stays put all day for great shine

- Walgreens User

stays on a long time

- Ulta User



i got the sheer blush shade and it is a perfect colour to just enhance the natural lip colour and is super hydrating

- Beautyboutique User

i would say the sheer blush is definitely a very subtle soft pink tint that does not make your lips look pale but just gives them a little blush hue to it

- Ulta User
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ulta.com userFebruary 27, 2019

Better than any lip balm I have used

I bought this lip oil after hearing about it online somewhere (I forgot where exactly). I bought it in store and the only color available was the "Sheer" one, which is just clear. The texture is like a lighter weight NYX Butter Glosses, but the flavor is slightly fruity, it's very VERY light. I wouldn't even call it a "flavor", it's more of a light scent, but there is no sweetness or anything. Not overpowering at all, imo.I love using this in place of a traditional lip balm, because to be frank, they literally do nothing for my chronically flaking, peeling, bleeding lips. The lip oil feels SOOO soothing going on and is very smooth, even when my lips are at their worst. It makes my "crusty" (lmao) lips feel super smooth. I love applying it under lipsticks or even more pigmented lipglosses. It works great with them.The lip oil is so moisturizing and hydrating that it makes your lips look more "full" since they are no longer dehydrated like a raisin. It also has a very pretty shine to it, but it's not SUPER glossy, just a nice sheen. It also last a lost while, as it doesn't all sink in to your lips and you have to keep reapplying it. It stays on and even when it does wear off there is still a nice film/barrier of it left on your lips that keeps them smooth.I would 100% buy it again and plan to buy a couple at a time so I never run out! It's that good, totally my holy grail lip oil to replace lip balms. It seems to help heal my lips nicely. Less

- ulta.comMore
beautyboutique.ca userMarch 17, 2019

A must have!

I received this product for free to test out in the shade sheer berry. The product smells really nice. I really liked the texture, goes on very smooth but does not feel sticky. The colour is also nice, not overly pigmented but gives a nice pop of colour. This last longer than I expected as well, and it fades down into a slight tint without leaving any harsh lines. Lastly, this product is really moisturizing for my lips, it’s a must have during a Canadian winter. I will definitely be purchasing this product again, but probably in the same shade because I love this so much! 

- beautyboutique.caMore
walmart.com userAugust 23, 2019

Overpriced Chapstick

Nothing but overpriced Chapstick, but Chapstick lasts much longer and works great! The lip oil is smooth and shiny, but it is not long-lasting. You have to reapply it several times a day. I'll stick to lipstick and Chapstick like I've always done. Get the color I want and it makes my lips stay hydrated. 

- walmart.comMore
beautyboutique.ca userMarch 12, 2019


I received this product free for review from TopBox Circle. I chose the shade Sheer Berry. I had tried this lip oil before in the translucent shade, and loved how it made my lips feel moisturized but not sticky. I was really excited to try the version with a slight tint to it. The Sheer Berry shade is amazing, adds such a subtle, yet noticeable pop of colour to any look, and is perfect for every day. No need for a lip liner, this oil feels moisturizing and doesn't settle into the fine lines of the lips; It disappears into a pleasant lip tint once the oil dries down eventually. What I love most about this oil is how long-lasting it is (minus when eating of course). It stays glossy for a long time before eventually drying down. I will for sure be picking up the other shades! 

- beautyboutique.caMore
beautyboutique.ca userMarch 15, 2019

Really Great Lip Oil! Must Have

I received this #freeproduct to review for my honest opinion through #trywithtopbox. I have never used a lip oil before, and I was pleasantly surprised with this one. I received the colour "Sheer Berry" and I really liked the colour (a light red). I found the colour to blend nicely with the actual colour of my lips, and the red wasn't overpowering at all (which I was a little concerned about). The lip oil went on super smoothly, and definitely moisturized my chapped lips. It even had a bit of a cooling effect on my lips (not sure if its supposed to do that, but it felt great!). This product wasn't sticky on my lips, which I loved. I feel like this lip oil is definitly a better alternative to the traditional lip gloss which can sometimes feel heavy and sticky on the lips. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to try something other than a lip gloss. Less

- beautyboutique.caMore


Overall safe Ingredients

Cocos Nucifera Oilacneirritant
Cocos Nucifera Oilacneirritant

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