The Best Natural Recyclable Highlighter Creams

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Y’all I need help 😫 I’m trying to find a highlighter that looks natural (that natural shine) instead of the glitter highlighter that most products have. Thank you!! #highlighters #makeup #natural #seekingforadvice

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Glossier Haloscope is perfect for a natural, glowy look! It’s one of my favorites

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Carina Troshin
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What are some natural looking face products? (Foundation/tinted moisturizer, concealer, bronzer, blush, highlighter, or powder)

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GraceAnne Shrift
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I recently discovered this, but it’s my new go-to for a natural makeup day with oily skin

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i’m in need of a natural drugstore highlighter. any products?! #highlighter #drugstore #glow

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Morgan Falls
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Maybe line highlighters are really good actually! The powder is great and lasts and the lumi pen can be used as a liquid option. Love them both as much as my urban decay highlighters!