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BB Cream by NYX Professional Makeup
NYX Professional Makeup

BB Cream

color accuracy(24)
finish: demi-matte coverage: medium coverage
Variation: Natural

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this is one of the many greatest products nyx has come up with, i really love love love this product just the way it lets my skin looking fresh and smooth

- Nyxcosmetics User

it covers redness and leaves my skin nice and smooth

- Ulta User


blends well

sets and blends in with my skin tone perfectly

- Ulta User

i love how well it blends into my skin, it helps smooth out my texture and gives a nice natural look

- Ulta User



it's so light weight and covers my blemishes and evens out with my skin tone beautifully and leaves a nice glow ✨note : if you have tan skin the color will come out light at first but trust me once you blend it out and set it it's flawless

- Nyxcosmetics User

if your looking for something lightweight to help with minor flaws this is a must

- Ulta User

color accuracy

doesn't oxidize

it blended beautifully, didn't oxidize, stayed on all day, and looked great on my skin

- Ulta User

very natural looking and does not change color through the day

- Ulta User



i have tried lots of bb creams and i must say this is my favorite i mostly use it for everyday wear and it's very moisturizing and evens out my skin tone great

- Ulta User

i love this product and its very hydrating and evens my skin tone

- Ulta User

staying power


it lasts all day and it doesn’t cake or fade

- Nyxcosmetics User

i use this everyday while at work and it last all day, hides redness and blemishes

- Ulta User

color correction

color correcting

i barely even have to use any concealer any more and i no longer color correct my dark circles

- Ulta User

works nicely with concealers (currently using stila, neutrogena, and nyx color correcting)

- Ulta User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

i have large pores - and while it doesn't completely banish them, it does do a pretty darn good at covering, minimizing, and evening out my skin tone and texture without feeling concealer-heavy

- Ulta User

i have large pores - and while it doesn't completely banish them, it does do a pretty darn good at covering, minimizing, and evening out my skin tone and texture without feeling concealer-heavy

- Ulta User



nice dewey finish but can be set with mattifying powder if that's the look you want

- Ulta User

spray on scandinavia mattifying setting spray (1-2 sprays from a distance)

- Ulta User



i am usually go for a medium-full coverage foundation but this makes my skin look so luminous and natural

- Ulta User

i love this for everyday use and it leaves my skin looking radiant

- Ulta User



it blends easily and sinks in quickly to give my skin a more even, semi-matte finish

- Ulta User

coverage is light to medium and can be built up with a semi matte finish

- Ulta User


medium coverage

i like a natural - medium coverage look to cover redness and hyperpigmentation, and this is perfect

- Ulta User

it is the best product i've found to provide well pigmented, almost medium coverage in such a lightweight formula

- Ulta User
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ulta.com userJanuary 20, 2018

Best BB Cream I've ever used

I have been looking for a bb cream to use daily in place of foundation because my skin is very textured (bumps, mild acne, large pores) and lately foundation has been looking like a cakey mess! I've used a few BB creams before trying this one and with my combination skin, they have all been too greasy in my T-zone, or too heavy and cakey. The NYX BB Cream has been a dream come true for me. I have only been using for a few days and I am completely hooked. I apply it in conjunction with my Philosophy Renewed Hope In a Jar after washing my face and using a witch hazel toner. It is very light-weight and gives me that "your skin but better" look. My skin looks smooth, and my pores are blurred. It doesn't enhance ANY of my imperfections. Towards the end of the day I do notice that my skin gets a little oily but I am okay with that, because it still looks good. I haven't used anything to set it or touch it up through out the day and I'm sure if I did I wouldn't be oily. It has very natural coverage, but I'm able to build the coverage easily without cakey-ness. It has a perfect satin-y finish. Overall, I LOVE IT & would highly recommend it to anyone. Less

- ulta.com
mira userMarch 4, 2020

the bb cream would look orange on my face even though i picked the right shade. it wouldn’t blend well at all, i always had spots that didn’t cover. around my mouth and eyes it would literally come off so i looked like i had smeared half my makeup on. it felt super cakey and just an overall uncomfortable wear.

- mira
ulta.com userFebruary 4, 2019


I've been looking for a BB cream for a while now, as I'm starting to prefer a more natural looking base. I decided to try this BB cream out and I was suprised at how much I love this. This applies easily and adds a light-medium amount of coverage to skin, without looking cakey at all. It evens the skin tone, but doesn't completely wash out all of the natural features of your skin. I have oily skin, and this stays on better than most foundations I wear. All I do it set my face with a little powder, and this stays on all day. This makes my skin look gorgeous and it's super easy to apply that wearing "foundation" every day doesn't seem like so much of a hassle anymore, when I'm using this. I would recommend applying this with a beauty blender/beauty sponge. I tried using my hands one day out of curiosity and it did not look good. Not sure how a brush would apply this, but a beauty sponge works great with this. Nyx needs more colors for this BB cream because it's amazing, and it's sad that only a few select skin tones can wear this. Less

- ulta.com
ulta.com userOctober 20, 2017

Good stuff,

I had been using the Stila tinted moisturizer for years and years, but recently learned they've discontinued it. I've been trying to find a drugstore priced replacement. I have 40-something combination skin that has dryness on top of oiliness. I have a fair, ruddy complexion with cool undertones. The nude tone is a perfect match for me, and provides just the right amount of light coverage. I wear it with the Nyx Hydra Touch primer and use a translucent powder. I'm happy with it. It would be absolutely perfect if it had SPF, so I'm still looking for one that can provide that kind of coverage. I will definitely still use this one, but not when I know I'm going to be out in the sun for significant periods of time. I apply with a kabuki brush and tap in with a blending sponge. I'm really happy with the way it applies. Works nicely with concealers (currently using Stila, Neutrogena, and Nyx color correcting). Can use blush and highlighter and set with a powder. Can refresh with a setting spray. I guess the one plus to not having SPF is that it doesn't ever get oily after hours of wear, so no blotting or touching up required. Less

- ulta.com
nyxcosmetics.com userAugust 14, 2015

looks absolutely beautiful

i bought this bb cream a little while ago because my acne was getting bad and my skin tone was getting darker for the summer, so i bought this bb cream just to try it out since i usually love nyx products. when i put this on i was so amazed at how smooth it made my skin look and how easily it blended out! I am quite oily and although it doesn't make me oily throughout the day, it doesn't do anything to help it (which is obviously fine its not made to mattify). it just looks so natural on my skin and definitely doesn't cake. whenever i don't really feel like using a concealer, i will use a little bit of this on my blemishes and it hides the redness a little bit without even looking like i have makeup on. i am looking forward to wearing this in the winter because it is so moisturizing and will keep my sad dry skin at bay (yes i have oily and dry skin i don't know how). better than any other bb cream i've tried. highly recommend Less

- nyxcosmetics.com


Overall safe Ingredients

Polysorbate 80hazard
Propylene Glycolhazard
Hexyl Cinnamalhazard
Benzyl salicylatehazard
Ethylhexyl methoxycinnamatehazard
PEG/PPG-18/18 dimethiconehazard
Butylphenyl Methylpropionalhazard

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