The Best Natural Recyclable Cheek Palettes

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Any good eyeshadow palettes? Cheap or not. I don’t mind. I can save up. It doesn’t need to be natural or not either. I’m just having fun! To be honest i love glittery shadows

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Hunter Hill
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I love the Alchemist Pallete by Kat Von D and on her site it’s only $10 right now originally $32. It’s sooo pretty and you can use it as a highlighter too! it’s super light but it’s shines so beautifully and you can build it up. If you want it to show more I have noticed if you use your finger it puts the pigment down more and a brush kinda makes it more of a high lighter.

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I’m looking into eyeshadow palettes and am so conflicted. I’m looking for something with pink/neutral/rose gold matte and shimmer shades that could create natural looks. What would you guys recommend?

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Morgan Jo
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I love the colour pop give it to me straight pallete! It’s 16 dollars and super cute.

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@Morgan Jo I love colourpop so this would be great. Thanks for the recommendation!

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Rylee Edwards
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Are cheek/blush palettes worth the money? Or should I just stick to individual blushes?

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Lillian Dai
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it depends how much of the pallete you will use i got one from benefit and i use it so often it was $60 (not this one the bigger version at sephora) and i am in love i think it really depends if you think it. is worth it these shades are great this is for sure a cheek pallete that i recommend