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Sheer Glow Foundation by NARS

Sheer Glow Foundation

blends well(695)
finish: demi-matte coverage: medium coverage
Variation: Aruba

Top Reviews



goes on smooth with easy, build able coverage and lasts all day (with primer - i haven't used it without)

- Sephora User

it's medium coverage but could be full if u want to build but i like the natural look an this is definitely sheer an beautiful

- Ulta User



its gorgeous, natural glow evens out my skin tone and is so light i don't remember i'm wearing foundation until i look in the mirror and see flawless, bright skin

- Sephora User

this foundation doesn't cake up, it blends seamlessly, and it really gives your skin a naturally luminous glow

- Sephora User



i love how it makes your skin supple, smooth and flawless without covering it up like a mask

- Mecca User

i use it almost everyday and i'm never disappointed with how glowy and smoothing it is on my skin

- Mecca User

staying power


this is an amazing foundation, i wear this daily to work and it last all day long

- Sephora User

i use it nearly every day with the urban decay oil control setting spray and the foundation will stay on my face for the whole day

- Mecca User

color accuracy

doesn't oxidize

now cons:-no pump that's an obvious one-since there is no pump you can go heavy handed, if you go heavy handed you will get the opposite results with all that i said that's positive about this foundation (go light handed, build light layers where you want to build coverage)sg (sheer glow) vs nr (natural radiant)-both will lose the positive effects when too much product is applied- nr oxidizes more and more through out the day, sg does not- nr a has a pump sg does not- nr will look more natural on the skin w/ it's thinner consistency

- Ulta User

hasn't caked or oxidized and looks fantastic

- Sephora User



it looks so natural and is so lightweight that i almost forgot i was wearing foundation

- Sephora User

if you're looking for a lightweight, natural, satin finish foundation that's low-maintenance once you get the hang of it, this one really is beautiful

- Sephora User



the moisturizer i use before this is the sephora collection all day hydrator and its amazing

- Sephora User

i need to use two layers for when i go glam, but after finding my favorite application its great; super soft and hydrating (compared to my marc jacobs)

- Sephora User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

i put my sunscreen on, devita, by the way, the best in the world, using it for 12 years now, then smashbox clear photofinish primer, the best for taking away wrinkle areas and masking big pores, which i have nose and chin, making foundation last, and i have no issues with it, then i will use smashbox zinc oxide setting powder, just because my t-zone gets oily, and this is me and always the case no matter what, and then keeps it away

- Nordstrom User

the truest testament: having lunch with my best friend (in full, natural light) and she said my skin looked amazing and that my nose & chin looked "virtually poreless"

- Sephora User



however - if you have oily skin, you definitely can still wear this foundation, you just need the right primer (mattifying - mufe has a great one) and a setting powder (laura mercier loose translucent powder works great)

- Sephora User

'glow' is maybe the wrong word - it doesn't have shimmer in it like some other foundations that claim to 'glow' or whatever - but it just looks really natural in real life without being mattifying

- Mecca User


good quality

the extensive range of shades is amazing not only by quantity, but also by quality; the shades are well spread across the color spectrum, the undertones are well thought

- Sephora User

i've found that it looks best in natural light, it has a lovely, glowy and illuminating quality that for some reason doesn't come across quite as well in artificial light, it looks more matte

- Spacenk User


blends well

what i love the most about sgf, is the fact that when you choose the right shade for your skin type, it blends in perfectly making your skin appear flawless

- Mecca User

you don't need much, it blends perfectly, it gives beautiful appearance of evenness, makes my skin glow, and is sheer enough that i don't really look like i'm wearing makeup

- Sephora User


not creasing

i have dry skin and pretty decent smile lines and it makes me look hydrated and doesn't settle into my lines

- Mecca User

it last all day (with primer) and does not settle into my fine lines

- Nordstrom User

color correction

color correcting

first i love the color corrector in this foundation, i’ve been trying to figure out how to make the redness around my nose disappear (i’ve boughten multiple color correctors, etc

- Sephora User

upon first application, it is absolutely gorgeous: color correction is amazing (coverage is light, but it color corrects so well end result is as if it's super thick and full coverage), it really is very pretty and luminous--has a nice satin finish, covers pores, looks like skin--and the shade was an absolute perfect match, there's a fantastic selection

- Sephora User



i love the perfect match for me(my skin color is one of the hardest to match perfectly) i love how it photographs in pictures, i love the semi-matte finish it gives

- Sephora User

i use it with my hourglass primer and apply it with my beauty blender for a flat semi matte look

- Sephora User


medium coverage

i actually find it has a medium to full coverage and you only need a very small amount to cover your whole face

- Mecca User

hands down best medium coverage foundation i’ve used

- Sephora User
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SPACE.NK userApril 25, 2014

The Search Continues...

