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Eyeshadow Base by NYX Professional Makeup
NYX Professional Makeup

Eyeshadow Base

staying power(248)
Variation: Black
BlackSkin ToneWhiteWhite Pearl

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staying power


after using this primer the shadow stayed on all day and didn't budge -- it also helped keep the shadow even over my eyelid

- Nyxcosmetics User

it lasts all day and honestly even when i've accidentally worn full eyeshadow to bed i wake up and it still looks perfect

- Ulta User



furthermore, it stuck to dry areas and made oily areas more oily

- Nyxcosmetics User

the pot of purple seemed to be dried out a bit

- Nyxcosmetics User
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ulta.com userMarch 28, 2013

Best eye base ever for sensitive eyes!!

I have tried a million eye base primers over the years. They all make my eyes itch terribly, crease in an hour, dry out upper and lower lids, fail to brighten eye and they never help reduce dark circles...and those are normally the pricey ones! This eye base is what I've been looking for!!!! I wear contact lenses and have really bad allergies/sensitive eyes. I haven't found a single thing I don't love about this! I apply it under my eyes and on the 1st half of my lid close to the lash line and blend. I press it in gently with my finger and I feel that it helps it to soak in and stay put. It makes my eye shadow last all day and I don't have to reapply before dinner! This brightens up my eye in the corners where I have dark shadows and then under for eye circles and it never dries out my eyes or makes them look crepey! I use a mix of mac and nyx shadows. I have to say nyx makes my fav eye shadows over mac tho. One last thing...I tried the nyx eye jumbo eye pencil in Milk and it didn't blend as easy as this did so I returned it. « less

- ulta.com
nyxcosmetics.com userJanuary 21, 2015

It worked perfect for me!

I bought this eyeliner in black and I absolutely love it. The color payoff seemed just right for me and it was super easy to apply. It loaded onto my liner brush fairly well and glided right onto my eyelid and I've never had an easier/faster time doing my winged eyeliner. It lasted all day long for me. If you have a bad habit of itching your eyes or wiping near your eyes, yes, it should smear. But it didn't really smear much after it set and dried for me... but maybe that's because I usually try not to touch my eyes when I have make-up on. I like that it is easy to remove, however... it makes it that much better as an everyday liner because when you wash your make-up off at night, you will not have that much trouble removing it before bed. The price is great, it will last you for a long time, it's well pigmented, and smooth. You can't go wrong with this liner because it is just so affordable and great for everyday use. « less

- nyxcosmetics.com
nyxcosmetics.co.uk userMay 4, 2018

Greasy Face

I normally buy lancome primers as they are oil free but I ran out and was in a rush and my nearest boots doesn't sell lancome products so I bought this NYX one as I generally like most of their products.The primer is quite thick I found, if feels soft on before foundation is applied but sits a little cakey? I'm not sure if that's the right way to describe it but it feels heavy almost. I did notice it did cover up my pores some what and lines on my face with foundation applied so that was a bonus. I am pale so the blue pigment doesn't really bother me much and my foundation is slightly darker than my skin anyway.When I started applying foundation, my foundation (I use lancome tient d'idole ultra wear 010) just clinged to the primer and took longer to apply than usual as I had to take care to make sure it was blended well which it did. Once applied, my face was quite dewy looking which I don't mind, I do prefer a more matt look as my face gets a little oily over the course of the day.I wouldn't recommend this product if you are like me and have combination skin as it does just add oil to your face and feels pretty gross only after a few hours. Saying that, I did moisturise before applying this so, perhaps leaving that step out might make this sit a little better? I feel like this primer is better as a moisturiser almost as it is very heavy and doesn't really help foundation apply easier or look any better. It doesn't feel nice, feels like it makes your foundation sink into your skin which does make your pores start to look bigger during the day so the benefits of first applying it wear off so fast. I would avoid this primer if you have bad skin and are prone to break outs (Luckily i'm not) but only because it is creates so much oil and not just around t-zone pretty much your whole face. I'm not normally able to get makeup to stick to my hand if I touch my face as I use setting spray - but it's like this primer has dissolved all layers of makeup above it.I would say, if you are prone to quite dry skin and pale than this primer would suit you because it does hide dry patches, reduces redness and any lines. But, I would recommend that if you use this primer to use a lighter foundation rather than a full coverage as it is so heavy on your skin and use more matt/ oil free products on top. If you do like a dewy glow from your makeup, that is basically what I have got so with a bit of highlighter it just makes you look glowy but you will need to blot some grease away later. « less

- nyxcosmetics.co.uk
nyxcosmetics.co.uk userOctober 27, 2017

Brilliant as base and primer and the pot lasts forever

I bought this about about 4 years ago in the white and I am still using the same pot now. I use it most days I wear eye shadow and it really makes a difference in keeping your eye shadow from creasing, giving great colour pay off and making your shadow last all day. I mainly use this just on my lid. I can't believe after so many years it is still creamy and not dried out at all and I still have about 1/4 of a pot left. I have tried other bases (from cheap to really expensive) and this beats them all hands down. It is also really great for when you use shimmery or glitter shadows on your lid it really holds them. I have sometimes have slightly oily lids and find this is fantastic at keeping the oil at bay so my eye shadow doesn't budge. I am 48 years young so can also confirm it is great for all ages even those of us in our prime (No, we are not old BUT we are not young although young at heart Lol) I really cannot find any fault with this item at all « less

- nyxcosmetics.co.uk
ulta.com userJuly 28, 2015

Nice Creamy, but not oily eyeshadow base for the masses

I bought the NYX Eyeshadow Base in Skin tone ESB03 because I wanted an eyeshadow base for my oily lids. And I picked the skin tone color because I don't want to look over painted by using my nyx eyeshadow pencil in milk when doing natural looks. Its worked out great as my eyeshadow does seem to last the day without creasing, and I didn't have to use anything too drying. I feel like its creamy and prevents creasing without drying out my skin and I love it.

- ulta.com


Overall safe Ingredients

Cire D'abeilleacne

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