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Glitter Primer by NYX Professional Makeup
NYX Professional Makeup

Glitter Primer


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staying power


i've tried every eye shadow primer from elf to too faced and many in between and this is the only primer that makes my eye shadow stay on and not crease

- Ulta User

great for long lasting glitter

- Ulta User



not greasy on the skin and dries instantly

- Walgreens User

i have the purple primer because i have dry skin so when i put on matte foundation my skin look really ashy and this product help me a lot to get my skin looking prefect i really like it

- Walgreens User
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mira userJune 15, 2020

I have naturally oily skin but I am really oily on my eyelids the most. This is one of the few primers that doesn’t crease from my oily lids lifting the product after a couple hours. It keeps my lids & eyeshadow looking like I just freshly applied it & NO creasing! It’s amazing

- mira
ulta userJanuary 14, 2019


I bought this primer because I was going to a concert and planned to have glitter makeup and wanted to make sure it would stay in place. The primer was really tacky while applying and had a sticky feel once dry. Because it was tacky/sticky it was also difficult to apply it in a smooth manner. I wouldn't recommend this product and will be returning.

- ulta
mira userFebruary 20, 2020


- mira
ulta userJanuary 14, 2019

The only eyeshadow primer I will buy!

I originally purchased this primer to use with a new glitter shadow palette, but I ended up using it on a daily basis, no matter what kind of eyeshadow I was applying over it. I mostly wear shimmer shadows, but the product will work with mattes as well. The primer stays on and keeps eyeshadow on all day-even high end eyeshadow, until I remove my makeup at night. The only issue I have ever had is with the tube itself. The tip the primer comes out of always eventually falls off, but being a drugstore brand, I really can't complain about that. I just store the tube in a ziploc bag and it is just fine. I will never waste money on another eyeshadow primer.

- ulta
ulta userJanuary 14, 2019


I hadn't been using a stick eyeshadow primer for years and never thought anything of it until one day I decided to try this out. Mind blown. I threw my old primer out after trying this - this is like perfection in a little tube. The consistency is slightly similar to a fast drying glue so you have to work fast. Then once you've applied any eyeshadow color, you can guarantee it's staying the day. Awesome product. Works with shadows without glitter as well!

- ulta


Overall safe Ingredients

Butylene Glycolacne
Tocopheryl Acetatehazard
Aminomethyl propanolhazard
Stearic Acidacne

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SensitiveSensitive Skin
I want to start doing makeup professionally. What are some good thinks to have in my makeup kit? Also let me know if you have any tips for me on this journey!! :)))
Profile picture of Donovan Cummings
Donovan Cummings
CombinationCombination Skin
So my eye has a deep crease with oily eyelids and it is resulting in the top half of my eyeshadow always wearing off prematurely and I wanted to know if anyone could recommend any products to use to help combat this issue/ any eyeshadow blending techniques are appreciated
Profile picture of Jackie Sandoval
Jackie Sandoval
CombinationCombination Skin
Hi! I love using glitter primers for my eyelids! I also have a bit of a hooded eye combined with oily eyelids and this NYX glitter primer is amazing !!! It makes my shadow more pigmented and it makes my makeup last all day. It’s also very affordable and all you need to use is a little dot so it is I’ll last forever #Beautyverse
Profile picture of Stephanie Armiger
Stephanie Armiger
MatureMature Skin
What’s the best eye primer for oily lids?
Profile picture of Maddie Mercier
Maddie Mercier
OilyOily Skin
I know it’s for glitter but I use it everywhere 😂
Profile picture of Stephanie Ma
Stephanie Ma
CombinationCombination Skin
Does anyone know some good methods to making an eyeshadow more pigmented? I find that when I use a brush to pick up certain colors, they’re very translucent. Thanks! ☺️
Profile picture of Alessandra Hinojosa
Alessandra Hinojosa
CombinationCombination Skin
Gotta use that eye primer / concealer!!!! Depending on the primer/concealer definitely impacts the pigmentation. I know that the P. Louise @Eye Base is really good, I’m just using @Urban Decay because this was before P. Louise came out. BUT the Urban Decay @Eyeshadow Primer Potion has YET to fail me and you don’t need much! If you’re trying to improve pigmentation of glitters, Metallics, etc, you can either go in with the primer or concealer (that some people use to prime their eyes), or I just go in with NYX’s @Glitter Primer and it works amazing too because I’m a fan of cutting creases 😅 Also depending on the eyeshadow, like the @Morphe x James Charles Artistry Palette , you have to pack on the color before you begin to blend. Also, sometimes wetting the brush (like spritzing it with setting spray, not drenching it) works, but I usually never do this even though I know a lot of people who do. Hope I helped!
Profile picture of Karina Fernandes Cacao
Karina Fernandes Cacao
CombinationCombination Skin
How do you apply foundation/concealer to your nose without it creasing on the sides? I understand creasing throughout the day because I have an extremely oily nose, but I always find my makeup creasing on the sides of my nose as soon as 15 minutes after my makeup application! Please help and give me tips!!
Profile picture of Adriana Herrera-Saujani
Adriana Herrera-Saujani
OilyOily Skin
Use this as a primer in the areas that crease! I use it around my nose and smile lines. Works really well and is cheap.
Profile picture of Lakyn Stevenson
Lakyn Stevenson
CombinationCombination Skin
our theme for our football theme last Friday was “space jam”.i focused more on the space than the jam since my jersey didnt come in time. I used the JH Palette and messed with shades: Jaba, Diva and Pool Party ( i think i threw twerk on the lower lash line and blended it with another blue shadow from a different palette). I put a few dots of glitter glue on my cheek bones and poured some glitter on a plate and applied my glitter with an old brush which is now known as my glitter brush lol. #highschool #alien #area51 #spacejam #JHPalette #Glitter #Theme #fun #spiritnights #fnl #football #studentsection
Profile picture of Cierra Johnson
Cierra Johnson
OilyOily Skin
How do y’all get your glitter to stay on?
Profile picture of Melissa Villanueva
Melissa Villanueva
CombinationCombination Skin
This is my go to glitter primer. It works really well.
Profile picture of Mikele Pokaka'a
Mikele Pokaka'a
CombinationCombination Skin
Decided to do bright colorful looks all month long to celebrate pride 🌈✨
Profile picture of Isabella Rainbows
Isabella Rainbows
CombinationCombination Skin
I also used loose glitter from Claire’s and LIQUE! I love this look, it is wayyy too glittery to even show up on the pictures!