First of all i must say i love Space NK and have always been really pleased with products purchased but this has left me very disappointed.I have tried Nars sheer glow foundation in santa fe for two weeks now, since visiting the manchester store and being recommended this. The assistant was very helpful and listened to my needs; which were to look glowy, flawless, radiant and for the product to last - as I had a huge launch the day after. I was willing to try any brand and pay any price tag and actually i enjoy the experience of having my make up done and was excited to see what she thought.I am 33, have good skin (finally it is under control and blemish free) but it is dry and due to my previous role as a cabin crew has fine lines and is sensitive.I love beauty, i read beauty blogs and make up guides all the time and as a rule i tend to choose chanel or armani for foundation, laura mercer for primer, nars for blush and bronzers and mac for eyes. i fancied trying eve lom's new foundations (as i adore her cleanser) or by terry as i had read really good reviews but she steered me to nars mixed with becca shimmering skin protector in opal. She applied it with a stippling brush and it looked lovely. oddly she never applied any concealer or offered any eye make up but in a way this is kind of nice as i didn't feel pressured to buy.So sixty ish pounds later i left happy.The morning after I did exactly what she did and instantly thought i looked washed out, I think i need the shade up from this and in real light I was shocked as to how un-glowy sheer glow is - it is so matt. I added more illuminator and was ready to go…wasn't thrilled but thought i'd see how i got on.I happened to be at my mums as i was due to travel to the launch at the nec and she commented that i need to try an eye cream..was a bit out out as i DO use good skin care religiously.Thought it was a little strange..but then looking in the mirror when i arrived i saw what she meant, it settled horrendously in my very very fine lines - made me look wrinkly and did nothing for covering my under eye circles. i applied more touch éclat and got on with our stand build up.The day after i had to look the bees knees so i took the time to use primer, do two layers of foundation etc and it looked nice and dewy but still a little too matt and kind of flat. at lunch time i went to touch up and i was shocked, it faded badly, really settled in lines especially on my head and eyes and actually had started to itch…and by god by the end of the 3 days event i couldn't stop itching my face.upset by the fact i had potentially wasted so much money i tried the foundation alone but it is so full coverage but in a bad way, masky, dry, flat and my god so itchy and irritating that i had to wash it off…..tried the becca skin corrector alone and it feels greasy, full of silicones and the glow does not last and i now have a face full of little blemishes when 2 weeks ago my skin was crystal. Not sure which broke me out or if both did?Both of these get great reviews online but they are not for dry skin, or in any way aged skin - my mum tried both, as i thought she can have them rather than the bin and she looked deathly pale and flat….my advice steer clear if you don't have oily skin…I was looking at by terry or chantecaille when i was steered to this, i have no idea why!!??…my search for the perfect foundation goes on….. Less

Sephora userMarch 7, 2010

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation

I was lucky enough to be given a generous amount of sample by a cast member to try before buying the full size product. First off - on certain areas of my face, I have several minor scarring from acne. The rest of my face has unevenness (with my forehead being darker than the rest of my face). I also have an oily skin so I tend to stray away from liquid foundations and only stick to mineral make-up and powder foundations. Now, NARS offers Sheer Glow (which is geared towards dry/normal skin and Sheer Matte (which is geared towards combination/oily skin). I was a little cautious about this foundation simpy because of the fact it may be too hydrating for my oily skin. Can we say, "Hello, oil slick!" Nevertheless, I was proven wrong. Read on.I wanted to give liquid foundations again a try and see how it works out with my skin now that it has cleared up from acne, despite of the leftover scars it left me. This foundation along with Sheer Matte with NARS is said to have complexion brightening properties that will improve skin's brightness, radiance in texture overtime. I have a medium golden/yellow toned face and I was matched and given a sample in Punjab. I applied this foundation with a flat top kabuki brush after applying Make Up For Ever's HD Microperfecting Primer (which is AMAZING for holding up makeup) in 0, Neutral. The first thing I noticed was that this foundation blended easily and the color is more yellow toned which I liked. One layer of this foundation gave me a fairly medium coverage with a somewhat glow, yet matte finish. Do note though that I used a flat top kabuki brush and the bristles are more packed together so it provided a fairly medium coverage for me. On my troubled spots, I noticed they were partly covered and usually I follow-up with a concealer, but I just put another layer on my troubled areas and it covered it just fine without any concealer. Since I have oily skin, I usually set my face with a translucent loose powder or Bare Escentuals' Matte (in Golden Medium). To set my face, I use Make Up For Ever's HD Kabuki Brush, which I simply adore. This foundation remainded on my face from morning until nighttime and only had to touch up once. The color remained true and I did not experience any oxidizing on my face. I still had oil surface on my face, but it was definitely controlled. I would buy this foundation next time I run out of what I am currently using (Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + Mattifying liquid foundation - which is also another amazing liquid foundation). « less

