The Best Natural Recyclable Liquid Eyeliners

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Tayla Ng
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hey guys! any good recommendations for liquid liner and mascara that doesn’t smudge?? i have hooded + oily eyelids and it ain’t fun :( rn i’m using nyx matte liquid liner which is decent but i’m looking for brown eyeliners too!! #hoodedeyelids #hooded #oilyeyelids #asianeyes

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Jessi Ford
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Kat Von D is about the only one I’ve found that stays put on my hooded eyes.

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Tayla Ng
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@Jessi Ford i’ll check it out soon!! thank you lovely!! 🥰🥰

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Arshana Acharya
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Any good drugstore liquid eyeliners? I have the NYX epic ink liner but it doesn’t give the sharp wing I want.

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Jessica Helms
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This has a really fine tip so you can be very precise with it. It’s also really pigmented and lasts all day.

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Leah Fry
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Anyone know of a good liquid highlight that isn’t too glitter or un-natural? I like using the benefit high beam mixed in my foundation for a fresh glow but it’s just getting to expensive for me and the doe foot applicator is just not practical for my use.

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This cream is very shiny and natural! Make sure you only use a little because a lot goes a longggg way! 🤣