Chinese Rice Exfoliating Cleansing Powder by nyakio

Chinese Rice Exfoliating Cleansing Powder

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i recommend this for anyone desiring an effective but gentle exfoliation

- Ulta User

it is a little messy since it's a powder and you have to add water but it's extremely gentle and the smell is a very subtle kinda earthy scent

- Ulta User
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ulta userOctober 10, 2018

Effective and affordable

My skin is very oily but sensitive so I was looking for an alternative to harsher exfoliators and I really like this product. Makes my skin very smooth without drying it out. I love that this can be mixed in to different things to cater to what my skin needs at the time. Most often I use this before a mask or in the morning when I don't need to double cleanse. I also own the Leahlani cleansing powder and that one is more fine and a teeny bit foaming with an amazing smell but the Nyakio packaging is much more functional and it's a little bit more exfoliating imo. Love them both.

ulta userOctober 10, 2018


I have sensitive eczema prone oily skin and I bought this instead of buying the Tatcha Indigo Soothing Rice Powder because of the $65 price tag. It was a great decision because I actually think it works better as far as exfoliation goes. My skin looks smooth and bright and my skin isn't as oily as it usually is. Also so far it hasn't irritated my skin or caused an eczema flare up.

ulta userOctober 10, 2018


I have purchased her products at that Home Shopping Network-she was OUTSTANDING THEN & SHE IS OUTSTANDING NOW! My 18 year old daughter uses this for her acne prone skin. I use it as well on my 58 year beautiful skin. Our skin is cleaned of debris in pores, dead skin without being stripped and left feeling dry. I recommend this for anyone desiring an effective but gentle exfoliation. Her other products are phenomenal as well.

ulta userOctober 10, 2018

game- changer for reactive skin

I've always had pretty normal skin, but now that I'm approaching 30 a switch flipped and I'm dry and incredibly reactive. Artificial fragrances & traditional scrubs turn my face red. I develop tiny bumps that take weeks to heal, but I still needed a way to exfoliate. Enzyme masks are sometimes gentle enough, but I could only use them once every other week because they dried out my skin. This powder is gentle and soothing, without sacrificing effectiveness. I love that I can use it on its own for a more intensive scrub, or mixed with cleanser for a gentler effect. I usually apply a soothing oatmeal based mask after exfoliating (First Aid Beauty makes a great one) but I've found I can just leave powder on and it has a similarly soothing result.


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