- Sephora
mira userJune 9, 2019

Great for dewy makeup look! Very glowy and dewy! But needs more shades. I use a mixture of Salzburg and Mont Blanc. Not great for pores but great for color correcting and is very lightweight. You can easily build up the coverage. This is my go to foundation now. Doesn’t oxidize either!

- mira
Sephora userJuly 15, 2015

My Go-to Foundation

Sheer Glow = It gives a slightly dewy, satiny finish, NOT sheer coverage! I wear Ceylan in the winter when I'm about NC25, Fiji in the summer when I'm close to NC30. I have pitted acne scars and hyper pigmentation. My skin is sensitive and oily in the t-zone, normal everywhere else. With that said, on to my review:This is my go-to foundation. I would say the coverage is medium to buildable coverage (almost full). It is enough that I never have to apply any concealer (and that's with my light skin and dark spots). The foundation lasts maybe 7-13 hours on me depending on the weather and/or if I set it with any special sprays. It is beautiful on camera. This gives me a perfect dewy finish, without looking overly done. I can see how some people wouldn't like this foundation, but I've been wearing this for years now, and I can hopefully give a few pointers on how to wear this.1. As usual, the condition of the skin as a canvas is important when applying any foundation. Before, my skin was patchy and dry and this did not apply well. But then I bought a Clarisonic and changed my toner and moisturizer. A good moisturizer is a must with this! I find the creamier moisturizers better as a base than thin ones. I use Korres Wild Rose 24-Hour Moisturizing & Brightening Cream. The Clarisonic and my new skincare totally changed the way the foundation applied on and stayed on! Much smoother and lasts way longer now.2. Apply first layer with a damp beauty blender. Let it sit maybe 30 seconds to 1 minute. Reapply where coverage is needed. Be sure to blend in well or the foundation may look slightly patchy.3. Set with a good loose powder. I've found that my favorite to set this foundation with is the Chanel Poudre Universal Poudre Natural Finish Loose Powder. I sometimes will mix this with a TINY bit of Ben Nye's Banana Powder to apply ONLY on my oily t-zone. Use the Banana Powder lightly in conjunction with Sheer Glow (can make it look cakey otherwise). This trick does keep the oil at bay. Otherwise, I will have to blot throughout the day.4. I do not like primers with this foundation. Instead, I like to use setting sprays. My favorite right now with this foundation is Urban Decay's Vitamin B12 spray. I spray after my moisturizer, but before I apply foundation. Then after my entire face is done, I spray a few more spritzes to set. This has done wonders in extending the life of the foundation.Hope this helps! I would recommend getting a sample from Sephora at least to try it out. Good luck! « less

- Sephora
mira userMay 3, 2019

My favorite foundation for three years. Works with any type of event, from everyday to prom. Very long lasting, glowy, and natural. Can build up to full coverage.

