Best Natural Oil Makeup Removers For Dry Skin

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Dry Skin

Looking for recommendations for a cleansing oil or balm for removing makeup at the end of the day that does not have coconut oil or any palm derivative. Currently use micellar water but my face is getting drier (accutane 😒) and think an oil would be less irritating. Will double cleanse but want one that doesn’t leave too much of a residue when rinsed off with water. Minimal or no fragrance would also be great!

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Vy Lam
Dry Skin

I would recommend Clinique Take The Day Off Balm.

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Kaitlyn R
Oily Skin

Anyone know of any drugstore makeup removers that are sensitive-skin friendly? #SOS

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Mary-Katelyn Jean Price
Combination Skin

I get these from Walmart and I LOVE them. They’re like 98 cents and they don’t burn my eyes or skin whatsoever. I have experienced “name brand” wipes that burn my face and eyes but these are my holy grail of makeup remover wipes.

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brianna hines
Oily Skin

Does anyone know a moisturizing primer before makeup for dry skin this time of year when it gets cold and dry? I normally have oily skin but when winter comes my skin tends to get a little dry. #primer #moisturizer #skincare #skin #dry #oily

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Jamie Horwitz
Dry Skin

They have a great moisturizing primer!