Best Natural Smooth Water Resistant Tinted Moisturizers

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Illusion Hyaluronic Skin Tint by Hourglass

Illusion Hyaluronic Skin Tint

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Too many options?

Profile picture of Madison Snethen
Madison Snethen
Combination Skin

Need concealer recommendations! I’ve been using tinted moisturizers recently so I need a natural looking concealer for dark circles and blemishes. Lightweight, full coverage, and under $25 please!

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Profile picture of Claire Grasso
Claire Grasso
Combination Skin

This works really well! I use mine to do cut creases, so it covers very well. Plus, it’s cheap!

Profile picture of Lexi
Combination Skin

@Claire Grasso I think I have to try colourpop.

Profile picture of Sierra Platte
Sierra Platte
Combination Skin

Texture troubles! 😬 Hi everyone- I’ve having some issues with my face makeup looking cakey/textured when I’m in natural lighting- it looks fine when I’m in front of the mirror. I was excited to try the Elf luminous primer today thinking it would help smooth things over (and look glowy). But I’m not sure it really helped. I had not been using a primer before this since the Colourpop tinted moisturizer is water based more or less and I couldn’t find a water based smoothing primer. The texture was present when I wasn’t using a primer- it looked better when I used my hands to apply but I have been using a sponge more since I was worried using my hands would potentially cause acne. Should I try: Chemical exfoliation? (Any AHAs?) A different primer? (Maybe the OG poreless putty?) A different foundation? (I was hoping to make this tinted moisturizer work since I like lightweight, natural, and affordable products ) Maybe this is just how makeup up looks in natural light 🤣 Am I asking too much? Let me know your tips for looking flawless! 💖 I appreciate it! #drugstore #texture

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Profile picture of Belinda Goldsmith
Belinda Goldsmith
Combination Skin

I have problems with texture too. I found that the nyx angel veil primer really helped my makeup look smooth and so beautiful on my face. I also use Paula’s choice 2% bha and it doesn’t work immediately but over time it will help smooth the texture of your skin even without makeup.

Profile picture of Lexy Morales
Lexy Morales
Dry Skin

Can those of you who have tried this product give me more insight on it? I have dry skin and go for a more dewy or natural finish with lighter coverage. Can it also be built up? I’ve been using mainly skin tints or tinted moisturizers but also wanted a nice foundation on hand but nothing too heavy. I stopped using the L’Oréal pro glow and it just started to look real flat and grey on my face. TIA! #dewy #covergirl #drugstore

Profile picture of Imiliana Aminyar
Imiliana Aminyar
Dry Skin

This is a newer product from nyx but I highly recommend try this out along with their dewy primer

Profile picture of Lexy Morales
Lexy Morales
Dry Skin

@Imiliana Aminyar I tried this also since I heard such great things about it and it was a little to cakey for my liking :(