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Velvet Lip Glide by NARS

Velvet Lip Glide

chapped lips(438)
pigmentation: sheer
Variation: AREA

Top Reviews

chapped lips

hydrates lips

i highly recommend this formula if you have dry lips; it's hydrating and doesn't settle into fine lines as much as a traditional lipstick might

- Sephora User

i love how it looked after application, no cracking

- Ulta User



nice and lightweight

- Sephora User

it has medium to high pigment coverage with a lightweight moussey texture

- Sephora User



this color was the perfect "natural makeup" look on my fair skin and the lightweight yet hydrating and smooth texture was a nice change from the typical stains and matte lipsticks i wear

- Sephora User

the texture is smooth

- Narscosmetics User



the creamy texture felt great on my lips and they lasted a long while on my lips

- Narscosmetics User

it makes my lips look fuller and has a nice buttery texture

- Sephora User

staying power


oh and it stays on for hours

- Mecca User

omg this went on like butter and stayed all day

- Ulta User


precise application

the applicator allows for a precise application as well so no liner is needed, even for the more colourful, bold shades

- Mecca User

the applicator here is a precision tool that lays down color like a little artist's detail brush, and a total joy to use

- Narscosmetics User



colours were pigmented even the sheers and a great choice with a colour to suit everyone

- Narscosmetics User

by sheering it out you can have a low key satin finished stain on the lips for a day to day look but with the full application it instantly adds a pop to your face to make you look complete and put together

- Sephora User
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Sephora userFebruary 19, 2017

NARS Granted My Wish! :)

This is the liquid lip product of my dreams. Way back in the day, Clinique made a very similar product but discontinued it. I never thought I would find a semi-creamy liquid lipstick again. I personally can't stand matte lipsticks (liquid or otherwise) even with high-end products - they are drying, generally don't look too great as the day wears on and have to be applied to completely exfoliated lips for the best effect. I like some MOISTURE for my lips, not something that ends up drying them more. This product has answered my all my wishes for a liquid lipstick. It goes on very easily and the texture is just right. Not too matte and not too shiny - the perfect medium! For it's creamy texture, I found it to be very long-lasting and I'm not adverse to touching up after eating. It didn't settle badly into the lines on my lips and kept it's nice 'velvety' smooth feeling throughout wear. I have tried both 'Le Palace' and 'Bound' - they both look and wear beautifully. I do hope they release more colors because it's a big jump from the nearly nude 'Bound' to the bright 'Danceteria'. Plus, I would just really love to have more colors in this amazing texture product! I also love the whole 70s dance club concept and having the shades named for famous nightclubs of the era. Don't buy this thinking it will be a dry matte, because it's not. This is the creamy liquid lipstick for us girls who need something moisturizing while getting a less shiny lip. All the people hating on this product for it not being a flat matte that doesn't 'dry down' - this stuff is not for you. There are myriad matte lip products out there right now - the market is overflowing - so let the lovers enjoy this ;) I truly hope they don't discontinue this since some people don't like it - because this would be a forever purchase for me. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="1970331707696344063-full" data-show="1970331707696344063-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>

- Sephora
Sephora userFebruary 22, 2017

beautiful natural looking lip color!

I received this in the color "bound" in my play box and now I'm obsessed! This color was the perfect "natural makeup" look on my fair skin and the lightweight yet hydrating and smooth texture was a nice change from the typical stains and matte lipsticks I wear. This is somewhere between a cream lipstick and a non-sticky gloss, so it doesn't have staying power through eating or drinking, but in these lighter colors it's simple to reapply and the wear-off is less noticeable. I will definitely be buying a full sized product when I'm done since it's my new go-to work lip color!

- Sephora
Sephora userNovember 15, 2016

Fantastic Comfortable Lightweight Color

Nars lip products always blow me away. Their textures are always unparalleled with anything else on the market. These remind me a bit of the NYX butter cream glosses because they're so moisturizing while still being full pigment, but these last longer and wear better than the NYX ones. These are a mix between a balm, lip cream, stain, liquid lipstick, gloss and lipstick. It's like they took the best qualities of all lip options and merged them into one. They are super comfortable and feel virtually weightless on the lips, except for a thin layer or moisture that lasts for quite a while. Even after the pigment/gloss starts to wear down, the moisture stays and keeps lips looking smooth all day. These aren't marketed as long lasting, because they do wear off if you eat or drink something after a few hours, but they do leave a slight stain on the lips, especially the darker shades and it wears very well and evenly so it's not a big deal. I love the packaging and applicator. It gives the perfect amount of product, unlike some other liquid lipsticks where product becomes gooped up on the wand so it's way too much and becomes sloppy. Love the range of colors too. The darker ones (especially unspeakable) are super wearable because even though they're full pigment, the slight gloss and lightweight formula make them sooo easy to pull off for those of us who usually shy away from the deeper shades. LOVE LOVE LOVE these. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>

