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Butter Gloss by NYX Professional Makeup
NYX Professional Makeup

Butter Gloss

chapped lips(262)
pigmentation: sheer
Variation: Angel Food Cake

Top Reviews



the butter gloss has a great consistency and does not fade away like most glosses

- Walgreens User

the smooth, buttery consistency is heavenly and it smells absolutely delicious, yet not overpowering in any way

- Feelunique User


not sticky

love this color one of my favorites , the shine,the look is really good

- Walgreens User

really good quality, not sticky, good colours, and the price is amazing

- Walgreens User

chapped lips

hydrates lips

love these semi-sheer yet buildable moisturizing non-sticky glosses

- Nyxcosmetics User

my lips are hydrated and i love the sheen

- Nyxcosmetics User



the name says it all with these glosses--the best thing about them is the texture, which is very creamy, and, well, buttery

- Ulta User

i really like the coverage and the smooth texture of it

- Walgreens User



angel food cake is literally the best shade for fair girls and guys who are needing a basic nude lipgloss to wear on non heavy makeup days

- Ulta User

it's a stunning browny nude, feels light on the lips, and smells great

- Ulta User

staying power


it stays on for a long time for a lipstick

- Ulta User

it has no unpleasant taste or odor and does not melt off my lips like some other formulas i've tried

- Ulta User



i had been looking for a black lipgloss for so long because i love the look and feeling black lips give me but wearing black lipstick every day was a hassle and didn't feel right for easy-going days (i have alien in the liquid suede and it is my favorite black lipstick) this gloss is seriously a dream come true <3 it is a great price and long lasting for a gloss, goes on super dark and sheers out which is fine and still looks amazing

- Nyxcosmetics User

it feels like it truly melts on lips and it looks nice too, semi sheer and semi opaque for me, which is ness because it's like pigment added to a clear gloss

- Walgreens User
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ulta.com userJune 16, 2013

Not For ME

I hate being a negative nancy, but I like being honest because that's what people want to see and hear. I have a dark skin complexion. I like glosses with tint without an overpowering lip color. I like lipsticks with color that's not too rich, too opaque, not too overwhelming. Since I have dark skin, I try to go with neutral colors, subtle pinks and berry colors on my lips. Glosses give a tint and I really believe ANYONE can get away with glosses with a subtle tint. But this NYX lip butter I had my eye on for a while and what jumps out at you, and none of you ladies can deny it, the word "butter". Butter is good on pancakes, you think of fluffy, full, soft, moisturizing and yummy, right? Well for ME, for my skin tone, this totally didn't work. The hydration was there and it does have somewhat of a buttery feel to it. BUT I was in for such a sad surprise when I took the wand out, smiled as I put it on waiting to be swept off my feet and instead had the chair pulled out from under me as I was sitting down! I bought this in Merengue today along with another NYX product (which was also a hit and miss for me). I thought this would be a tint and give me the buttery feel and look of gloss...that wasn't the case. The color you see on the tube is EXACTLY the color you get on your lips...it's not a tint. It's like a lipstick with gloss and it goes on pretty heavy and yes, even a bit streaky like one of the reviews I've seen about this product stated. It's a Nicki Minaj type of tint and heaviness of color on the lips. SHE looks good in it (and I like her music), but it's not working for ME in particular. Not happy with it, but just like the jumbo lipstick I have that I bought today which is also by NYX, I'll just have to spot my lips with it and blend it out with my fingers or use my lip brush I have and really blend it out. I'll stick with my Bare Minerals, Mally, Palladio and CoverGirl lip products. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-1561851190066706082-full" data-show="-1561851190066706082-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>

- ulta.com
walgreens userJanuary 27, 2018

A Makeup Staple and the HG of Lip Gloss

I've been a huge fan of Butter Gloss for years, and always have a couple of shades in my purse, a couple by my work areas, a few shades in my makeup kit, and several brand new spares on-hand at the ready so that I never run out. It glides on smoothly, provides the perfect amount of sheer color (and if you put more on, you can get more pigment), never feels sticky, and wears like a champ. There's no noticeable taste, though there is a minimal scent of vanilla if you smell it, but full disclosure: you have to put the tube right up to your nose and make an effort to smell. It's never noticeable to me when I apply or wear it. It never gets gummy, and provides a really lovely, hydrated feeling that I'm pretty addicted to. This is the standard to which I hold all other lip glosses - and most others pale in comparison.

- walgreens
nyxcosmetics.com userFebruary 21, 2014

My new fav go to glosses !

I bought the butter glosses in Creme Brulee and and Fortune Cookie, looking for a nudish or "my lips but better" type of gloss. At first glance, the packaging is really cute and super easy to just throw in your purse on the go. The smell is also amazing! On swatching, the formula doesn't feel too sticky or too runny, and these particular colors are very translucent and sheer on my skin. I have light skin with a cool/neutral undertone. On my lips, the glosses are easy to apply and super long lasting. I didn't have to touch up for 3+ hours afterwards! Fortune Cookies was fairly sheer on my lips without a lip pencil or other lip product on my lips, but it mixes well when placed over another lip product. Creme Brulee was a more pinky color and I love wearing it everywhere! It happened to show up more on my light/medium pigmented lips and contrasted nicely against my skintone. The only thing I wish these glosses would achieve would be to be a bit more pigmented by themselves, or maybe my lips are just light or dark or something. Anyways, these two new glosses have become my new favorite "go to" glosses and I'm really happy with their quality.I hope to try get more glosses in different colors and I can't wait to try other NYX products as well. Thank you NYX ! xoxoxo Less

- nyxcosmetics.com
ulta.com userFebruary 6, 2016

Lovely red

This red gloss has a smooth "melted butter" texture. It isn't sticky like most glosses. Because it is sheer, your natural lip color can blend with the red. I find it to be a great "cherry red" that I imagine would work with most skin tones. Only con is that this is most definitely a gloss: it does not stay on for a very long time. But with it being so simple to reapply, no big deal! Perfect for those days when you want a bright red lip without all the fuss of lipstick or lip stains.

- ulta.com
ulta.com userAugust 9, 2016

I love NYX's butte glosses!

I truly love NYX's butter glosses! Every time I go to Ulta or any makeup store, I head straight over to NYX's lip line. The term "butter gloss" is a perfect fit. This gloss is extremely creamy and moisturizing without being too sticky and heavy. They are very pigmented and I love the color selection! No matter what makeup style or skin tone you have, there is broad variety of shades and you will be able to find something to leave the store with. I usually stock up on the shade Madeline because that is the perfect nude tone for me. It is small so it can easily fit in your purse, wallet or pocket and they smell absolutely amazing. You should definitely give the glosses a try. They are perfect for any occasion and I especially use my glosses on a daily basis. Plus, NYX usually has a BOGO 50% off deal on their products. So win-win. Less

- ulta.com

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Not a lipstick, but this butter gloss in the shade Fortune Cookie, is a beautiful non sticky nude gloss
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