Mini Nude Eyeshadow Palette by Natasha Denona
Natasha Denona

Mini Nude Eyeshadow Palette

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Mini Nude Eyeshadow Palette

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does not have fallout

they are also easy to apply, no fallout

- Sephora User

this palette is perfect for keeping on your make up bag, it can take your casual work look to a night out smokey/shimmering look in minutes, it’s extremely pigmented & has very little fall out

- Sephora User


blends well

the shades are perfect and blendability is amazing

- Sephora User

all the shades are stunning and easy to blend

- Sephora User

staying power


it blends really nicely and the shimmers stay in place all day

- Sephora User

they are pigmented, easy to apply, easy to blend, they stay on all day and they look gorgeous

- Sephora User


not creasing

the color payoff is beautiful, the formula is so buttery and creamy and there is zero creasing with this and i never use an eyeshadow primer

- Sephora User

love this mini palette so much, the crease color was perfect and the colors beautiful

- Sephora User



the matts are super pigmented and blend like a dream and the shimmers almost feel wet they are so soft and pigmented

- Sephora User

the brown matte is nice and creamy, and pigmented

- Sephora User
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sephora userFebruary 01, 2019

Packs a pigmented punch, beautiful nude shades.

These small shadows pack a big punch, they are richly pigmented and have gorgeous payoff when applied to the eyelids. The Matte shades have some kickback when I dip my brush into the pan, but not an excessive amount. I didn't notice any fallout when applying the shadow to my eyelids, Iove the way they blend in the skin and with each other, there no patchyness or harsh lines. I did notice that the glitter and shimmer shades were messy to pick up with a brush, but I find that to be the case with most, if not all, glittery shades and I prefer to apply them with my finger. These feel buttery and soft to the touch, and transfer so beautifully onto the eyelid. If I'm not being mindful, there can be some fall out, but nothing extreme. One sahde, QUOIN, is similar to the GUAVA shade from the ND Mini Sunset palette, but Quoin is a bit deeper, and seems to have a bit more colour pay off. Overall, I really love this mini nude palette, it is great to work with and it's perfect for creating quick looks.

sephora userJanuary 07, 2019

I'm a big fan of Natasha Denona eye shadows (I own 3 of her 15 pan palettes, 4 full-size 5 pan palettes, the Matte Black single, and now 3 Minis). The Mini Nude Palette is terrific, and different enough from the Camel Palette (which I also have, and enjoy using), to justify owning both. The darkest brown shade in the Mini has red undertones, giving it an almost burgundy appearance on the eye. The darkest shade in the Camel Palette is definitely a yellow undertone true brown. I'd say all the shadows in the Camel Palette have more of a yellow undertone, while those in the Mini Nude skew slightly more pink (pinky-orange). The shimmers in the Mini are much more reflective, and both copper shades are more opaque than the coppery shade in the Camel. The lightest shades in each palette are very different from each other (satin vs shimmer), although both are terrific for use on the lid/inner corner/brow bone highlight. While both are neutral palettes, I think I'd reach for the Camel Palette to create somewhat more daytime-natural looks (with its three mattes, a satin, and a sheer shimmer). With its three reflective, pigmented shimmers (incl the awesome duo-chrome Sienna), the Mini Nude eye looks can be a bit more amped up; still neutral, just a little more shimmery and sparkly (though not glittery). The shadows themselves apply and blend well, and can be used as a stand alone to create a complete eye look (although I always add in a bone/beige matte shadow as my base shadow when starting my eyeshadow application).

Sephora userMarch 6, 2020

I’m in love!

I was eyeing this palette since it came out, but I wasn’t sure how much I would use it, because I am into lighter and more neutral shades. I thought I would use 2-3 shades from this palette, so I held off from buying it. Finally I gave in and I’m so happy I purchased it! It’s one of my favorite palettes now and I’ve used all 5 shades. They are pigmented, easy to apply, easy to blend, they stay on all day and they look gorgeous. My eyes are sensitive, but I had no negative reaction to these eyeshadows 

Sephora userJanuary 26, 2018

I was so happy to get this palette. I’ve been wanting to try Natasha Denona for awhile now but the price is way too high tbh. The shades feels smooth and buttery. They just don’t have a good color pay off. I had to go over several times with the same shade to make the color actually show up. Then I used pinija, worst mistake ever. The pigment wasn’t picking up so I sprayed my brush with fix . I put the shadow mainly on the center of my lid. It was IMPOSSIBLE to blend out. I mean there was a harsh line that would not go away for the life of it. Then the more I tried to blend, the shadow turned black. It was a hot mess and I was so disappointed. I tried rubbing away the harsh line and doing it over, same thing. I also had so much creasing with this shade. It separated between lines on my eyelids. I just wasn’t happy with this product whatsoever. Less

Sephora userJanuary 12, 2020

Go-to Daily Palette

I purchased this about a week ago as I've been in the market for some neutral/cool toned eyeshadows. Since it has arrived, I have used it every single day and not done the same look twice.This is incredibly versatile, with great deep tones as well as shimmers and an easy matte crease shade (if you are of a light to medium complexion).All of the shadows can be used as an allover wash or blended in to one another. No drastic fallout, no duds. Perfectly smooth and easy to work with, with strong pigment that doesn't go patchy. It is beginner-friendly, but can definitely achieve some more challenging looks if you are interested. Day to night is a description that gets thrown around a lot, but this defines it.I will note that this is absolutely not as cool-tones as the pictures on here would suggest. Take a look at Temptalia swatches if you want accuracy. They're more neutral to olive than cool. No ashy undertone to them at all. They're a little warmer than my usual preference, but the mustard/olive tone is acceptable. No orangey-red like every other palette in 2019.I suspect I'll be repurchasing in a few months. I bought this as an accent to my mini gold palette to try to avoid buying the Biba, as I really don't have that kind of income. I've been using this more often than any other palette in my collection, and I can also use it to accent ones I already have.This is a must-buy. I cannot recommend it enough. This is the most beautiful product I own.The only downside I have come across is just that the shades are not suited to deeper skin tones. Less


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