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Okay for dry skin

"...great for dry skin..."

- Drugstore User

"'s my new go-to dry skin cream..."

- Walmart User
rednessredness relief
"red and dry spots"
- Neosporin User
"this neosporin is very moisturizing and does dramatically reduce redness"
- Walmart User
Good for sensitive skin

"...excellent on your skin to prevent rash..."

- Healthykin User

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Evey Allissa
combinationCombination Skin

Dry skin Having a huge issue with dry skin this winter that is under my lip and is painful. I layer lotion and also have put neosporin any better remedies?

Veronica Baker
dryDry Skin
I had the exact same thing that happened to me and i got the vaseline brand eczema lotion for like 10 bucks. it cleared up that night
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