Best Natural Exfoliator Creams For Sensitive Skin

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Hannah Grace Goodwin
Sensitive Skin

What does everyone think is the best exfoliator for sensitive, combo, acne prone skin? I’m looking for both chemical and scrub.

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Jessica Pruitt
Combination Skin

I am still searching for a good one myself. All I can say is DO NOT use this one. It left like chemical burns and dry patches on my face.

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Madelyn Turpeinen
Sensitive Skin

With prom coming up I’m looking to try out different foundations! What are some good natural looking foundations for combination or sensitive skin?? #foundation #sensitive #skin #combination

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Julia Winter
Combination Skin

I really love Anastasia’s luminous foundation, it’s fairly light with good coverage and looks like skin, even on my dryer combination skin

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Sydney Landon House
Combination Skin

Does anyone know of a good exfoliator for your face? Sometimes I have flaky skin on my forehead even when i moisturize but when i use some exfoliators it makes my skin rough.. #advice

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Carson Davis
Combination Skin

I use this daily and it’s so amazing! Don’t let this price scare you though, that’s the value size price.