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Pro Palette Highlight & Contour by NYX Professional Makeup
NYX Professional Makeup

Pro Palette Highlight & Contour


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blends well

i absolutely love how this product applies and blends

- Ulta User

i was so surprised how well it blended the contour shades

- Ulta User



anastasia's settles in my crease and leaves an unnatural, unsmooth look to my skin

- Ulta User

this palette is perfect for contouring and highlighting plus i love that its so smooth on my sensitive skin

- Ulta User
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ulta userFebruary 28, 2019

Don't Listen To the Bad Reviews!!

I've never seen a product with such mixed reviews ranging from 1 star to 5 stars. This is a great pallete. I was so scared to buy it and then when I did I used with so much caution, experimenting at the end of the day when I had come home. The thing with this pallete that others are viewing as a con is that it is very pigmented. Many people are used to the anastasia contour pallete or kat von d or many others where you have to build up the color slowly whereas this it's just there. This is not a con if you use it to your advantage. You just can't use a heavy hand like with the other palletes and if your used to them and you need to adjust. Blend blend blend.. & when you think you're done blend some more! Keep it concentrated in the correct area don't go past the iris of your eye when looking forward & blend upwards not downwards. I'm fair and I use the third contour color (if your super pale the second will be really good for you idk why it looks weird in the thumbnail its more like a very light grayish brown color) & then sometimes that can look weird by itself so I always take bronzer (LOVE the warm contour shade in this) and apply wih a diffused brush (I use the real techniques blush brush) to diffuse out the contour while adding bronzer on top. As for the highlighting shades, the matte ones I don't use because I don't have a brush for it & don't feel a need to highlight my entire face as I do so with cream products aka concealer and I don't need extra. The white shimmer shade Ice Queen is beautiful and really pops out while the other all the way to the right is a champagne color thats more natural. Overall, this is an amazing pallete & I would totally reccomend it. The high end palletes aren't even all that good if you really investigate deeply. I don't know if I'd reccomend for beginners though, it does say it's a PRO pallete so I think you need to know what your doing to prevent a muddy contour. The elf one is great for beginners though:))

- ulta
ulta userFebruary 28, 2019


Super disappointed. This palette is just not good. Not good at all. When I heard NYX was coming out with a contour / highlight palette, I was super excited and rushed out to buy it right away the day it was released. Once I got home, and tested it out, I had major buyers remorse. This is just not good ladies. The contour shades are pigmented, but do not blend well at all...no matter how much I worked with it... it comes off muddy and patchy on the skin. The highlight shades are just OK. Nothing special. Overall, way overpriced considering the quality. Do not purchase. Save your money. You are better off going for a more high-end kit. I will be returning this.

- ulta
ulta userFebruary 28, 2019

Better Than High-End!

This is the best contour palette I've ever used. The the tan contour colors go on smoothly, are richly pigmented but not too harsh looking and are buildable and blendable. I really appreciate and love the fact that the colors give my medium skin tone a golden tan glow-NOT an orange glow. This product stays in place all day: it lasts through my 10 hour work shift and beyond-honestly! I have other more expensive contour palettes (e.g. Anastasia Beverly Hills) that are now collecting dust bc this NYX palette has all the goods, I simply don't need anything other than what's in this palette. The highlighters are fantastic too! The banana and peachy shades can be used to brighten the under eye area and the brighter white shade again is well-pigmented and adds a dewy touch to cheekbones. The pans are great sizes with a lot of product and are replaceable. There is some fallout on the kit itself but I expect that from powder formulas and the beauty payoff is worth it. I am so happy I found this product! I now have a lot of respect for the NYX brand for making something so high quality, better than the high-end brands and for such a reasonable price. My only regret is that I didn't buy this palette before the others.

- ulta
walgreens userJuly 17, 2016

Great product!

although this pallete is super pigmented, and I have to take time blending it out, it blends out perfectly!! Also the undertones of the highlighting colors are amazing and goes so smooth on my skin!! The shade of the whole pallete is perfect for my skin tone I love it and never want to run out even tho I use it everyday! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

- walgreens
Cult Beauty userNovember 5, 2018

Love it

It's pigmented, blends smoothly, texture is very soft. I use the warmest dark tone as bronzer (I have warm undertone of my skin), others - for contouring. Highlighters are lovely, with soft natural finish. I'm happy. 

- Cult Beauty


Overall safe Ingredients

Magnesium stearateacne

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I’m look for new drugstore contouring products (bronzer, highlight, blush, powder etc). Anything under at least 20 dollars?
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CombinationCombination Skin
I’ve gotten this on sale at ULTA before but I really like it. Very pigmented and you can mix colors to find a shade that works best for you!
Profile picture of Amari Metz
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I need an affordable contour color! My skin tone is very light with a neutral undertone. I don’t know what color would be best! Help please! 💋
Profile picture of Channy Monahan
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DryDry Skin
This is the cheaper option next to the ABH contour kit
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Can anyone recommend a good affordable contour product for really pale skin, please? I’ve been having a hard time finding something light enough and cool toned enough.
Profile picture of Channy Monahan
Channy Monahan
DryDry Skin
This is really good for pale skin
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I’ve had this one Nyx contour palette for for sure over a year and it hasn’t gone bad and blends well and everything. The highlight shades aren’t VERY good but I use the contour shades in EVERY makeup look I do. It may be a tad pricey but since I’ve had it for over a year and haven’t even hit pan it’s definitely worth it!
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What’s some great drugstore or like under $30.00 contour/bronzer pallets or products either cream or powder. Also what are some great brushes to blend cream contour?!
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CombinationCombination Skin
I strongly recommend this product for powder contour and highlight.
Profile picture of Isabella “Kalydos” W.
Isabella “Kalydos” W.
CombinationCombination Skin
My stage makeup project to look old how do you think I did? I've never really sone stage makeup before... 😅 Also accidentally dropped one of the pans in the pro palette while doing this aaa 😩