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Lip Lingerie by NYX Professional Makeup
NYX Professional Makeup

Lip Lingerie

staying power(1338)
pigmentation: pigmented
Variation: After Hours

Top Reviews

staying power


i love this lipstick easy to apply and it last all day

- Ulta User

i love the color and love how it stays on long

- Ulta User


precise application

it's got a fine tip so it's easy to line and fill in your lips with precision

- Ulta User

this lipstick is very precise

- Ulta User



all in all, i really like this product but after two or three days of straight wear, unless you have really moisturized lips or you don't want your lips as dry as the sahara dessert, i'd recommend giving your lips a break and either wearing nothing, a lip balm (i love the chapstick hydrating ones made with coconut oil or the wax-free eos), or a lipstick (liquid or solid) with a creamier texture (but that does require reapplication which is the down side)

- Nyxcosmetics User

the texture is very creamy and has a wonderful finish

- Walgreens User



it makes for an smooth, even texture

- Walgreens User

i love the smooth silky texture, it applies so beautifully (even on my tiny lips) and gives a great color

- Walgreens User

chapped lips

hydrates lips

dries quickly, and doesn't chip or crack

- Ulta User

i love it, the color is matte and it's not super dry i love how it blends on my lips and i just fell in love

- Ulta User



beautiful colors and does not feel "heavy" on the lips

- Walgreens User

lip lingerie is lightweight, wears well even through food and beverage

- Ulta User



the first nude lip i've ever tried and i'm so pleased with it :) the pigment is great and it's comfortable to wear

- Ulta User

i was suprised how smooth and pigmented it was

- Ulta User
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nyxcosmetics.com userMarch 6, 2017


I was looking for a brownish-red-orange shade and picked up Seduction (LIPLI 17) and immediately fell in love. It's quickly become my favorite go-to shade and I highly recommend it for medium skin with yellow undertones. The Lingerie collection is amazing in itself - the pigmentation is fantastic, the lipstick is long wear and lasts much longer than the soft matte lip creams and on top of it all it does not dry your lips out (unlike the Kylie Lip Kits) which is a HUGE pro. I also use Jeffree Star matte lipsticks from time to time but feel that it is very heavy and easily becomes cake-y (especially when I try to reapply throughout the day) I feel like I'm running the liquid over flakey dryness making my lips look unruly and not well cared for whereas the Lingerie formula is lightweight and smooth. If you're debating on purchasing this product stop thinking and do it - it's definitely the most bang for your buck!Another recommended Lingerie shade for medium skin tone with yellow undertones would be Bedtime Flirt (a soft nude pink). « less

- nyxcosmetics.com
ulta userApril 01, 2019

Major bummer

It pains me to leave a bad review for these, because I love Nyx products and I was so excited for these to come out! After waiting for weeks, I bought all 12 when my local Ulta got them in. I tried out 3 of them (Honeymoon, Exotic, and Lace Detail), and was so disappointed with the formula. Its rather thin, goes on patchy, and dries a little too fast. The big problem here is that it does not give opaque coverage, and cannot be layered or built up without caking and becoming more patchy. With each color, I had to apply multiple coats, and ended up with the outer portion of my lips caked with too much, and the inner portion still showing patches of my natural lip color. I like the Liquid Suede formula MUCH better, and would recommend them over these, sadly.

- ulta
ulta userApril 01, 2019

Must Have

Creamy texture when applied but doesn't dry hard or crusty which is a plus in my book. Love this lipstick I can wear on the go. Love the colors they have, It's very pigmented and affordable. It's even kiss proof ;) I'm impressed how long lasting it is,I've been a fan of NYX for a long time I'm really glad they came out with this lingerie line of nudes.

- ulta
walgreens userJuly 22, 2016

Lovvvvve this !!!!!!

I bought all of the colors and every single one i love. Glides on so smooth and last all day for me is somewhat drying and thick but the consistency of it is to die for. Love how pigmented it is as well [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

- walgreens
ulta.com userFebruary 15, 2016

Pleasantly Surprised

As a daily makeup wearer and a nightlife personality, I had confined most NYX products to stage makeup use only. After being urged by a trusted friend, however, I gave this lipstick a try and I am pleasantly surprised by the quality. This lipstick has a wonderfully creamy texture and does not try out, crack, or flake like many other bargain-priced liquid lipsticks. It feels smooth and light on the lips once dry and stays there for hours. In this regard, I actually prefer it over my Jefree Star lipsticks, which do tend to be quite drying.I also appreciate that this lipstick can be worn over chapstick and lip primer and still dry to a matte finish, unlike bargain brands like Colour Pop.I have been very surprised by the color pay-off and longevity of this lipstick. As long as I give it a good minute or so to dry, it won't transfer on my coffee cups or smudge off on sandwich bread!The only down-side is that many of the colors are very, very similar, only differing in terms of udnertone. Teddy and Beauty Mark are two such examples of colors that are basically the same. I would have liked to see a more diverse color selection, especially considering that this brand is always kept to the side with drugstore brands and the products cannot be swatched - at least not at the Ulta near me.I welcome these new nudes into my life, but I'd very much like to see this formula translated into some more vibrant colors. At this price and this quality, I would definitely buy more colors.I always at least line my lips with a corresponding lip liner before applying, and I typically fill them in, as well. I find that Corset pairs marvelously with Stone by MAC and Embellishment works great with Sebastian by OCC.I see some people complaining about the applicator, but I actually like it. I prefer a still wand to a thick, flimsy wand. I find that this one is MUCH better suited to getting a clean line and doens't need a brush to get smooth edges. Yeah, it's narrow and you may need to dip back in the tube, but if that's really a deal breaker for you, then you probably shouldn't bother your tender sensibilities by taking the time to apply makeup anyway. Less

- ulta.com

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