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Stephanie Burton
Combination Skin

I have naturally long lashes, but they’re not very full and don’t keep a curl well. Any mascara recommendations?

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Cora ter Kuile
Combination Skin

milk makeup kush water proof

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Shyann Tnahv
Combination Skin

How do you bronze naturally and beautifully? Ive used so many different bronzers, and theyre all so orange to me. Not only that, but my applications skills are flawed as well, as it looks messy and unnatural on my face 😔

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Ashton Guinn
Sensitive Skin

I’ve fallen in love with the Morphe bronzers, I use the shade iconic. I have fair skin and I think it’s the perfect amount of color, without making me look unnatural or orange. Plus, the price is super reasonable!!

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Ashton Guinn
Sensitive Skin

It’s also supposed to be a dupe for the Marc Jacobs ones 💁🏻‍♀️

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Grace W
Combination Skin

Good mascaras to make short, stubby lashes look naturally long?

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samantha k
Combination Skin

dont underestimate the wand!!