- mira


Overall safe Ingredients

PEG-10 Dimethiconehazard
PEG-10 Dimethiconehazard

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Madison Shaw
SensitiveSensitive Skin
Best Nars foundation? Is it worth it?
Profile picture of Belinda Goldsmith
Belinda Goldsmith
CombinationCombination Skin
I really like how this one feels. It’s lightweight but I’d say medium coverage and doesn’t feel drying. Sadly the one I have is too dark for. If it was the right shade I’d definitely wear it for special events.
Profile picture of Jackie Gonzalez
Jackie Gonzalez
CombinationCombination Skin
Any foundation I use falls straight into my pores and I have tried a number of combinations of foundations and primera. Any suggestions?
Profile picture of Griselda Pérez Arias
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CombinationCombination Skin
Try this one
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Click here to win over $100 in free beauty products this Women’s History Month! Support your favorite female founded brands and be entered for a chance to win free product. 💄 👄
Profile picture of Griselda Pérez Arias
Griselda Pérez Arias
CombinationCombination Skin
I love this product! the coverage is perfect, and stays as long as needed.
Profile picture of Hannah Foreman
Hannah Foreman
CombinationCombination Skin
I need a foundation, tinted moisturizer, bb or cc cream that is light weight and is NOT going to give me bad “flashback”. Any recommendations?
Profile picture of LocanasMUA
MatureMature Skin
Hands down best sheer foundation I’ve ever used.
Profile picture of Bea O
Bea O
CombinationCombination Skin
Is the NARS All Day luminous weightless foundation worth the price? I'm looking to buy a new high end foundation and I've had my eye on this one. for reference, I prefer light coverage, I have sensitive combination skin and struggle with acne. I also have very pale pink toned skin. #nars #foundation #luxury #acne #lightcoverage #combination
Profile picture of Deena Gasso
Deena Gasso
CombinationCombination Skin
I love this foundation and also have combination skin with acne. It is worth the price for me, but I will warn you it is more of a full coverage foundation. I have found though that using a damp sponge vs a brush sheers out the coverage a bit. If you’re set on lighter coverage I hear the Sheer Glow foundation by NARS is pretty much the same as the All Day Radiant with lighter coverage. My friend with drier skin who prefers light coverage says it’s her holy grail. I’m pretty sure both foundations are the same price.
Profile picture of macie
CombinationCombination Skin
What’s a really great dewy foundation? I use the maybelline urban cover but it settles weirdly. I just ordered the colourpop tinted moisturizer and I’m worried that it’ll do the same thing. I love the too faces born this way foundation but I can’t stomach the price
Profile picture of Rebecca Bustamante
Rebecca Bustamante
CombinationCombination Skin
the nars radiant sheer glow foundation works wonders especially if you aren’t prone to breakouts;it doesn’t have a full coverage finish but it looks like u aren’t wearing foundation if you choose the right shade
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Noor Abdullah
CombinationCombination Skin
What is the best foundation, medium coverage for combination skin, I want something that makes my skin to look healthy and natural
Profile picture of Iris Limon
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CombinationCombination Skin
Nars Sheer Glow Foundation
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CombinationCombination Skin
HELP! 😱 So I’ve been trying to help my mom find a foundation that works with her skin . Any advice on a great primer and foundation that is good with combo skin , medium to full coverage and doesn’t show or increase wrinkle lines ? We’ve tried about 2 primers and 3 different foundations. She also has dark circles around eyes so also concealer that works great for that . Thanks in advance 💕💕
Profile picture of Valeria Porta
Valeria Porta
CombinationCombination Skin
I prefer a serum foundation like Farsali skin tune, and Nars sheer glow foundation. Don’t be fooled by the “sheer” in the name definitely has beautiful buildable coverage and lovely wear throughout the day! To set for a pristine airbrush look use Charlotte Tilbury airbrush setting powder. For a full coverage set makeup with Laura Mercier pressed powder foundation or Tarte Amazonian clay powder foundation.
Profile picture of Bailee Baker
Bailee Baker
CombinationCombination Skin
Does anyone know a good foundation for combination skin? I feel like I’ve tried every one. I need a long lasting, medium to full coverage, that won’t brake up on my skin.
Profile picture of Natalie Howe
Natalie Howe
CombinationCombination Skin
This is amazing, such a nice finish. I’d say medium coverage but definitely buildable!
Profile picture of Ryan Addis
Ryan Addis
DryDry Skin
I need foundation advice. I have dry skin with very vibrant red discoloration all over my cheeks. I have smooth, even skin despite the redness. I need a foundation thats hydrating with a luminous/natural finish with HIGH coverage. I like Nars Radiant Longwear but my redness and freckles still poke through. #dryskin #foundation #foundationhelp #redness #fullcoverage #hydrating
Profile picture of Mikala Leone
Mikala Leone
DryDry Skin
I would definitely recommend Nars Sheer Glow foundation & Fenty Beauty Hydrating Foundation! Both are so beautiful, skin-like and have high coverage. They are also awesome for dry skin!