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Korbyn Swafford
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Hi all! I’ve been using this rosewater face mist for about a month now, partially as a setting spray when I wear makeup (3-4 times a week) and partially as a before bed spray. Looking more closely at my skin, I can see tiny, almost invisible white bumps on my forehead. Not pimples. Just bumps. Anyways, I don’t know if it’s due to the face mist or I just haven’t looked at my face very closely in a while. Have any of you used this spray or ones similiar to this and did you have the same reaction? HELP

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Lauren Murphy
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I had a rose water spray kinda like that and it did the same to me. I’ve been using this for over a year and love it!’ It goes on more smoothly and doesn’t spray unevenness to the face.

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recently picked this up, wondering if this is a good setting spray? i don’t really wear crazy glam looks. so would this set day to day makeup well? like natural eyeshadow looks concealer etc?

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mackenzie morgan
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this one isn’t bad, but i like something that makes my makeuo feel more light and that really sets it in and the makeup revolution setting spray is SOO good

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Ayrial Carpenter
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I’m having trouble getting the Dewey look. I’ve currently been using the LA colors truly matte foundation, I’ve tried the kat von d liquid to powder it’s just not enough coverage for me, and I tried the Huda foundation and hated it. I love the one I’m using now, I just wish I could find a more dewy foundation, or a powder or setting spray that’s gonna give me a dewy look. I bake under my eyes and apply powder all over my face, and use setting spray, it helps my makeup stay on all day and not fade. I’ve been getting the dewy look with my highlighter, but it doesn’t look natural, soooo any suggestions or tips??

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Belinda Goldsmith
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This is the setting spray I use and it gives the perfect dewy glow without making me look greasy. I also use it when I’m not wearing makeup when my skin is feeling a bit dry.