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Prismatic Eyeshadow by NYX Professional Makeup
NYX Professional Makeup

Prismatic Eyeshadow

staying power(141)
pigmentation: sheer
Variation: Bedroom Eyes

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it was just as pretty in person and i love how it has a holo look to it, it was super pigmented and the texture was silky almost creamy and easy to blend

- Ulta User

it was just as pretty in person and i love how it has a holo look to it, it was super pigmented and the texture was silky almost creamy and easy to blend

- Ulta User


blends well

prismatic eyeshadows are amazingg, their very pigmented and blend beautifully and you can build them really well for increased depth and dimension

- Walgreens User

i got this eyeshadow for my birthday and it is so beautiful it blends so easily and it is so pigmented

- Walgreens User

staying power


it is such a gorgeous color, super pigmented and lasted me all day

- Ulta User

i would recommend this product to anyone who's looking for a great eyeshadow that applies smoothly and stays on well

- Ulta User


does not have fallout

they go on so beautifully without fallout and lasted all day on my eyes

- Ulta User

no fallout, no smudging

- Ulta User


not creasing

nyx #cutcrease #glitterliner

- Nyxcosmetics User

although you need to build it up to get full color, its great and doesnt crease

- Ulta User



it sheers out real nice and just leaves sparkle

- Nyxcosmetics User

it looks very glittery in the pan but you apply to a very sheer touch

- Ulta User
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ulta userMarch 25, 2019

Crumbled on Contact

I was very excited to purchase Frostbite and Tin as I had swatched the colors in store and needed some time to think about them. I bought them and in the time it took for me to pay for them and get them home (ten minutes, tops), Tin had completely shattered and Frostbite was about to fall out of the pot. Also, to my knowledge, I had not smacked them against anything or done anything that would have caused that kind of damage. The texture is quite powdery, so I would say a good primer and a sticky one at that would be needed. The quality of the eyeshadow is disappointing as the colors are quite nice and a metallic silver at this pricepoint is a rare and wonderful thing. Once the shadows are on my eyelids, they are quite beautiful and have some bluish undertones. I layered Frostbite over a matte gray and left Tin to speak for itself. I'm quite pleased with the payout and how it is once it gets out of the container. Frostbite reads quite a bit like Lumi, a loose pigment from Sugarpill Cosmetics, which is that it's a lighter sheer color that would make a lovely transformational color. Tin actually does quite a nice job as a metallic considering the price. I was hoping to enjoy it much more than I do, considering how quickly it disintegrated. I hope that the quality of my compacts are not indicative of the overall quality of the prismatic eyeshadows as there are a few other colors I would like to try and the concept is definitely unique for a less expensive cosmetic line.

- ulta
ulta.com userApril 18, 2018

Holy moly that pigment

I purchased constellation and venetian and man oh man are they bold. The pigment pay out of these is pretty unreal, but boy do they have fall out something terrible. I am NOT AT ALL a fan of NYX eyeshadows because they're chalky and have NO pigmentation (maybe they've fixed that, but I don't care to risk it), but these babies are fairly blendable,(maybe not as easy as other pigments, but take your time and work with it and they will look nice) smooth, and long lasting. I always apply a lid primer so I'm not so sure if they crease, but play it safe and use some type of primer just in case.I need to learn how to work with these a little more, but from a beginners perspective these are right in my price range.I am in no way shape or form a makeup artist and am pretty new to branching out of my comfort zone of one color brown smokey eyes. Less

- ulta.com
ulta userMarch 25, 2019

Fantastic Shimmer and Color

I bought these in seven of the shades (the other eight were not in stock at the time). I am completely in love with these. The pigmentation and shimmer with these is intense and beautiful. Most are opaque, and have complex colors with duochrome properties. Mermaid and Frostbite are sheer but intense, with mega-duochrome shift. They are my favorites. Mermaid especially is beautiful sheer, over a white base, over a black base, and on top of glitter glue primer. Each look is different but stunning. Frostbite is a fantastic highlight shade for the browbone, inner corner, or even on the cheekbones. Jaded and Sm0ke & Mirrors (yes, the site censored "Sm0ke") are much darker than the picture on this website. They do have some fallout, so I recommend a primer.

- ulta
ulta.com userApril 11, 2017

Vegas, Baby! Simply gorgeous pigment

I ordered a few of NYX's pigments to try out and instantly fell in love with Vegas, Baby.It is absolutely gorgeous. So much so that I used this pigment for my wedding day makeup. It's really up to you how glam or dramatic you want your look to be with this pigment. But I felt so pretty on my wedding day, and my eyes sparkled beautifully. I have also used this pigment for a day look while I cosplayed at Disney. I've found that the best way to wear it is as an enhancer using a glitter eye glue or primer (NYX's is great, but I use Beauty Bakerie's eye base: Pancake).Dab the glue or base on eyelid, and lightly dip a brush into the pigment, then softly dab/pack it onto eyelid. Works like a charm. Lasts all day/night and stays put. There is a little fall-out when applying just because it's a pigment you're working with, but it's not a big deal. And really, this particular color could be used as all over body shimmer. Definitely recommend this pigment. It really is so very pretty. Less

- ulta.com
ulta.com userFebruary 13, 2015


These weren't in stock in my local Ulta so I took a chance and ordered 2 online to check them out. Being a make up junkie, I have a ton of shadows so finding unique colors is a challenge. My jaw hit the floor when I opened them up and swatched them. They are so buttery (almost creamy similar to Make Up Geeks foiled shadows!!) and metallic and the colors are so amazingly pretty and unique!! I loved them so much I went to my store hoping they got them in and they did!! I bought 5 more colors!! These are amazing and since you can use the coupon and many times they run the BOGO 50% off they are too good to pass up. You will not regret buying these. I will say that if you can get in store vs. ordering online go with in store. The formula is super soft and one arrived cracked but not yet shattered even though there was a ton of packing paper and air bubbles in the box. I was able to press it back down and it's fine but I don't think it would've taken much more to shatter it. They look amazing on their own and even more stunning over a black base. They blend like a dream, there's very little fall out, and last all day on me without a primer. Very happy with these!!! Less

- ulta.com


Overall safe Ingredients

CI 19140hazard
Magnesium stearateacne
Ethylhexyl Palmitateacneirritant
Ethylhexyl Palmitateacneirritant
Magnesium stearateacne
CI 19140hazard

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