- Sephora
narscosmetics.com userSeptember 6, 2016

Utter Alchemy

One of the things I love NARS for is their incredible formulations. This one is staggering even among the others; they worked some actual alchemy here. (Fair warning: I really liked VLG, and I'm going to pull out all the superlatives in my arsenal.) As most people who wear lipstick could tell you, wearing red is not a decision you undertake lightly. Whether true or blue, there's a commitment involved. Here is how my litany goes: Will it bleed outside the lines and make me look like Joan Crawford rising from the grave? Will it linger for a reasonable amount of time, or will it blot off immediately and leave my lips underwhelming as a faded theatre curtain? And if it *does* stick around unusually well, what is the mechanism by which it does so? Is there a Faustian bargain for such permanence? Will it suck the life out of my lips and leave them withered and forlorn? I should note that when it comes to red, I also have a complicated relationship with gloss-type products. They tend to lack precision in application, and mobile formulations that like to be nomadic and wander outside the vermillion line. Even when highly pigmented, I find they often have variable coverage. So when I saw the vehicle for VLG, I was expecting a gloss-type product. It is, in fact, no such thing. It is a fantastical hybrid that ends up somehow giving you the best of all worlds - and then some. In the tube, Deviant might look like a somewhat innocuous muted maroon, but is actually a rich sanguine, carmine color - the kind that looks happily smashing and vampish on black-haired blue-eyed dames like me - but I tried it on several other people, and it looked frankly gorgeous on them as well. One's underlying lip color does affect the final tone somewhat, (as is the case with all lipsticks); my mum has a cool brown undertone to her lips and Deviant looked less crimson and more brick red/raisin, which suited her. The effect was still high femme-fatale, in either case. I really can't say enough about the physical properties of this lip stuff, or its performance, or its packaging, down to the applicator (which is somehow galactic miles ahead of the usual fuzzy, imprecise gloss wand that can't hug the curves accurately and removes more product than it deposits half the time). The applicator here is a precision tool that lays down color like a little artist's detail brush, and a total joy to use. Somehow - again, alchemy - Velvet Lip Glide covers like a highly-saturated lipstick but spreads like a gloss, without feeling thick or gooey like one. Once you apply it, it clings to its borders and doesn't budge. No bleed whatsoever. The odd thing is, despite how well it stayed on my lips, it wiped off surrounding skin super easily and cleanly - I smeared it at one point and was able to fix it with just a calculated finger swipe. Anyone who wears red knows a single careless touch can result in a nuclear clownmouth meltdown - it's one of the unfortunate tradeoffs of high pigmentation. Somehow the product development team at NARS has managed to bake a cake we can also eat - I have no idea how they were able to sidestep this particular issue, but they have, and bravo. In terms of wear, it treads a nice line between feeling lux and feeling like you're not wearing a ton of substance. I wore it on a two-hour drive to our beach house, in an air conditioned car, and when I arrived it was still present, unsmudged and accounted for - and greeted with compliments. The best part: it didn't dry out my lips. Because it clung and covered so well, I was honestly expecting it to - and I was actually okay with it, because life is a series of compromises, and I was so favorably impressed with VGL's many and laudable virtues, I was happy to live with a little dryness. I was a little surprised when I took it off that night - not only did it come off easily, but my lips felt just fine. I figured maybe after consecutive wearings there might be some dryness - a cumulative effect - but I've worn it for several days straight now, and my lips feel absolutely great. TL:DR If you've weathered... <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-6435920105588670082-full" data-show="-6435920105588670082-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>

- narscosmetics.com
sephora userJanuary 29, 2017

not in unspeakable color

I was really disappointed in this product, but I think it has a lot to do with the color I got (Unspeakable). I wanted a demi-matte, high impact velvet finish purple and - this definitely didn't pack the color impact that you'd expect from such a dark shade. Even after applying several layers, it still looked sheer and just didn't have the bold color I was hoping to get. Also, I found the finish to be way more glossy and shiny than "velvet." Definitely shouldn't be marketed as a matte because when it's completely glossy and when dried down, the color pigment totally went away. I might try it in another lighter color for a day lip, but wouldn't recommend for a bold lip. Better lip products out there

- sephora


Overall safe Ingredients

Red 6acne
Zea mays oilacne
Red 7 Lakeacne
Tocopheryl Acetatehazard
CI 19140hazard
Isostearyl Isostearateacneirritant
Propylene glycol dicaprylate dicaprateacne

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