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Kelley Jacobs
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What are y’all’s recommendations for brow gel? I currently use the clear brow gel by elf, but there’s not a lot of product and I feel wasteful not using the clear mascara at the other end. I want something that’s going to hold my brow hairs in place (I like natural, bushy brows) but I don’t need a lot of extra product because my brows are already pretty full and dark (hence why I was using a clear gel). I would prefer other recommendations besides Glossier Boy Brow because I don’t want to place an order with them for just one product. So preferably something I could pick up at Ulta, Sephora, or the drugstore. Thanks!! #brows #browgel

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Hunter Ansorge
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I use a tinted brow gel from Benefit, which I love, but they do have clear as well!

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Emma C
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Best product for a natural brow?

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Leslie Giselle
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ColourPop Brow Boss Pencil!! it's soft enough to easily apply but won't leave a harsh dark line, buildable color & It's also only $6 at Ulta

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Hannah G❤️
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Eyebrow problems once again 💔 about four or five months ago I had a lady MESS my eyebrows up so badly! They still haven’t fully recovered. I just got them done today and I think my left one is too short! I’ve never been very good at doing my eyebrows since I have a strange shape to them but I usually will just use a powder and a brow pencil to darken them up. I dont know how to add length to it and make it look NATURAL. I’m pretty good at everything else having to do with makeup, but brows I have never been able to get! How do I add length to the end making it look natural:( & any tips on how I can make sure they grow back so I can get them shaped again? I hate not feeling confident with my brows..such a blow to my self esteem! #eyebrowhelp #brows #eyebrows #tips #help #hairgrowth

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Selma Kulo
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Every night take a clean mascara wand & apply this castor oil, you can find this in the hair product aisle I believe. I apply this every night to my eyelashes and eyebrows and it’s amazing! I’ve noticed hair growth within 2-3 weeks!

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@Selma Kulo yes I love this stuff it really does work .

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Hannah G❤️
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Wow! Thank you