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Lil Nena
combinationCombination Skin

Does anyone know of any good cream blushers? Or any natural look blushers. (K- beauty style)

Caroline Chaves
sensitiveSensitive Skin
Glossier has cloud paint! I would recommend trying on in store if there’s one near you, they have a lot of shades for different skin tones.

Cloud Paint

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Mira Peterson
combinationCombination Skin

Who here has started a 10 step K-Beauty Regimen? Love it or hate it? Recommend your fave products, please. Like what even is Essence?

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Aiko Aori
combinationCombination Skin

I know there are not much people in here using k beauty but if you do please recommend me some k beauty products that you like, it can be makeup or skincare. Thankss

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